How to Cut the Carbon Arrows – An Imperative Guide:

How to cut carbon arrows

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Do you want to cut your carbon arrows? Here you will get the best guide. I have arranged this guide step by step, so that you can get an ease of cutting the carbon arrows properly.

Carbon arrows are the best tool for hunting. Only hunters can evaluate the value of these arrows. But in some particular situations, you need to cut the arrows according to the desired length.

It needs much effort and care!

So, here we go to tell you the right way, by which you can have the desired length available within minutes!

Yes, it is possible. Just follow the steps given below:

Here I have mentioned a brief description about How to Cut Carbon Arrows Effectively!

Gather the Equipment and Materials:

It is the first and foremost step. Just collect the right tools and equipment that can aid you to cut the carbon arrows. You need a tool (cut off) that is at a higher speed, that is, more than 5000 RPM.

Hand saws or tube cutters are not recommended, as they can damage the quality of your carbon arrows.

Get the bare arrow shafts as well. Yet you need more tools:

  • Mounting Hardware

  • A Ruler to measure the length
  • Wooden block

  • Sandpaper
  • Sliding clamps

  • Masking tape

  • Stops
Can You Cut without an Arrow Saw – Create a DIY Version:

It is the important step, as if you do not have the proper tools available, you can cut the arrows by using a DIY setup.

What thing would you need for that?

That is the Dremel, mainly. Moreover, you need a cut-off wheel that is attached to Dremel.

You can also use:

  • Bench Grinding Tools

  • Rotary Blades
  • Chop Saw (Abrasive)
Steps of Cutting the Carbon Arrow:

Just follow the steps given below with an ultimate care:

Determine the Required Length of the Arrow: First of all, pull the arrow on the bow, in order to understand that what length is required ideally. Estimate the length of the arrow.

Measure the Arrow: The next step is to measure the arrow carefully. You can use the ruler to measure the arrow properly. Use the tape on the shaft to mark the line where you will cut the arrow.

Cut the Arrow: Then cut the arrow carefully just on the line you marked earlier. It will give you the proper desired length of the arrow you wanted to get.

Smoothen the Cut Edge: Then use sandpaper to eliminate the rough touch of the cut edge of the shaft. Smooth it until you get a fine edge.

Set the Arrow to Insert in: Last step is to set the arrow to insert.

Precautionary Measures:
  • Use a speedy wheel saw, that can cut the arrow on the speed up to 5000 RPM.
  • Measure and mark the arrow properly, so that you can get the ideal cut length
  • Do not use hacksaw or tube-cutter to cut the arrow, as they do not perform the job well.

So, that is all about how to cut the carbon arrows properly! You can follow the steps and get the desired length of your arrows. You just need a bit of practice while doing this task, as it can also spoil your outcomes as well, if not performed well. So, be careful and get the amazing results!

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