9 Best Night Sights for Glock

glock 26 night sights

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The Glock series of firearms includes the most popular handguns in the United States. They are chambered in every popular pistol caliber from 380 ACP to 10mm. These guns are popular for duty, concealed carry, competition, and home defense.

They do have one glaring flaw.

One universal truth is that Glock’s stock plastic sights suck. They are just terrible and should be replaced. If you are replacing the factory sights, you should consider night pistol sights.

A good set of glock night sights allows you to use your gun regardless of the time of the day or the environment. Iron sights glow in low light, which makes it easy to see the front sight in dim environments.

Which glock night sights should you pick? Which one is the best glock sights for accuracy? Good question, because I have many right answers to help you select the best night sight.

Comparison Table





Ameriglo Pro IDOT

Ameriglo Pro IDOT

  • Material: Bar Stock Steel
  • Design: Front Sight Acquisition
  • Color: Orange

Trijicon HD


Trijicon HD

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Design: Steel body with silicon rubber cushions
  • Color: White

TruGlo TFO

TruGlo TFO

  • Material: Steel
  • Design: Snag-resistant
  • Color: Green

Trijicon HD XR

Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

Trijicon HD XR

  • Material: Metal
  • Design: Ear Notch enhances front sight acquisition
  • Color: Orange

Tru-Glo Brite

Truglo TFO Fiber-Optic

Tru-Glo Brite

  • Material: Steel
  • Design: Snag-free
  • Color: Green/Red

Meprolight Tru-Dot

Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Sight

Meprolight Tru-Dot

  • Material: Metal
  • Design: Steel front and back
  • Color: Green

XS Sights DXW Big Dot

m&p shield night sights

XS Sights DXW Big Dot

  • Material: Steel, Tritium
  • Design: Snag free
  • Color: White

Glock OEM

Glock Factory OEM

Glock OEM

  • Material: Steel
  • Design: Rear Slim Sight
  • Color: Green

Night Fision

Night Fision

  • Material: 4140 Steel
  • Design: Rear Slide
  • Color: Green/Orange

1. Ameriglo Pro IDOT

best night sights for glock

The Pro IDOT sights are some of my favorites. I’ve been slowly moving to swap the glock night sight on several different guns to the IDOT style sights. That’s how much I like them.

They are combat-oriented sights designed for fast target acquisition. For a concealed carry gun like the Glock 43, they are an excellent choice. They are a great choice for a duty gun like a Glock 17 or Glock 19 as well.

The odd IDOT name comes from the front and rear sight design. The front night sight doesn’t look much different than most, but the rear sight features a bright green dot in the center of it. The idea is you align the dots to ensure excellent accuracy.

The intent, and in my experience, the result, is often an accurate and quick method of putting lead on target. The rear is a night sight surrounded by a white circle to make it easy for the eye to pick up regardless of the time of day.

best sights for glock 17

The front sight is somewhat standard, but still excellent. It features both a day and night sight option. The night sight is a centrally placed illuminating dot. The daylight sight is a bright fiber optic ring.

The day sight is quick and easy to see and comes in a few different colors, including orange, yellow, and white. The IDOT sights are made of metal and are super tough. The square rear design even allows you to rack the gun with a single hand against a belt or table.

Robust, accurate, and fast, what more could you ask for?

Ameriglo Pro IDOT

The price of Ameriglo Pro IDOT varies, so check the latest price at

2. Trijicon HD 

trijicon night sights glock 26

Glock pistols are fantastic for daily carry, concealed carry, or duty. Their polymer frames make them nice and light. Their reliability is second to none. As a day to day carry, it may be wise to outfit your gun with duty grade sights that are just as reliable as it is.

Duty in these situations is a term used to reflect what equipment used by the military and police forces. When it comes to handguns, the majority of their pistols are topped with Trijicon HD Night Sight. These glock night sights have been proven on the mean streets and in wars around the world. And if you have glock 43 then you will be happy to know that trijicon Glock 43 night sights are also very popular.

Trijicon HD Night Sights are all metal sights they are incredibly rugged. One-handed cocking can be done with the rear sight. You won’t ever fear breaking them.

best glock night sights

The Trijicon HD Night Sights are a little taller than average. This makes them a little bigger and quicker to acquire. They are outfitted with Tritium inserts that glow brightly in any low light scenario. The front sight acquisition is enhanced with the high visibility fiber optic aiming point that’s designed for daylight shooting.

The Trijicon HD Night Sights feature a serrated rear sight and a U-shaped cut to reduce glare. The combination of round aiming point and U Shaped cut makes it easy to align the sights and get on target.

