Sig Romeo 7s Review : Is it Worth it?

Sig Romeo 7s Review

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The Sig Romeo 7s is a recent red dot optic from the Sig Sauer company. Sig produces some of the best handguns available, and their line of handgun optics is excellent.

This tube-style red dot is compact, durable, and suitable for a variety of applications. Most at home on a handgun, but it also works on shotguns and carbines. 

Here is the information you need to make an educated buyer’s decision.

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SIG SAUER OPMOD ROMEO7S Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight 1x22mm, 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle, FDE, SOR75021

Most Effective

The Sig Romeo 7s is most effective on handguns that you do not need to conceal. It is best used in tournaments and hunting handguns. 

The size of the scope means you need a holster capable of supporting the gun and the scope. A hunting holster needs to have an easy draw and be quiet. You need to move as little as possible when drawing the gun to avoid spooking your target.

Tournament rigs need to be comfortable. If you are shooting speed trials, the gun needs to clear the holster in a hurry as well. 

The Romeo 7s will do both very well.

The optic sits high on the gun and requires a Picatinny rail to mount to. The weight is much less of a concern than the amount of real estate the setup takes. 

The scope and included mount weigh 7.7 ounces. If you carry the gun for a whole day, yes, those ounces feel a lot heavier at the end of the day vs. at the beginning. That is just a tradeoff you have to consider.



If you are hunting, bear in mind this is a close-range optic, as most handguns are. It has a 2 MOA dot, meaning that the dot covers 2 inches at 100 yards. Those 2 inches cover a lot of territory, especially on smaller animals. 

On a deer-sized target, it is much less of a concern because a deer’s vitals are more than a foot across.

Of equal concern for reaching out is the ½ MOA click value. That is about a half-inch at 100 yards. You are still within acceptable limits at 100 yards for most shooting. 

The same reasons hold true for shotgun and carbine applications. The scope is extremely well-designed for turkey hunters. At 50 yards, that dot will just about completely hide a gobbler’s head.

Once you pattern your shotgun and center the dot, you can line up on a longbeard with confidence that he will be flopping on the ground a moment later.

Carbine applications, which are meant for close shooting and fast work, appreciate this scope for getting on target quickly.

Perfect scope

SIG SAUER OPMOD ROMEO7S Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight 1x22mm, 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle, FDE, SOR75021

To me, this is a perfect scope for something like a .44 Mag or .357 lever action used for hunting in thick brush. Both guns swing fast, and the scope gives you a rapid target acquisition. Get a bead on that moving deer, bear, or hog, and drop him in his tracks.

Because this is in a tube, you are focusing your slightly down the tube. Distractions around you are cut way down, especially when you compare this to shooting iron sights.


SIG SAUER OPMOD ROMEO7S Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight 1x22mm, 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle, FDE, SOR75021

The scope also works with a magnifier. Because it has infinite eye relief, as long as your Pic rail is long enough to hold the magnifier and the Romeo 7s, you can double or triple the zoom.

Remember, as you increase the zoom factor, the apparent size of the dot also increases. It is still 2 MOA and still covers the same amount of the target.


If you shoot tournaments, especially 3-gun and speed tournaments, this is a very good choice. Your targets are generous, and pinpoint accuracy matters less than getting on target in a hurry.

That 2 MOA dot is easy to see through the barrel of the scope. You appreciate larger dots when the scope is farther from your eye. Since the Romeo 7s has unlimited eye relief, a larger dot makes a difference at arm’s length.


You get 40 MOA to each side on windage and the same values on elevation. That is in the middle range for scope adjustments. Remember this is a close-range scope, under 100 yards, so that adjustment should be all you need.

If you have to reach the end of the windage to either side, you need to check the rail on your gun and how the scope is mounted. 

Elevation is a different matter, depending on the gun you shoot. A .22 LR target gun shooting at 100 yards needs more elevation than a .357 Mag shooting to the same distance. That is based strictly on the performance of the ammo, not the scope or gun.

Not Well Suited

The Romeo 7s is not well suited for compact and subcompact concealed carry guns. It will work on those, but you are better off with a single-pane small red dot.

Using the Romeo 7s with concealed carry will be difficult because of how high the optic rises. The length of the small scope, while compact, is not as tight as a single-pane red dot. It does not have an RMR mount, which is another drawback to concealed carry use.

Long Range

The scope has a fixed parallax, which is usual for red dot and reflex scopes. This inability to correct parallax is another reason this is not a long-range scope. Sure, you can bang the gong at 500 yards with the scope on a carbine, but a traditional crosshair scope with built-in zoom and parallax correction will serve your shooting needs better.


Co-witness: Yes, the scope will co-witness if you need that. The package includes two different sets of setups for a co-witness. It comes ready for a 1.63” set and has the parts needed to use it on a 1.41” set.

SIG SAUER OPMOD ROMEO7S Compact Reflex Red Dot Sight 1x22mm, 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle, FDE, SOR75021

Battery: This scope uses a AAA battery. You can get a replacement at any convenience store. That makes a real difference if your battery dies suddenly. Sig promises 50,000 hours of run time with a quality battery.

Waterproof: The IPX7 rating means it is waterproof to one meter down for 30 minutes. 

Dot: You can choose a red or green dot. The scope has 9 brightness settings and 2 settings compatible with night vision. Note: Night vision is not the same thing as thermal. This device is not thermal compatible.


Does the Romeo 7s work on handguns?

The Romeo 7s will work on handguns, provided the gun has a mount platform that will support the scope. Medium and larger frame guns are best.

Is the Romeo 7s good for concealed carry?

The Romeo 7s is not good for concealed carry. It is too large and rises too high off the gun’s barrel or slide.

Is the Romeo 7S good for compact handguns?

The Romeo 7S is not good for compact handguns. It is too large. You are better off using a medium frame or larger handgun.

Can I hunt with the Romeo 7s?

You can hunt with the Romeo 7s. It is well suited for handguns and any shooting under 100 yards.


The Romeo 7s is a great optic when you stay within the design parameters. It is an excellent choice for tournament shooters and hunters. It works well on carbines and shotguns.

The co-witness port is a bit tight but doable. If you need to co-witness, you are likely shooting at something at less than 25 yards or so. Pop some primers on the range, and using that co-witness port will get much easier.

The lens caps are not as tight on the tube as they could be. A dab of very light glue will hold them down and not interfere too much if you need to remove them.

Over all, this is a good scope for a .357 or .44 Mag revolver with a 7-10” barrel.

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