How To Use Glock Sights [Answered] (Best Begginers Guide)

glock 43 ameriglo sights

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The first thing you should know about using Glock sights is they are the same as any other set of sights on any other gun. If you know how to correctly aim and shoot any other handgun, then you have the skills needed to shoot a Glock.

If you are not sure how you can use Glock sights, this article will help you. Once you master Glock sights, then you also know how to use iron sights on any other firearm.

Hitting dead center is only a matter of adjusting them so they line up with your point of aim. Iron sights are not optics. 

They are exposed and open They are the rear sights and front sights on a gun. They can be polymer, steel or aluminum.

They can be as simple as a small blade, bead or sight post at the end of the barrel and a notch or groove on the rear of the gun to complicated ones that allow shots to 1,000 yards or more and adjust for elevation and windage.

Iron sights have no glass, no magnification capabilities and require you to focus on either the rear or front sight post or the target. It is a balancing act to make your bullet hit the target.

I am Ben Baker and I learned to shoot with a Daisy BB gun. The lessons I learned with that old lever action gun carried through to other guns.

I've hunted everything from deer to varmints with guns using iron sights.

Glock Sights

how to use glock sights

Glock sights are just the tools on top of a Glock to help you aim the glock pistols and hit your target.

 They come in two versions from the factory, the three dots, and the goal post rear sight and front dot.

Both versions have fans. There is no practical difference between the two sights.

A search of YouTube videos will shed equal light on both.


how to aim a glock

Part of knowing using Glock sights includes getting a correct sight picture from shot to shot.

The Pennsylvania Hunter Education course describes sight picture as "The sight picture is the image you see when the sights are aligned correctly with the target.

To ensure that the bullet will travel to the target in your sight, it’s necessary to sight-in your rifle or handgun." The illustrations in the article demonstrate the proper way to line up on a deer.

It uses two illustrations of a rear sight tool and a front sight. While neither are exactly Glock sights, proper sight alignment is the same no matter what kind of iron sight alignment you use.

Once you learn to use a set of iron sights, moving from one type to another is easy.


proper glock sight picture

Getting a proper sight picture means you have to know where to focus. Where is your focal point? You have three things you can focus on:

  1. The rear sight
  2. The front sight
  3. The target

There are two schools of thought about this. One says you should focus on the front sight.

The other group says to focus on the target. The humble Marksman has a short video on target-focused shooting.

His video is done with a handgun so it translates directly into using Glock sights.

Watch carefully. His point of impact is always within the 10-ring. 

He also explains how he is able to the correct sight picture despite the front sight being covered with a hood. His technique takes a good bit of practice.

No matter which way you choose to aim, the choice of handgun is irrelevant. As long are you are shooting, what you learn will move easily from firearm to firearm whether you use Glock sights or not.

Get a good sight picture. A Glock sight picture is the same as a Sig Sauer sight picture or a Colt sight picture.

Eye Dominance

glock manual sight picture

Eye dominance matters. Which eye is dominant? That's the eye you should use to sight down your handgun at the target.

Here's how to check.

Make a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. Look at the distance. This is your aim point. Rapidly bring this to your face. Which eye are you looking through? Right eye or left eye?

It does not matter if you are right-handed or left-handed. With my glasses on, I am right eye dominant. with my glasses off, I am left eye dominant.

If you shoot with your nondominant eye, you will be less accurate than you can be shooting with your dominant eye.

You should hold the grip in your dominant hand, meaning that hand has the trigger finger, regardless of which eye is dominant.

Using your weak hand to hold the handgun means you will be less accurate and possibly have limp wristing issues. Dominant hands can have this problem too, but it is easier to correct.


Many people like to replace the original sights with something else. Replacing Glock sights is best done by a gunsmith or someone with experience in replacing them.

The process is simple, but it does require the right tools.

If you are serious about using your Glock, then you will likely decide the factory sights need to be changed. Competition shooting demands a change.

Some top replacement options are:

  • Tritium-These sights have radioactive helium inside them. This makes them glow at night. You are in no danger from radiation from these. Over time, the radioactive material decays. They work fine, but the glow fades over time. During the day, they are as effective as ever. Some of the Tritium inserts can be replaced.
  • Fiber optic-These replacements have a colored fiber optic.
  • The Tritium is not night sight in the sense that you will see your target clearly even in darkness. They are called night sights because they glow in the dark.

    The front sight and the rear sight glow even during the day; you just cannot see that.

    If you want something that is more useful than Glock night sights, invest in a laser. This will not light up your target, but it will put a red or green dot at your point of aim once you adjust the laser.

    Currently, no one makes a night vision optic dedicated for Glock handguns.

    Final Thoughts

    The best sights in the world will not turn you into a marksman. The most important thing is that shooting makes you a better shot, whether your handgun is your first Glockor 10th one.

    Accuracy depends on you first, then the gun and ammo. Get your finger on the trigger. A few more things that go into making you a better shot are:

    • Trigger control: Learn to control your breathing and squeeze at the same time for the best trigger control when shooting a glock pistols.
  •  A good stance: Pick the one that works best for you when you are shooting.
  • Eyes open: Some pistol shooter block one eye to shoot. This is seen in the handgun competition at the Olympics. I prefer both my eyes open.If my targets are moving, I can track them better with both eyes open. With one eye open, I have a hard time judging distance and movement in moving targets.
  • Practice: Then practice more. You have to get bust primers, burn powder, and sling lead. This is a very real case of use it or lose it. 
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