Trijicon HD night sights also glow incredibly brightly creating an easy to see the aiming point for low light shooting. If you want what the professional gunfighters use, then go with the Trijicon HD Night Sights.

Trijicon HD

The price of Trijicon HD varies, so check the latest price at

3. TruGlo TFO

glock 17 night sights

What does TFO stand for? Well, that’s an easy one. It stands for Tritium Fiber Optics.

It’s also an apt description of these sights. They are a combination of both Tritium and Fiber optics. This design allows you to get the best of both worlds.

Tritium is known for being a long-lasting compound that glows in the dark. Fiber Optics are known for being bright and big, making them easy to catch the eye in the day. This combination gives your Glock a dynamic and useful set of sights.

The design also uses alternating front & rear sight colors. The rear sight is yellow. The front sight is green. The purpose of alternating colors is to make the front sight more comfortable to differentiate from the rear sight.

best pistol night sights

Contrasting colors make it easy to tell which sight is the front before you pull the trigger. And you make your trigger smoother by doing Glock trigger uprgrade. At night, the yellow sight won’t glow nearly as much. This allows for contrasting night sights.

These sights do not allow for one handing racking but are still quite well made. They are a snag-free design that’s low profile and rounded off. The sight bases are made from CNC machined steel.

The fiber optics are also concealed. Only the person holding the gun can see them. This design is one of the best compromises for low light and daylight sights. This sight also features a low profile and snag-free design.

TruGlo TFO

The price of TruGlo TFO varies, so check the latest price at

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4. Trijicon HD XR 

best night sight for glock 19

Trijicon HD sights are standard sights used by the law enforcement and military forces. Their usefulness is very well-proven. Trijicon doesn’t rest on their accomplishments. This company wants to keep pressing forward, which leads us to the HD XR sights.

These sights aren’t necessarily a replacement for HD night sights, but provide another option that gives you a different experience.

The HD XR sights are still made entirely of metal. These night sights are some of the most robust sights on the market. They are built to last and serve you just as long as standard HD sights. The HD XR line features a thinner front sight.

Because the front sight is thinner and smaller, the sight obscures less of a target at a long distance. This makes it easier to see and engage targets at longer ranges. This leaves plenty of "air" between the night sights.

glock 19 tritium sights

This space between the night sights makes it easy to identify and shift focus to new threats. Your situational awareness remains top-notch. You can engage targets both near and far. These Trijicon night sights feature the same high visibility day aiming point wrapped around a tritium tube.

The Tritium sights are made to last and serve you well with any Glock model. They are tough, rugged, and reliable day after day and night after night. They aren’t cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Trijicon HD XR

The price of Trijicon HD XR varies, so check the latest price at

5. Tru-Glo Brite Sight

night sights for glock 19

If you want simple, low profile sights that are affordable and reliable the TruGlo Brite fiber optic sight may be the best choice for you. They cost as much as the front sight of a night sight set, so you are getting great night sights at about half the price.

The Brite Sight set uses fiber optics and is designed to be mostly daylight to lower light sights. Fiber optics are quite bright and easy to acquire. In lower lighting conditions, they don’t glow but are easier to see with a little light. Fiber optics are simple and quick for the eye to pick up.

The Brite Sight set comes with a green rear sight and a red front sight. The purpose of different colors is to alternate the colors. This allows the user to differentiate between the front & rear sight.

glock night sights

This differentiation makes it quicker and more accurate in practice. Your red front sight is very easy to distinguish from the rear green sight. This makes it a lot easier to get your front sight on the target and to get lead on the target.

The sight bases are CNC-machined and feature a snag-resistant design. They are low profile, but still easy to see and quick to get on target. The Brite Sights are well designed and well made. More than worthy of concealed carry use.

The TruGlo Brite Sights are well made, easy to use, and remarkably affordable. They are head and shoulders above Glock stock night sights.

Tru-Glo Brite Sight

The price of Tru-Glo Brite Sight varies, so check the latest price at

6. Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights

night sights for glock

Meprolight is an Israeli company that’s been making optics and night sights for the Israeli military and police for decades. The Meprolight Tru-Dot sights are their flagship night sights designed for duty use.

The Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights allow for rapid instinctive aiming. Speed is king in a gunfight. The Tru-Dot sights make it remarkably easy to get on target. The sights are designed to present an identical sight picture no matter what.

