7 Best AR 15 Soft Cases in (2024) Market Reviewed

Best AR 15 Soft Case

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Whether you're toting your AR 15 to and from the range, camping, competing in 3-gun matches, preparing for a survival situation, or doing outdoor firearms training courses, cases are a great way to keep your rifle safe from wear and tear while also giving you enough storage room for other accessories you might need.

If you're not sure where to start looking, you're in luck: we've put together this list of the best soft case options on the market today, and we're going to break them down by features, durability, and affordability so that you find the perfect rifle case no matter what your budget is or whether it is soft rifle case or hard.

Why It Matters

For general purpose transport and protection, soft cases are a no-brainer. Sure, you could use a simple wrap, scabbard, or even a towel, but even the cheapest cases will give you better protection, more utility, extra pockets, and a shoulder strap to keep your hands free - and in my opinion, that's absolutely worth a few dollars.





Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case

  • Gun Type: Carbine Long Rifle
  • Length:36 in
  • Weight:7.5 lb

Savior Equipment American Classic

Savior Equipment American Classic

Savior Equipment American Classic

  • Gun Type: Rifle Pistol Gun
  • Length:36 in
  • Weight:7.5 lb

VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

  • Gun Type: Shotgun, Rifle
  • Length:36.5 in
  • Weight:7.5 lb

NcSTAR VISM Double Carbine Case


NcSTAR VISM Double Carbine Case

  • Gun Type: Carbine
  • Length:42inches
  • Weight:5.00 lbs

Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

  • Gun Type: Rifle Case
  • Length:36 in
  • Weight:2 Pounds

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling

  • Gun Type: Shotgun, Rifle
  • Length:30 in
  • Weight:5lb

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

  • Gun Type: Carbine 
  • Length:20 in
  • Weight:1.56 Pounds

Soft Case vs. Hard Case

When it comes to choosing between a soft rifle cases or hard rifle case, the main consideration is going to be your own personal needs and the shooting scenarios you most often encounter. A hard case offers more protection (they are often crush proof, waterproof, and have a heavily padded foam interior), and they are more secure, which makes them an ideal choice if you travel with your AR 15 and need to protect it against both luggage handlers and potential thieves in comparison to soft rifle case.

ar 15 case soft

In exchange, hard cases are typically much more expensive, heavier to carry, and not as mobile.

On the other hand, squishy cases are not only great range bags, they're also an ideal choice for situations where you plan to be on the move a lot, such as camping, training courses, or competitive shooting events. They also tend to have lots of pockets or even molle webbing on the exterior that allows you to pack a surprising amount of additional gear with you to carry.

Having shoulder straps or backpack straps allows you to keep your hands free and shifts the weight onto your back instead of your arms, which is important for those long shooting days - an AR 15 might be a lightweight rifle, but after half a day of carrying it around, it won't feel that way to carry even for a kilometer.

While they both have their pros and cons, it really depends on your mission, and comparing them is like apples and oranges in most respects when you do a comparison of soft rifle case vs. hard rifle case. To keep things simple, this article is going to be focusing on soft cases, but you can expect to see us tackle hard shells soon!

1. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case

best ar15 case

Savior cases have been one of my go-to choices for soft gun cases (soft rifle case) ever since I first tried one, and for good reason: they build quality gear at a fair price and include exactly the kind of features that shooters would want from most soft rifle cases. The Urban Warfare bag is no exception - made of 1000D Cordura in a Multicam pattern and featuring molle webbing that lets you add other accessories or increase the storage capacity with more pockets, this makes a great range bag or a more serious hiking/survival bag to carry the case.

Even though it has enough space to store two rifles, the Urban Warfare case has a surprisingly compact design, and there's a lot of modularity thanks to the molle webbing. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, lockdown straps to keep your rifle in place, a carrying handle, and cushioned drag handles, and can also open completely flat thanks to the clamshell design, which is a set of features you don't see on most waterproof soft rifle cases - even ones marketed as tactical gear.

