How to Use a Duck Call Properly – Step by Step Guide

how to use a duck call

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Do you want to know How to use a Duck Call, in order to get 100 % outcomes of the hunting? Do not miss this guide at all. As it contains lots of precious information for you. Just apply these 7 steps and get the estimated results right now!

I have just made a step by step guide in order to let you get an ease of comprehending the issues and resolving them by your own!

So, Lets Start

How to Use a Duck Call - A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Understand the Instrument/Choose the Reed Type:

First of all, you have to understand the instrument that is a Duck Call. What is it and how can it be used?

Let me explain more!

There are two types of the Duck Calls:

  • Single Reed Duck Call
  • Double Reed Duck Call

These both types of the duck call can work for the hunters while hunting for the ducks. But let me explain about the difference of these both:

Single Reed Duck Call has a lot of importance and much more scope than the other one. Its importance can be understood by the experienced hunters only. They like to use this type of duck call for getting the best sound control.

Whereas, the Double Reed Duck Call is designed for the beginners. Yes, the people who love hunting and beginning their journey with. They like to use this type of call.

But there is no any hard and fast rule for you that what type of Reed would you opt for!

You can choose the type, what you think will work better for you!

Step 2: Choose the Right Composition of the Duck Call:

Do you know that, not all of the Duck Calls are made of the same material?

Yes, it is true!

There are a few types of Duck Calls that are based on the composition:

  • Acrylic Duck Call
  • Wooden Duck Call
  • Polycarbonate/Mixed Material Duck Call

Your next step is to choose the right composition, that can be the best match of your hunting type!

Wooden calls make much softer sound, so most of the hunters consider them the perfect match.

Acrylic Duck Calls make much louder and sharper sound; these are used when you are hunting through the area, where the wind noise/water noise is present, or you are at a distant place from the ducks.

But the third and the best type of composition that is known as Polycarbonate/Mixed Material Duck Call, produce the perfect sound, that is in between the both former mentioned types.

So, finally you have got an idea!

That you will use this third type, that is much durable, softer, attractive and effective for the duck hunting!

Step 3: Learn How to Hold the Duck Call While Using:

The next step is to have a command on how to hold the call.

  • Hold the call by the sound chamber properly.
  • Wrap ring finger around it.
  • Keep pinky finger around the hole.


  • Hold the call like you do the cigar in one hand.
  • Then control the sound by using the palm of your alternate hand.
Step 4: Learn How to Blow the Call:

Do not whistle ever. Besides, practice of blowing the duck call. You can use your diaphragm instead of using the lips to blow the air. The technique resembles just like as you cough. It will produce a perfect sound, not a whistle.

Step 5: Keep the Call Short and Gentle:

Avoid making the longer sounds while blowing the duck call. You have to make a short sound, a gentle one. Yes, a sweet and short sound will work the best way possible for you while achieving your goal.

Step 6: Make Repetitive Sound to Attract the Ducks:

Now, make the repetition of calling. Just the same way, you did before, do this again for a few more times. It will reach to the ducks, then keep your attention towards the ducks’ “quack”.

Unless, you listen the quack sound from the ducks, make the calls. But keep in mind, do not whistle at all; use your diaphragm to blow the air in the duck call; and use your tongue to move to and fro-up and down. It will make the perfect sound for the ducks.

Step 7: Learn the Duck Languages:

Now, let me take you to the next level:

Yes, it is not enough to make a sound via using the duck call. In fact, that is too easy, not a tricky one!

The trick comes at the point:

When you have to learn the different sounds that are in fact the language of the ducks.

Try to make the call slightly longer, as that relates to the love language of the ducks. Also, learn the 'quianCK' that relates to the longing female.

If you see the ducks coming from a distance, make 'kanc kanc kanc' sound to welcome them warmly.

Make a 'tikki tukka tikka' sound to call the ducks for meals.

So, learn and practice these sounds, if you want to be a passionate hunter.


So, that is all about how to use a duck call. The guide given above needs a proper learning and practicing of making the different sounds of the duck. If you want to achieve the 100 % goal of the hunting of this waterfowl, you must know the secrets behind these sounds.

Observe the ducks, learn the sounds and practice to produce the same sounds like the original ones. The right mimicry will lead you towards the best outcomes!

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