When all three dots are in a row, you’ll hit your target. The idea behind an identical sight picture for every shot is simple. If your sight picture never changes, you’ll always know what to expect.

glock night sites

The Tru-Dot night sights come with tritium bulbs for nighttime use and bright green, yellow, or orange sights. You can also mix and match the sights to have alternative colors for rear and front sights combinations.

These extremely strong night sights feature steel construction. They sit a bit higher than most but will fit standard holsters. They are designed to last for a long, long time.

The Tru-Dot sights from Meprolight are well made, simple to use, simple to install and last for the entirety of your handgun’s lifespan.

Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights

The price of Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights varies, so check the latest price at

7. XS Sights DXW Big Dot Night Sights

glock 19 tritium sights

Big dot sights are quite unique in their design. They take the normal idea of handgun sights and turn it on its head. These Big Dot sights are big boys. They make getting on target faster and more efficient than any other sighting system I’ve ever used.

The XS Sights Big Dots feature what’s best described as a massive front sight. It’s circular and lives up to its name as a Big Dot sight. The front sight is optimized for both day and night use.

In the center of your big front sight is a tritium lamp that glows brightly in the middle of the night. This tritium vial sits at the standard height of most sights. The rear sight is highly unusual and sports a gentle hill on both sides instead of a U-Notch.

glock 19 night sights

Inside the center of that rear sight is a tritium vial that runs vertically. When shooting all you need is to dot the lowercase i. This is very easy to do in low light conditions and is natural.

During the day or in well-lit areas, the big front sight makes target acquisition easy. Getting the front sight on target is critical in a self-defense scenario, and self-defense is the role of the Glock. These big sights make it quite easy to place your front sight on the target.

These unique sights work with standard holsters and are well suited for close-range pistol work.

XS Sights DXW Big Dot Night Sights

The price of XS Sights DXW Big Dot Night Sights varies, so check the latest price at

8. Glock OEM Night Sights

best night sights

The Glock OEM sights that come on all Glocks may not be all that, but Glock produces high-quality night sights. This OEM example is an excellent, affordable set of night sights. These are the sights that should come on Glocks as a stock option, in my opinion.

These sights come with a green tritium ampule that glows brightly as soon as the light gets low. Tritium is the industry standard for night sights. It’s set up that way for a very good reason. It works and works well.

glock 27 night sights

The sights are set in a contrasting white slot designed to maximize visibility for daylight use. Better yet, these sights are made from metal. This makes them much tougher than the stock Glock plastic sights we all love to hate.

The Glock OEM night sights keep your gun all Glock at all times. These sights are small and thin, easy to install, and like your Glock, they are reliable to a fault.

Best of all these sights are very affordable, often priced lower than most sights on this list. The low price really makes me wish Glock would make these their standard sights on all handguns. However, they don’t so here they are.

Glock OEM Night Sights

The price of Glock OEM Night Sights varies, so check the latest price at

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9. Night Fision - Night Sights

best night sights for glock 19

A lot of companies make night sights for Glock pistols. With millions and millions of Glocks in service, the market is predictably massive. One small company is trying hard to earn your business. They make one of the best night sights called Night Fision.

It’s a great name and an excellent pun. Their night sights are made entirely from metal and are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. I have a specific color setup that I prefer.

The front sight is bright orange with a tritium insert in the middle. The high visibility orange fiber-optic insert makes it quick and easy to find the front sight in almost all light. The glowing tritium vial is most useful when the light is so low you can’t even see the orange circle.

glock 19 night sights gen 4

The rear sights are a tritium vial surrounded by white inserts. This creates a contrasting set of colors that make it easy to find the front sight and place it in the center of the rear sight. The Night Fision sights are well made, easy to see, and well designed.

Best of all, as a new company, Night Fision found a way to produce these sights for much less than most competitors. Their prices are top-notch and rather low for their quality.

Night Fision sights are an excellent value for high quality sights all around.

Night Fision - Night Sights

The price of Night Fision - Night Sights varies, so check the latest price at

See it, Shoot It

You can’t exactly shoot your gun very accurately if you can’t see your sights. One factor the above sights all share is the fact that they are all easy to see. You can pick them up quickly, get your sights on target, and follow it with a well-placed round.

Night sights are an awesome option because you never know when you’ll be in a fight. If it’s dark, that glowing bright front sight will be a must-have. Night sights are often made to be strong, durable, and long lasting.

Compared to stock Glock sights, every set of glock night sights on this list is an upgrade in every way to make your Glock the BEST Glock.

Which of these night sights for glock did you like the best? Is there one you’re going to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments below! And make sure to check out our guide for the best glock sights for old eyes.

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