9 Best 300 Yard Scopes For Your Rifle


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Are you interested in mid-range hunting or target shooting but feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of optics on the market? The selection of scopes is vast and the general purpose of these scopes can get lost in the shuffle. 

In many cases, such as someone who is only interested in target shooting, the shooter is not in need of some massive high-tech sight that would set them back a month's wages or more. If you know what you're going to be using the scope for and how much punishment it needs to hold up to, you can often get an excellent scope at a price that won't break the bank.

For many Americans - or any folks around the world living in brush country, heavy timber, or swamplands - higher magnification scopes are just not necessary for making a 300-yard shot. 





Vortex Crossfire 4-12X50mm 

Vortex Crossfire 4-12X50mm 

  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Magnification: 4-12x
  • Length: 14.2 in

Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm Ballistic reticle.

Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm Ballistic reticle.

  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Magnification: 4.5-14x
  • Length: 12.6 in

Barska 6-18x40mm AO rifle scope.

Barska 6-18x40mm AO rifle scope.

  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Magnification: 6-18x
  • Length: 15.65

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x444

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm

  • Diameter: 44mm
  • Magnification: 4-14x
  • Length: 12.9 in

UTG 4-616x44 30mm rifle scope

UTG 4-16x30mm rifle scope

  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Magnification: 4-16x
  • Length: 11.14 in

Leupold VX Freedom 450 3-9x40mm

Leupold VX Freedom 450 3-9x40mm

  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Length: 12.39 in

Burris FulField E1 6.5-20x50mm

Burris FulField E1 6.5-20x50mm

  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Magnification: 6.5-20x
  • Length: 12.2 in

Bushnell 2-6X24mm

Bushnell 2-6X24mm

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Magnification: 2-6x
  • Length: 10.2 in

Truglo 1-6x24mm scope

Truglo 1-6x24mm scope

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Magnification: 1-6x
  • Length: 12 in

Here the shooter not only needs a smaller, lower power scope, without all of the bells and whistles that come with long-range optics. Sometimes less is more, and this is a great example. In some cases, such as boar hunting in deep brush, even a red dot or holographic sight like the Trijicon ACOG can get the job done.

New innovations in scope design mean there is almost always some new advancement in power settings, glass quality, added sub-tension (crosshair design) selection, and even turret internal controls. We will look at a number of high-quality scope options in this buying guide and give the buyer some idea of how to choose a scope based on their own specific needs.

The following are some examples of rifle scopes in a lower price range that are still more than capable of making the shot at 300 yards.

1. Vortex Crossfire 4-12X50mm Riflescope

best long range rifle scope under $300

As a general use scope, this optic might be overkill for many applications, but it never hurts to have a versatile scope that can meet any shooting scenario head-on. At the maximum setting of 12X magnification, the scope can push its performance range out to 800 yards or more with ease.

At the same time, the low end at 4X is best used for close-range shooting. Therefore this scope can be classified as a go-to general-purpose scope with an edge toward long-range applications. I'm very impressed by the quality of Vortex's scopes, and in this case I can say that the performance you get out of this scope is hard to beat without spending significantly more money.

This great scope uses the BDC reticle, has a once-inch main housing tube, coated lens surfaces to fight dust and grit, and is designed with capped turret knobs.

The click adjustments for zero and advancing range are set at ¼ MOA, which is fairly standard for this design. The capped turrets are not suited to quick long-range adjustments, and as such it is best regarded as a general-purpose hunter-grade product, but the BDC markings do make it easier to quickly adjust for holdover.

Thanks to the 50mm objective lens, this scope has an excellent light transmission. I shot a model much like this in Russia when hunting boar in dark, deep-woods cover. 

Vortex Crossfire 4-12X50mm

The large objective made for faster target acquisition, wider field of view, better accuracy when I did get on target, and six shots fired for six dead boar ranging up to 680 pounds in weight. Even in low-light conditions, these scopes can be a game-changer when the chips are down and the target is coming straight at you.

This scope will run 15 MOA per turret rotation with a total elevation value of 50 MOA. This is not one mile turret elevation levels, but it is all that is necessary for most applications - depending on the cartridge, you could even reasonably stretch out to 1,000 yards, so making shots in the medium-range sweet spot of 300 yards to 600 yards will be absolutely no problem.

At 14.30 inches in length and 20.6 ounces in weight, the scope is not a subcompact design by any means, which means you are probably going to want to stick it on top of a full-sized bolt action rifle or a steady platform like the AR-10.