In addition to the central compartment with a padded divider, there are a pair of pistol pockets to store two pistols, a pair of quick-access pull-tabs, and two zippered pockets to store spare magazines or any other shooting gear you need to carry it in.

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case

The price of Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Case varies, so check the latest price at

2. Savior Equipment American Classic

ar15 soft case

The Savior Equipment American Classic rifle case is available in four different colors and five lengths ranging from 36 inches to 55 inches, giving you options for everything from an SBR to a suppressed carbine or long-barreled target rifle.

The bag is quite spacious inside and out - there are 3 large pockets (two of which have separators) for extra mags, boxes of ammo, or other additional gear, and there are additional pockets that can fit small stuff like pistol mags, shooting glasses, ear plugs, or a multitool.

There's a separate section behind the front pocket that is big enough to store a pistol or a spare optic, and if you're really packing heavy, the large central compartment has two padded sections that allow you to store two scoped rifles.

In terms of mobility there is a carry handle and a padded straps for wearing it backpack-style, and the lockable zippers give you a bit of extra security. Overall, this is one of those soft rifle cases feels extremely durable - the stitching is strong, the heavy-duty nylon material is rip-resistant, and the thick padding will keep your rifle (or rifles) safe and easy to carry.

Savior Equipment American Classic

Savior Equipment American Classic

The price of Savior Equipment American Classic varies, so check the latest price at

3. VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case 

ar 15 soft case

VooDoo Tactical's newly revamped cases are another great option for those who want more budget-friendly soft rifle cases without sacrificing quality. These rifle cases are padded on all six sides, and there is a zippered pistol pocket along with three large pockets on the exterior that can be used as magazine pouches, or just storage for any other gear you've got with you to carry.

As a nice added feature, the pockets can be cinched down to safe space or slim down the bag if you're not carrying any spare equipment. These bags are also available in six different colors, including some less common ones like olive drab and old-school woodland camo.

The bag is made of rugged ballistic cloth, and all of the hardware feels solid, including the zippers and clips. There are velcro straps to secure your rifle, detachable shoulder straps, and universal attachment straps on the outside of the case. It's also worth noting that VooDoo's newer cases are built a bit stronger, including some double stitched stress points, so look for the more recent version of these bags if possible.

One important note - while it's advertised as a soft rifle bag that is big enough for two rifles, it's a little bit slimmer than most of the other cases on this list, and you might have a bit of trouble if you try to fit rifles fully loaded with optics and accessories. Keep that in mind if you're looking for a particularly spacious one of those soft rifle cases to carry your guns.

VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case

The price of VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons Case varies, so check the latest price at


best ar 15 case

The NcSTAR VISM is a great little budget case for anyone who wants a compact, no-frills way to keep their rifle safe. Unlike the other cases on our list so far, this one isn't meant for two rifles, but in exchange, it's got a very slim profile and a thicker high density foam insert, and is also designed to function as a shooting mat.

The case comes in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and they run a little small - my AR is about 36 inches long with the stock extended, and a 40 inch case was just a snug fit so it becomes easy to carry. It has both a carry handle and backpack straps that can be stored in a zippered pocket if you prefer not to use them.

This case is made of Cordura nylon, which means it has a naturally rip and water resistant outer shell (notice that I said "resistant" - don't try to dunk this thing in the lake). The zippers aren't YKK, but they feel sturdy, and there's double stitching around the corners and handles.

Every budget option has compromises, of course: the carry strap isn't particularly comfortable, and the five magazine pouches are all secured by one single, long velcro flap. Still, considering it's a fraction of the price of many other options we're looking at, it's not a bad trade-off.


NcSTAR VISM Double Carbine Case

The price of NcSTAR VISM Double Carbine Case varies, so check the latest price at

5. Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

ar 15 soft gun cases

Bulldog is another manufacturer making solid, budget-friendly cases for the AR 15. The Extreme Tactical soft case offers water-resistant ballistic nylon construction, a full-length zipper, a brushed, soft scratch resistant lining, velcro straps to secure your AR 15, and 4 magazine pouches (though I was able to fit two STANAG mags in each pouch).

The carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap both feel secure, though maybe not as comfortable as more like luxury rifle cases, and while there is an exterior zippered pocket, it's a little difficult to fit anything bigger than a few small accessories in it when the bag has a gun inside to carry.

As with a lot of budget cases, the sizing is a little strange - the 45-inch option is going to be ideal for most AR 15 setups, and while you can pack it with either a mounted optic or an inserted magazine, the case isn't tall enough for both.

Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case

The price of Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case varies, so check the latest price at

6. UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling

ar15 soft gun case

Sometimes it's best not to advertise that you are transporting a weapon - not only can it make you a target for thieves, but some people simply prefer not to broadcast their business to the world. That's where UTG's Alpha Battle Carrier sling bag steps in.

Unlike many other range bags, this one isn't gun-shaped, doesn't come in camo or earth-toned colors, and wouldn't ever be confused for tactical ones. In fact, most people would probably assume it's either a regular backpack or a sporting goods bag.

Still, that doesn't mean this bag skimps out where performance is concerned. With multiple reinforced carry handles and an ambidextrous shoulder strap, it's comfortable to carry this soft case either horizontally or vertically.

The front top pocket is large enough to carry a pistol, and despite its compact form factor, there's removable foam padding in the central compartment that allows you to carry two rifles at once. There are two extra pockets for carrying other gear, making this a handy choice for anyone who wants to carry a full loadout without drawing any attention.

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling

The price of UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling varies, so check the latest price at

7. American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

best ar case

If you've got an SBR or AR pistol, the typical rifle cases are going to be a bit bigger and longer than you need. Some people don't mind, but if you're in the market for a more specialized option, this bag from American Mountain Supply is an affordable case with enough room for your AR 15 and plenty of mags, and it's tall enough to keep a magazine inserted and an optic attached.

The material is rip-resistant and waterproof, and feels quite durable. The interior lining isn't as plush as some of the other cases, but it does have two anchoring loops to hold your gun in place whether you're carrying it horizontally or vertically.

My one criticism of this bag is that the zipper isn't the greatest - I haven't encountered any issues yet, but I have the feeling that if anything fails, that will be it. Still, for under $50, you'll more than get your money's worth.

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case

The price of American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case varies, so check the latest price at

Buying Guide

So you've read over our list but you're still having trouble deciding on the best case for your needs? No problem - we also put together this handy buying guide to highlight our favorite picks based on a few primary criteria. The simple fact is that all of the cases on this list are high quality options that will get the job done, but every shooter has priorities that will tip the scales in favor of one option or another.

So without further ado, here are our best AR 15 soft rifle cases in each category:

Most Rugged

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare
ar cases

Savior bags are on the pricier side for most soft rifle cases, especially the waterproof soft rifle cases, but that's because they're built to very exacting standards of quality and durability. From 1000D Cordura, double stitching, YKK self-repairing zippers, and high density foam padding, everything about these bags is built to last while keeping your AR 15 safe and sound.

We gave the Urban Warfare a slight edge over some of the other Savior options because it is a bit more compact and stitching around the handles feels more reinforced, but I'd have no qualms about using any of their products.

Most Discreet

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling
ar 15 carry bag

If discretion is the name of the game, it's hard to beat this sling bag from UTG. While there are other discrete DIY options, like using a guitar gig bag or a tennis racket case, those ultimately don't offer the same functionality and purpose-built foam inserts, and space for other gear that a case built specifically for the AR rifle does.

The Alpha Battle Carrier Sling has lots of room, provides enough protection to keep your firearm safe, and won't draw any unwanted attention. What more could you ask for from a discreet soft case?

Best Value

Bulldog Extreme Tactical Rifle Case
ar 15 cases soft

If you're on a tight budget and just want a no-frills case that will do the job without falling apart, the Extreme Tactical Rifle Case is a great pick. The backpack style shoulder straps on these bags might not be the most comfortable thing in the world, but the build quality is excellent, the stitching is solid and reinforced at the most common stress points, and the ballistic nylon used to make the outer shell is both water resistant and rip resistant, all at an incredibly affordable price.

