The 7 Best AR-15 Triggers [Upgrade Your AR-15 in 2024]

Best AR-15 Triggers

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Today with about four decades behind the M-16/AR-15 development, this weapon has turned into an accurate gunning system largely due to CNC machining, improved design, better fitting receivers, and barrels. Even so, bad triggers produce bad results down range so I am here with the best ar-15 trigger upgrades.

in case you're just not pleased with the results you're getting with the factory installed trigger, here are some suggestions for replacing your stock trigger with one of the best AR-15 triggers on the market.

You should also keep a professional AR-15 soft case for your gun.




Timney Triggers


Timney Triggers

  • Pull Weight Ibs: 4.5
  • Style: Non-Adjustable
  • Pull Weight: 3 lbs

Geissele SSA Automatics


Geissele SSA Automatics

  • Pull Weight Ibs: 2.5
  • Style: Semi-Auto
  • Pull Weight: 3.5lbs

Cmc Triggers Corp Barrel


CMC Triggers Corp Barrel

  • Pull Weight Ibs: 3.5
  • Style: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight:3.5 lb

ALG Defense Combat Trigger ACT


ALG Defense Combat Trigger ACT

  • Pull Weight Ibs: 6
  • Style: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight:6.5 lb




  • Pull Weight Ibs: 2.5 to 5
  • Style: Two Stage
  • Pull Weight:5 lb

HyperFire Blaster


HyperFire Blaster

  • Pull Weight Ibs:2.5or 3.5
  • Style: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight: 2.5 & 3.5 lbs

RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger


RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger

  • Pull Weight Ibs: 3.5
  • Style: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight: 3.5 lb.

1. Timney USA - Best AR Trigger 

ar 15 trigger kit

For a quality, American made AR trigger you can't go wrong by turning to the folks at Timney AR Triggers. Timney has a plant in Arizona that is state of the art.

I know this because I have spent a couple of days going through the operation. I observed every level of development, testing and manufacturing that the company does.

When a Timney trigger hits the assembly clean room, every element of care is taken to ensure the production of the best AR 15 trigger possible.

Any error in measurement means the part is off the line. I never saw an issue with anything being brought together in terms of rifle triggers when I visited the facility.

ar drop in trigger

The Timney AR-15 trigger is a self-contained module. This drop in trigger installs as one trigger module not a bunch of springs and parts that require five hands and two men to put together in the AR's receiver. This AR trigger module is ready to install. All you have to do is place it in your AR-15.

This is a single stage triggers, meaning that it has one length of trigger pull as it drops the sear thereby releasing the hammer. The triggers are all hands on tested and weight measured prior to being packed for shipment to stores or individuals.

best ar trigger

When a Timney trigger is installed in your AR-15, the feel is like a bolt gun instead of the common crank effect on some basic combat model M-16/AR-15's.

The guts of the Timney is an all aluminum housing and a hammer machined of high-grade S7 tool steel. This trigger is built to hang together under very heavy use.

This part is heat treated at an RC of 56/60. This AR trigger installs using your own factory hammer and trigger pins for fast but accurate placement within the lower receiver.

ar15 triggers

Poly receivers (lower receivers) require a special install plate that Timney can supply.

ar 15 trigger

Timney Triggers USA

The price of Timney Triggers USA varies, so check the latest price at

2. Geissele SSA - Best Single Stage AR Trigger

ar 15 trigger job

Geissele SSA/Geissele Automatics LLC offers twelve different variants that cover a high degree of military, law enforcement, and hunting field applications.

These AR triggers are a bit complicated and should be installed by a gunsmith and checked for correct fit and operation.

Geissele Automatics offers a single stage and a two stage trigger system. The travel is taken up by the shooter in the two-stage design by adjusting the let-off point.

The Geissele trigger is built to some degree toward the gun competitions and combat operations when the weapon's auto settings are being used.

ar15 trigger assembly

A single stage trigger is also built for shooters who want accuracy in long-range shooting situations. The shooter has a choice; therefore, try and select the option that best fits your needs.

Geissele also manufactures a specialized trigger for the gun competitions. The price range is from $165 to $325 for most models. If you are considering this trigger, shop wisely for the very best model.

ar 15 trigger group

In effect, you need to know your mission before installing a new AR-15 trigger system.

This AR-15 trigger is offered in many variations as a “rapid fire” and other fire trigger systems for your AR-15.

ar 15 2 stage triggers

Geissele Automatics

The price of Geissele Automatics varies, so check the latest price at

3. CMC Triggers - Best AR-15 Trigger For The Money

best drop in trigger for ar-10

The CMC Triggers is the home of the AR-15 Drop-In Design.  This trigger is built to be installed as a single trigger module versus a pile of parts. The system is self-housed and easy to install.

This trigger receives high marks among shooters as it is smooth, involves minimal lock time, and features a positive trigger reset.