Vortex Crossfire 4-12X50mm

The price of Vortex Crossfire 4-12X50mm varies, so check the latest price at

Want to more about best vortex scopes? Here is the guide for you.

2. Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm Riflescope

best rifle scope under 300

This Burris scope is a pile of value for the money spent. This scope retains sub-tensions that are based on the highly effective “Christmas Tree” design.

The scope is user friendly for long-distance shooting thanks to the intuitive ballistic reticle, and is an ideal choice for the game hunters or target shooters who are thinking about bigger rifles and pushing bullets into the next zip code.

This scope has power settings for 1,000 yard work, and can also pull double duty at closer ranges inside of 300 yards if required. The larger objective lens catches a lot of light, and the scope lenses are fully multi-coated for protection against the elements.

The sub-tensions can map bullet drop for very fast auto load over long shots when a deer or other big game is moving away, or a steel target is being timed by the competition judge, while the side focus system allows the shooter to make parallax adjustments on the fly.

Burris Fullfield E1

The scope's low light performance is admirable, and believe me when I say you don’t want to be caught in the early morning light and a record book whitetail in front of you while you've got a scope that can't get pull enough light to make the shot.

The adjustment turrets use heavy springs and steel-on-steel movement for perfect repeatability when returning to zero settings after windage or elevation corrections.

In terms of durability, it's built tough, and since it's gas-purged, it's also fog proof, shockproof, and waterproof, too. You're getting a great deal for the cash you put down on this optic, especially if you plan on putting it on top of a hunting rifle.

Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm

The price of Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm varies, so check the latest price at

3. Barska 6-18x40mm AO Riflescope

best rifle scopes under 300

Here is a low-priced rifle scope built for the magnum rimfire line of cartridges. This Barska 6-18x40mm could fit your needs for a 300-yard scope if you shoot the 17 HMR or the 22 Magnum ( WMR.)

The second focal plane (SFP) Barska is set up to make use of an open turret design that allows for quick elevation and windage adjustments without having to fumble around with turret caps. I use these kind of turrets in another brand of glass, but given the fact that the drop and drift factors are preset makes for some very easy sighting adjustments in the wind or extended range situations.

Using an optic with very similar specs to this Barska, myself and five other writers burned through over 38,000 rounds of ammunition hunting ground squirrels in the Sawtooth mountains - the event was even documented by Winchester via Kevin Howard Charter Communications.

The scope featured here makes use of a 40mm objective lens, is totally waterproof, and has multi-coated glass for protection. Built on a one-inch main tube, the scope uses standard “ big rifle” rings and bases when mounted on most 22 Magnum and 17 HMR rifles.

The bullet drop compensator system will cover 17-grain, 36-grain, 38-grain, and 40-grain bullets. Ballistic turret knobs are interchangeable for varied bullet weights and calibers and have a click value 1/3 MOA.

Barska 6-18x40mm AO Rifle Scope

The price of Barska 6-18x40mm AO Rifle Scope varies, so check the latest price at

4. Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm Riflescope

best scope under 300

Here we have a rifle scope with some welcome added features, such as the fast-focus eyepiece and illuminated reticle ( illustrated ). ARC 2 MOA stays accurate using the FFP install, and the turrets operate on 0.25 ( ¼ inch ) windage and elevation adjustments.

In terms of glass quality and distortion, Primary Arms optics aren't at the top of the pile, but are still more than good enough for mid-range shooting. The entire scope is covered by a full three year warranty, which says the company will stand behind the product.

The scopes are set up well in terms of control surfaces and ease of use, judging by the left side rheostat controls for light and the high large turrets for quick elevation or re-zero adjustments.

The scope uses six different brightness settings, and I can say that as I get older these types of light control systems are becoming more and more appealing.

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm Riflescope

When checking the sub-tensions installed in this scope I must say I was impressed by the layout of the cross-hair system. The scope retains hash marks above and below the center crosshair, allowing the shooter to map the sighting system for very fast elevation or wind corrections on the fly.

While this may not be as critical when shooting paper targets, it is very important when hunting game animals. I can't count the number of hunts I've been on that required me to make very fast sight adjustments for long range shots on the fly because my target was not going to give me much time to think about twisting turret settings.

Sighting through the lens is fast and effective if you know your rifle, cartridge and, above all, the scope's sight systems/bullet drop tables.

Based on my hands-on experience with this optic, I can safely say that this would be equally effective as a 300-yard tack-driver or a long-range scope, which means you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm

The price of Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm varies, so check the latest price at

5. UTG 4-616x44 30mm Rifle Scope

best long range scope under 300

The UTG 4-16x44 30mm rifle scope comes equipped with some additional features that make it well-suited for long-range shooting and more moderate 300-600 yard distances as well. 