Budget options always come with some compromises, but for my money Bulldog's cases provide the best bang for your buck without sacrificing the most important features.

Most Spacious

Savior Equipment American Classic
ar soft case

If plenty of space is your main priority when looking for an case, the American Classic might be for you. It's big enough to easily store two rifles and has two compartments for pistols as well as multiple pockets for magazines, muffs, and any other gear you might need.

And just because it's a hefty soft case doesn't mean it's a pain to transport - the backpack straps are comfortable even when it's fully loaded down, and there's plenty of padding between your back and your AR rifles.

The only downside is the price tag, but if you're like me you'd rather spend a bit more the first time to get a piece of quality gear than have to keep replacing cheaper ones as they wear out over the years. For these reasons, we're giving this bag our vote as the best case for shooters who want plenty of space in their bag.

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Best Choice for AR Pistols

American Mountain Supply SBR and AR Pistol Case
best ar 15 soft case

While most AR 15 soft rifle cases will have no issues storing an SBR or pistol build, a specialized case is a great way to trim down the size and weight of your bag without sacrificing functionality. The AMS bag has plenty of room for a gun, optic, and magazines, and it's much more lightweight than most of its competitors while still keeping your AR safe and sound.

Since it's smaller, has no visible branding, and isn't covered in pockets or webbing, it's also fairly discreet, which is a nice touch. And other than not springing for a more heavy-duty zipper, the bag itself is sturdy and feels like it will last a long time.


We've rounded up a couple of the most common questions people have asked us about AR 15 cases:

Do You Even Need A Case For Your AR-15?

Not only is your AR 15 an investment, it could also some day be the only thing between you and someone who wants to harm you or your loved ones. It's crucial to keep your rifle in good, working order - it doesn't need to be a pristine safe queen, but if it's constantly getting banged up and exposed to the elements where rust, dust, and grime could build up, you could end up in an emergency situation with an AR 15 that isn't functioning properly when you need it most.

Aside from that, having a case for your AR 15 is essential if you ever plan on traveling with it - airlines won't let a rifle fly without one of the professional rife cases, and even transporting it in a vehicle without a case is a bad idea if you want to avoid being a juicy target for a smash and grab. It's also just plain convenient - having a good soft case with comfy backpack straps and plenty of pockets make a trip to the range a lot simpler.

Simply put, if you've invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a rifle, optic, accessories, and training, it would be silly not to spend a little bit more to keep that investment safe and secure.

What Size Gun Case Do You Need For An Ar 15?

The best case size for you is going to depend on the dimensions of your rifle and whether you plan to use it exclusively for an AR 15 or if you want it to pull double duty with other firearms. Generally speaking, the smallest AR 15 soft rifle cases you'll see are 36 inches, which are meant for SBRs and AR pistols.

On the other end of the spectrum, you've got cases pushing 55 or even 60 inches, designed for full-length rifles with suppressors or non-collapsible stocks. I like my case to be pretty snug, and I typically find that the 40-45 inch range is deal for my AR 15 configuration. The good news is that most of the cases on this list include tie-down straps of some kind, so if you size up a bit you don't need to worry about your rifle bouncing around inside the case.

Parting Shots

Choosing the best case for your rifle can be a frustrating experience - many manufacturers do a bad job of listing their internal measurements, pocket sizes can be inconsistent, and corners can be cut in design and quality control, leaving you with a sub-par product. We put together this list of the best bags in order to take the guesswork out of that buying process, and we hope our reviews and buying guide helped you narrow down your search.

Do you have a favorite case that we neglected to mention? Do you have any first hand experience with the choices on our list? If so, sound off in the comments and let us know what you think! We love hearing from our readers, and your feedback helps us decide what topics and products to cover next.

And if you've already got a bag for your AR and you're looking for storage options for a handgun instead, head on over to our article on the best car gun safe to see we recommend for smaller firearms!

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