7 Best AR-10 Scope Mount Suggestions in 2024 – Tried and Teste

best scopes for ar10

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When it come to buying some of best scope mounts for the AR-10, some attention needs to be given to using a robust set of bases and rings due to the over-size receiver platform on this rifle. The following are some of the best scopes suggested by Hunting Mark regarding how best to mount a scope on your AR-10 rifle.

In the that event you have followed other suggestions I have made in the past covering scope mounting, and there is a good deal of information here at Hunting Mark already, the primary consideration one needs to pay attention to is to think about moving onto a better grade of mounts that can take recoil.

Because these riles are currently offered in so many different cartridge types, it is not possible to flat-out recommend one specific set of mounts, as the shooter could be using one of the best .308 Rifles or a 243 Winchester.




Vortex Optics Sport Rifle Scope Mount


Vortex Optics Sport Rifle Scope Mount

  • Weight:6.7 oz
  • Finish:Matte Aluminum
  • Color:Black

Burris AR-Peprx Mount


Burris AR-Peprx Mount

  • Weight:6.1 oz
  • Diameter:34 mm
  • Color:Black

Nikon P-Tactical (Series) Mount


Nikon P-Tactical (Series) Mount

  • Weight:6.1 oz
  • Dimensions:7.4 x 6.5x 1.9
  • Color:Black

Warne Scope Mounts Gen 2


Warne Scope Mounts Gen2

  • Weight:1:8oz
  • Dimensions:7.4 x6.5 x 1.9
  • Color:Black

American Defense


American Defense

  • Weight:10 oz
  • Finish:T3 Mil-Spec Anodize
  • Color:Black

Weaver 6-Hole Picatinny Rings

Weaver-6-Hole -Picatinny-Rings

Weaver 6-Hole Picatinny Rings

  • Weight:5.6 oz
  • Dimensions:5.75x4.63 x 1
  • Diameter:1" and 30mm

Larue Tactical 2-Piece Rifle Scope Mount


Larue Tactical 2-Piece Rifle Scope Mount

  • Weight:6.4 oz
  • Dimension:8.58x3.9x2.72
  • Diameter: 30mm

1. Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Rifle Scope Mount

ar 10 optics

This mount can be obtained from Vortex Optics in both 1-inch ring-size and 30mm. This system is among my very favorites, simply because it is of one-piece construction, it slides onto a Weaver-style top receiver rail, and when tied down is as solid as a rock.

The scope mount makes use of a 2-inch offset that allows the individual shooter a very wide range of eye relief distances when setting the scope up. I have had mounting situations where this was almost the only type of mount that would work at all. This mount is just that flexible.

Built tough as nails out of aluminum, the base will withstand tough field use. A word here, however. If using a large scope bell, measure the required distance needed from the rail top to the scope six. In some cases, a riser needs to be installed if this base ring application will not allow the scope to clear the hand guard.

This note goes along with any and all bases and mount setups offered here as possible mounting solutions. Many of the current scope models are belled up big time with some massive glass. The ring height on this setup is only so high and, as such, needs to be taken into account.

ar10 scopes

Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever

The price of Cantilever Scope Mounts varies, so check the latest price at

2. Burris AR-Peprx 40mm Mount 34mm 20 MOA Picatinny Tops

best scope for ar10

When the going get serious and the scopes start to look like fireplace logs, the mounting system needs to upgrade right with the glass. Here is the 34mm cantilever scope mounts from Burris that fits the needs of a professional long range shooting, sniper, police sharpshooter, or the guy that just wants everything.

This AR scope mount is Weaver rail-adaptable, and a fast install is the key here. The mount retains a 20 MOA additional elevation rail, allowing the shooter to make a gain in his optics in terms of the additional elevation obtained.

The mount provides a full 2 inches of forward scope positioning, This will handle a 50mm with ease, and also give the scope to base measurements a bit of extra space. Built of quality alloy, this mount is a long-lasting investment for the shooter.

ar10 scopes mount

Burris AR-Peprx 40mm

The price of Burris AR-Peprx 40mm varies, so check the latest price at

3. Nikon P-Tactical (Series) 40mm Mount

best scope rings for picatinny rail

This manufacturer produces another cantilever style AR mount and ring setup that is designed for heavy work with larger cartridges. This scope mount is built of an alloy material but it is strong yet at the same time lightweight.

The mount is designed for the AR-style receiver with charging hand and, as such, allows room to gain access to the rifle's controls. It will fit any AR flat-top platform rifle, and is offered for the 1-inch scope tube size.

The mount is a quick-detach in that it mounts fast, snug, and is locked down by three screws. The scope is built to match the Nikon tactical rifle scope line, but workable for any 1-inch diameter scope.