These are all elements that make for a dead-on hit at any range instead of a missed shot or a hard to control weapon system.

best single stage ar trigger

Regardless of the AR-15's chambering including everything from 22-250 Rem, 300 BO, through a SOCOM style setup, the CMC Triggers are going to work.

best ar 15 trigger for the money

CMC Triggers Corp Barrel

The price of CMC Triggers Corp Barrel varies, so check the latest price at

4. ALG Defense Combat Trigger- Best Drop In AR Trigger

best ar15 trigger

This trigger is an budget trigger. While the trigger is very workable, it is used less often by the military or law enforcement.

The ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) appeals to shooters looking for a budget model. This trigger sells for $129 This is a low price in the world of aftermarket trigger systems.

For the shooter who wants a conventional trigger like those found on many top AR 15 lower receivers assemblies, this is one way to make that work.

ALG states that their AR trigger pull is sharper than the standard factory trigger. At a pull weight of 5.5 lbs, this is a bit heavy.

However, it is a good general purpose trigger regardless of its weight. The trigger, as well as the hammer, are made from mil-spec 8620 alloy steel.

ar trigger group

The metal is correctly carburized, quenched, and tempered for maximum surface hardness. The disconnector is 1070 high carbon steel properly austempered into the spring range of hardness.

All springs meet mil-spec requirements. This trigger goes above and beyond the standard M-4 trigger and meets U.S. Defense Act requirements.

best ar 15 trigger

ALG Defense Combat

The price of ALG Defense Combat varies, so check the latest price at

5. TriggerTech AR 15 - Best Trigger For AR 15

ar 15 trigger upgrades

TriggerTech makes many different triggers and in the mix stands the AR-15 variant. This is a two-stage trigger. The slack is taken up prior to the trigger hitting the wall.

This is a drop in trigger. The installation is as easy as pulling two pins and pulling out the old trigger and replacing it with this drop in trigger. The overall feel of shooting with this trigger is much like shooting a Model 1911 45 ACP Government Auto.

This is mostly same if you are making some AK47 trigger modefications.

ar15 trigger group

This trigger provides zero creep once hitting the wall. Any variation in the pull weight of the trigger will not change the hammer force applied to the chambered round. Trigger Tech regards this as a company specialty.

The buyer will have a choice of purchasing a curved trigger or straight trigger lever. The trigger action is short two stage.

ar 15 drop in trigger

TriggerTech Single Stage

The price of TriggerTech Single Stage varies, so check the latest price at

6. HiperFire - Best AR15 Trigger

 trigger ar 15

Hiperfire is a brand that I have come to know quite well. Coming out of Minnesota, my old home base, the company has allowed me to spend some time at live fire demos.

I yanked some triggers on the military based products day at Boulder, NV just prior to the Great American Shot Show.

Hiperfire turns out all the toys for big boys and then lets the fun begin.

fastest ar trigger

Military Range Day 2019 Shot Show Pre-Event

Offering a complete range of triggers from competition to combat based systems, the company is a class act in terms of building some great AR-15 platform aftermarket trigger systems.

Hiperfire triggers, such as the Hipertouch TM competition model, stand tall among competition triggers required by guys running their AR's for the big money shooting events.

This trigger retains no take-up/pre-travel, maintains a very hard hitting hammer, and features a soft start lock-up TM (for preignition stability). The trigger weights run from 2 ½ to 3 ½ pounds.

best ar 10 trigger

HiperFire Jerome Besler, Engineer Ballistics Research & Development, uses full auto with HiperFire as he yanks the trigger and tests the results down range.

This trigger makes use of “Hipershoe” TM. Hipershoe focuses on the trigger finger pad that allows the shooter to maintain a precise angle and position on the trigger for every shot taken. This is a unique trigger design. The trigger retains U.S. Patents.

flat ar trigger

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

The price of Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster varies, so check the latest price at

7. RA-535 Advanced Performance AR15 Trigger

triggers for ar 15

Right in the middle of the $250 trigger price range stands the model RA-535 AR-15 trigger. This trigger is built with high quality and is intended for accurate shooting of a competitive nature.

This trigger has a very short overtravel. This aids in making accurate shots at longer ranges. Because of engineering development, the AR-15 and the new hypervelocity long-range .224 Valkyrie cartridge have moved into the 1400-yard game among long-range centerfire rifles.

Any advantage that can be gained by way of something such as a quality trigger needs to be looked at seriously by the long-range or competitive rifle shooter.

drop in ar trigger

The RA-535 is a single stage trigger with a 3.5-pound smooth trigger pull weights. The trigger combines straight pull with a super crisp release in order to improve accuracy. The self-contained design makes it a quick install (drop-in). For installation, the trigger uses anti-rotation pins supplied with the trigger kit.

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This trigger has a lifetime guarantee.

In general, the triggers listed here range in price from about $150 to $250. All triggers function well. Depending on the need, the price may be a factor in trigger selection.

Law enforcement and special operators want the very best possible system available. The casual shooter may not need to purchase equipment or aftermarket parts that have such high-quality and carry a large price tag. For the majority of us considering adding a binary trigger for AR-15, The Fostech Echo trigger is the best option, so it's wonderful to have at least one more choice.

ar triggers

Rise Armament RA-535

The price of Rise Armament RA-535 varies, so check the latest price at

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