We’re here to announce that Hunting Mark has successfully acquired the AmericanDefenseManufacturing.com, which is a former internet home of an industry-leading brand that sells quality firearms and accessories such as Rifles, Pistols, Scopes & OpticsScope Mounts, Upper & Lower Receivers, and other firearms accessories.  

We are a huge fan of their products and we have been reviewing them in many articles across Hunting Mark. So we would love to give them a mention, must check out their new site admmfg.com.

Wanna know about HuntingMark?

Hunting Mark was founded on the simple idea that the firearms community deserved better resources to help them choose their gear. We wanted to bring together real-world experts with actual firearms experience to test and review gear, and then help them share their knowledge and experience with the community at large.

That way we can offer unbiased reviews, advice, instruction, and opinions from pro shooters, hunters, former and active-duty military, and law enforcement professionals who actually know what they’re talking about.