This scope is a budget model, which is reflected in the low price, but it carries a complete set of bases and rings set up for the Weaver mounting system, has a coated “ Emerald” lens, and is built on a surprisingly sturdy main tube design.

The 4-15x power range means the scope has the ability to produce clear, bright target images at ranges far beyond what a red dot or simple holosight is capable of. The scope makes use of target-style turrets and has a useful re-zero system, uses ¼ MOA elevation and windage clicks, and retains a parallax range from 10 yards to infinity.

The illumined sub-tension is able to be switched from red to green, and a rheostat controls the level of light intensity the shooter desires. The scope has a built-in sunshade and mounts onto Weaver-style rings. Bolt-on and go is the name of the game in this case.

While you can't expect the level of performance you'd get out of a much more expensive optic, this is a solid entry point for shooters who want to dip their toes into long-distance shooting but aren't ready to commit to expensive glass.

UTG 4-616x44 30mm Rifle scope

The price of UTG 4-616x44 30mm Rifle scope varies, so check the latest price at

6. Leupold VX Freedom 450 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Leupold VX Freedom 450 3-9x40mm

The Leupold VX-Freedom--designed to replace the excellent Leupold VX-2--is an example of an optic that is set up for both target shooting applications and hunting.

The 3-9x magnification range says 300-yard hunting all over it, and the 40mm objective lens with the open target-style turrets means it's equally at home against long-range steel targets.

The Duplex reticle is a hunter's style, in that it is thick at the edges and thin in the center, and it is also available in the TMR mil-dot reticle for those who prefer that style.

What you never want in a hunting scope is a target sight with fine crosshairs that fades to nothing in low light conditions, or even at the maximum range for which the scope was intended to be used.

In this case, the 3-9x power is a solid 400-yard performer, and can even reach a bit farther depending on the cartridge you're using.

Leupolda VX Freedom 3-9x40

I have shot Leupolds for over 50 years, and I currently run several of them here at Ballistics Research & Development. The scope features American-built durability - solid as a Tiger tank hull, carries great glass, and built with strong internal components that drive the turret system.

This scope is built on an aircraft-grade aluminum primary tube in a matte finish, uses coated lens surfaces for water and grit protection in the field, and is gas sealed for an airtight scope body that is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof.

The turret clicks are all in ¼ MOA and the return to zero is spot on every time. Being a US company, Leupold backs their glass with an excellent warranty and equally impressive customer service.

At a weight of 12.2 ounces, the scope is best set on a sturdy bolt rifle or something like the AR-10 platform, and with an overall length of 12.39 inches and a one-inch tube diameter, you'll have no trouble mounting it with standard rings and bases.

The scope is a very good choice for a 300-yard and under hunting optic, and the open-style elevation turret in particular makes it a great open-country deer or antelope scope.

Leupold VX Freedom 450 3-9x40mm

The price of Leupold VX Freedom 450 3-9x40mm varies, so check the latest price at

7. Burris FulField E1 6.5-20x50mm Riflescope

Burris FulField E1 6.5-20x50mm

If you're searching for a great entry-level long-range scope, you can't do much better than the Burris FulField E1. This scope is powered at 6.5-20x50mm and carries a sub-tension system set up specifically for the .22-250 Remington cartridge.

That means the scope's mil hashmarks will track a 55-grain .22 bullet in terms of an exact drop, whether you're shooting at 300 yards or 900. And by using the crosshair elevation correction hash marks, you can produce the correct bullet drop on longer-range targets every time.

The scope is set in a one-inch main tube, and the objective lens is massive and pulls in light well. This scope carries a lifetime warranty and Burris will back it. Not made in the USA, but carried by this American company.

I shoot Burris glass on a 3.5 inch, 20-gauge wildcat slug gun that I have used to bag everything from buffalo to white-tail deer. The recoil on this single-shot supergun is almost that of a lightweight .50 BMG, but my Burris has held up to the punishing recoil of this firearm for over 30 years now.


For the shooter who wants to get into longer-range rifle shooting without spending a whole paycheck on a scope, it's hard to beat the $300 price tag on this optic - plenty of people buy it and like it so much that they never upgrade!

The scope is massive in size and best set up on a proper full-length action rifle. Word has it that some of these scopes are being mounted on bolt action target .22 LR’s for competitive long-range shooting.