Being an offset design, the mount will allow flexible mounting in terms of eye position to the scope, and also the position of the scope's main tube regarding the operating system on a given rifle.

Visit Cameron Porter article on "How To Mount Scope On Ar 15 With Front Sight".

best scope mounts

Nikon P-Tactical (Series)

The price of Nikon P-Tactical (Series) varies, so check the latest price at

4. Warne Scope mounts Gen 2 Extended And Skeletonized 30mm

best scope for ar 10

These rifle scope mounts are on my Montana 1999 338 Lapua, which has scored several time at 1-mile FBI bad guy targets. The mount is sniper grade military/police, and one of the best installed on heavy weapons with high recoil. This is an AR-10 mount that will take the pounding of a 300 Win Mag or a 30-06 all day long.

This scope make use of Torx-style fasteners with steel threaded inserts to prevent stripping.

The main body is special high grade aluminum that has been cut out in terms of a primary engineered skeleton. This is to reduce weight on a rifle that, as an AR-10 rifle, could also have lasers, lights, or other tools of the trade attached, which causes weight increases of a significant magnitude.

best ar10 scope

I will say this. When a manufacture sends me a scope for review and field application and they want it done right, I have been sent scope mounts from this manufacturer more often than any other brand. Why? Because they work.

Remember, the mount is the link between sights and rifle. It has to do the job or nothing else will work correctly and accuracy will suffer, or be non existent.

best scope mount

Warne Scope mounts Gen 2

The price of Warne Scope mounts Gen 2 varies, so check the latest price at

5. American Defense

best 30mm scope mount

If you want to part with some heavy cash and move to the so-called mil-spec mounting system, American Defense will oblige you to be sure.

I selected this mount because some shooters want to spend piles of money on every part of a rifle nowadays, and this mount is among the higher end group of products. Is it better then others? I don’t know, but if it isn't, you have every reason to get a refund.

This mount is built of high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, and the finish coating is T3 mil-spec anodized black.

best ar scope mount

The ring housing makes use of horizontal split rings, and has a patented QD Auto Lock lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec  weaver-style rails on flat-topAR-10 receivers.

This unit will free travel a full 2 inches for eye relief adjustments and, like others, has the ability to be flexible for specialized mounting issues. I have run across situations where the scope turret can’t be aligned correctly with the rings on a scope mount.

However, in this case, there is ample room for correct adjustments regardless of the scope model or design. This 30mm scope tube setup is built for heavy weapons use and, a such, can be expected to accommodate other tacked-on pieces of rifle equipment.

ar 10 scope mount

While I can’t say for sure, the mounts seem to be sniper grade. However, I would have to do a field review in real time to make a definitive judgement.

ar 10 scope mount

American Defense

The price of American Defense varies, so check the latest price at

6. Weaver 6-Hole 30mm Extra High Picatinny Rings

best scopes for ar 10

This manufacturer is building an AR10 and a set of scope rings that I often use for testing, because they can take a real pounding. While not rail-type but individual bases and ring setups, the rings use six screws for lock down, and a solid steel system of locking on the rifle's rail.

Shooting 338 Lapua, 300 PRCm 300 Win Mag, 7mm Remington Mag, and even heavy slug rifles with 2oz cannon balls leaving the muzzle, these rings have always done the job. Tack this system onto the AR-10 and, regardless of cartridge selected, the name of the game is sent it down-range with confidence.

These rings are extra high for the big bells on the military and ultra long-distance super scopes in use today, and because of the height of the bases, the use of a riser, as is common on many mounts, is not required at all.

ar 10 optic

Weaver 6-Hole 30mm Extra High Picatinny Rings

The price of picatinny mounts Rings varies, so check the latest price at

7. LaRue Tactical 30mm 2 piece QD LT123

ar 10 scope

As a final offering I will turn to still another company that builds scope mounts for the professional shooter.

Priced at $210.00, these rings are again not the average over-the-counter product. The company has been building best scopes for AR-10 and related items for many years, and is known among professional shooters being government operators, or competition directed as top of the line.

These rings and lock down bases are considered zero-proof in terms of keeping everything between the scope and the rifle correctly aligned the first time down-range.

ar10 scope

The materials are first class alloy, and the lock system is quick detach, but rock sold when the levers are in the down position, or locked. If your scope is built with a large objective lens, this is the mount you may want to consider.

The rings will attach to any standard 1913 Mil-Std Picatinny rail, as the system is used on flat-top AR-10s. The fit is a natural, to be sure.

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ar10 optics

LaRue Tactical 30mm 2 piece QD LT123

The price of Primary Arms SLx varies, so check the latest price at

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