I can definitely see why, since you have the right power settings, hash marks, and a whole lot of sighting windows to work with.

Scope weight is 1.8 pounds, with an eye relief of 3.6 inches. Turret has a left side parallax control knob, allowing you to make adjustments while still being able to maintain your sight picture and prepare to take the shot.

Burris FulField E1 6.5-20x50mm

The price of Burris FulField E1 6.5-20x50mm varies, so check the latest price at



This scope is among the hardest-working pieces of equipment I own today. It has withstood hundreds of shotgun slugs, buckshot loads, and all sorts of other smoothbore loads. The bottom line is the Bushnell “ chopped” bell housing tactical model glass on my scatterguns and light rifles have earned this scope top honors here at BR&D.

They don’t quit, the internals are rock-solid, and I never lose test and reference time with breakdowns because of crosshairs falling away, or turret settings going way off the mark because of broken internals.

8. Bushnell 2-6X24mm Riflescope

Bushnell 2-6X24mm

The Bushnell 2-6X24mm AR optic is patterned after the new military models being contracted by Sig Arms for the US Army. The magnification range is ample enough to make clean shots at 300 yards with ease, and considering most hunting takes place within 200 yards, then this can be the best 200 yard rifle scope.

This Bushnell BTR-1 uses the BDC ranging reticle, which gives you the ability to make holdover adjustments on the fly when you're tracking moving game.

The optical quality and clarity of this scope are outstanding, and far better than what some scopes costing far more can deliver. Setting your zero is dirt simple, and while the scope is best set up with a cantilever mount, standard rings and bases will get the job done as well. The scope uses one-inch mounts and as such is an easy install using common parts.

best ffp scope under 1000

Built with an aluminum main tube and a cut-off bell, the scope is relatively lightweight, coming in at 1.18 pounds not counting your mount.

The scope uses an illuminated reticle that is rheostat controlled from the a left-side brightness knob so you can keep your eyes on the target and your trigger finger ready while making adjustments.

This makes for a very flexible scope that can do night work, day work, and tackle those low light conditions at dusk and dawn. At 2-6x power the scope is ideal for most applications on ARs, shotguns, and even muzzleloaders if need be, especially at ranges up to 300 yards .

I have this system tacked onto a Remington 870 that I use for a great deal of deer, turkey, and general varmint work at night. The scope is paired with a laser sight and a directly mounted high-intensity flashlight as a total sighting package.

The scope's lenses are fully multi-coated and will fight off water, dust, and grit in the field. The tube is gas purged and uses O rings seals, making it waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof as well.

To put it simply, you are going to have to search for quite a while to find a better 300-yard scope at this price point.

Bushnell 2-6X24mm

The price of Bushnell 2-6X24mm varies, so check the latest price at

9. Truglo 1-6x24mm Riflescope


The final scope I would like to present here is an optic offered by TRUGLO.

This is a chopped-bell 1-6x24mm scope model that is using two light systems in both red and green, along with a with a round open ring and extremely fine inset cross-hair for ultra-accurate downrange applications. The versatile magnification range makes it a great choice for rifles and shotguns alike.

At lower zoom, this makes a great close-range optic (300 yards and under), even capable of being used with both eyes open when you need fast target acquisition without losing your peripheral vision.

In the shop, I just mounted one of these scopes on a new Rock River AR carbine. The rifle is lightweight and the scope is easy to field and bring to the shoulder, with plenty of eye relief thanks to the factory-included cantilever mount. It's very nicely balanced, and it is going to be a great coyote gun during this late winter here in South Dakota. You can add scope in your ar rifle for hunting. Scopes for AR 15 coyote hunting provide better accuracy, range estimation, and target acquisition, which are essential for successful hunting in varying light conditions and distances.

The only difference in the scope I will be using and the one in this scoping review is that it is a second-gen model, and powered in a higher 8X variant. This is the third TRUGLO sight I have put into service this past year here at Ballistics Research & Development/ Metro Gun Systems.

Needless to say, they work, and have proven themselves on both the range and in the field. At this magnification range, you've got a hard-working, accurate 300-yard varmint scope right out of the box.

There are an incredible number of optics to choose from when it comes to hunting and target shooting at the 300-yard range, and we hope this look at some of our favorite tools for the job has helped you narrow down your search.

If you've used any of these scopes before, or if our guide helped you pick the perfect scope for your needs, sound off in the comments to let us know!

Truglo 1-6x24mm scope

The price of Truglo 1-6x24mm scope varies, so check the latest price at

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