Primary Arms 3x Prism Review – Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scop

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Are you on the market for a fixed magnification scope? Perhaps you are a hardcore Primary Arms fan and are searching for the best prism scopes they have to offer. Regardless of your reason for reading, this review will cover the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism scope and explain why this could be the truest do-everything scope on the market today.

I found this Gen III prism optic to be a great combination of power and compact lightweight affordability. Similar to the Gen II the CQB-m2 reticle offered in this scope is efficient and easy to use.

Comfortability with your equipment is important no matter your shooting application. Whether you are a hunter, long-distance shooter, CQB shooter, recreational, or competitive shooter gear matters. I know some of my shooting buddies dislike fixed magnification optics but I say give it a genuine try and you will see the value in them.

Overall, I found the Primary Arms Gen III Prism scope to be an efficient scope with great durability. I feel, however, that the eye relief was a bit short. The Gen III Prism Scope has 2.72-2.92 inches of eye relief and I generally prefer 3 inches or greater.

primary arms 3x prism scope review

With eye relief aside, I feel that the Gen III Prism scope can be used on various platforms and shooting styles and meets the qualifications to be a do-everything scope. The Primary Arms Gen III Prism scope is also offered at a very competitive price especially when you consider quality of construction.

The prism optic reticle in the Gen III reminds me of the infamous ACOG reticle. With a CQB-m2 chevron reticle, and with similar application to the ACOG the Gen III is a significant improvement over the Gen II prism optic. The definite advantage the Gen III has over the ACOG is the price range.

The Gen III has equivalent application and close to the same durability of the ACOG scope at a fraction of the price. Built with a purpose driven CQB-m2 reticle, this is a great scope for 3-gun competitors, recreational shooters and home defense.

In this review I will be presenting the key features of the Primary Arms Gen III Prism Scope, as well as offer some history behind the brand and optic. I will cover the differences between fixed and variable magnification scopes, and how to decide which is best for you.

Continue reading for a more in depth look at the Primary Arms Gen III Prism Scope.

Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope Review:

primary arms 3x prism review

The Primary Arms Gen III Prism scope is a 3x fixed magnification scope with a 32mm objective lens. The Gen III scope is a prism style optic, meaning that it uses a focusing prism to deliver light to an ocular lens. This differs from the traditional non prism scope lens systems.

Prism scopes only have a single magnification setting, the Gen III is set at 3x. The Gen III also features a fully illuminated reticle that’s powered by a CR2032 battery. This battery can provide hundreds of hours of powerful illumination before needing to be replaced. The Gen III has 11 different illumination settings for shooting in all types of lighting conditions.

The chevron reticle design in the Gen III includes a wide variety of holdover points to help you land shots on moving targets. This makes the Gen III a great choice for hunters and tactical shooters. The reticle features BDC compensating hash marks up to 600 yards. The prism also has a horseshoe shape to help you hit targets in close-quarters engagements.

The ACSS reticle is etched onto the glass of the scope. Glass-etched reticles offer superior durability and stability. This allows you to attach and successfully use this scope on automatic rifles, even if they have high recoil. Your zero will stay true no matter the gun platform you attach this scope to.

The Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope is a part of the Primary Arms SLx optics line. The SLx line of optics is what built Primary Arms reputation. From Gen I through our Gen III, SLx line of optics undergo rigorous field testing before being produced.

The Gen III Prism Scope utilizes a red illuminated reticle and has an adjustment click value of 0.25 MOA. The built in rugged base mount clamps onto your rifle tight, and maintains its zero. Primary Arms built a really well rounded scope with this Gen III.

Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm

The price of Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm varies, so check the latest price at

What’s In The Package: 

When purchasing a Primary Arms Gen III Prism Scope you really just receive the scope; but there are some added items to make your life easier after your purchase. The Gen III comes with an AR- Height riser to assist in mounting to your project AR.

The Gen III is also equipped with a Picatinny top rail to enable you to add red dot sights or any other quick attachment you so desire. Having the ability to mount a new optic instantly is always a plus as you don't have to search for proper scope rings, mounts etc. 

Key Features: 

ACSS CQB 300 Chevron Reticle 

ACSS stands for Advanced Combined Sighting System. The ACSS reticle uses bullet drop compensation which correlates with range estimation. Windage holds and moving target leads are simple to use with the ACSS. A great field of view of 31.5 ft at 100 ft, and a weight of 18.4 ounces makes this scope compact and lightweight. 

The ACSS CQB (close quarter battle) reticle increases your chances at making contact on your first shot. It also decreases time spent on target. With 11 brightness settings to choose from, the ACSS reticle has the power to be visibly clear in day and night firing. Unfortunately, there are no settings that are night vision compatible.

The ACSS has a built in BDC (bullet drop compensator) and can range out to 600 yards. I really enjoy the way the reticle looks etched into the glass of this scope. Choosing to mount a fixed magnification scope to your rifle is a personal choice, but remember, it is all about application of both rifle and scope. 

Fixed Magnification 

Why does fixed or variable magnification matter? Application. I can not express enough how important taking application into mind before purchasing a scope of any kind is. Like guns, scopes are built for purpose driven activities.

You don't want a red dot scope for a long range shot, even though I know some of you would take the challenge. You would want a variable magnification range scope with a great magnification to see clearly at distance. 

Fixed magnification scopes have a higher light transmission rate because there are fewer glass elements involved. Fixed magnification scopes only allow for one magnification in which to view an object. Due to a smaller number of lenses used in their construction, they are optically brighter and have lower loss of brightness.

Variable magnification scopes are designed to where you can change the magnification of what you are aiming at. Magnification changes affect the viewing angle, where higher magnification means smaller and narrower viewing angle. A lower magnification means a wider viewing angle.

As a fixed magnification scope, the Primary Arms Gen III is a great scope for short to mid range shooting. Great for hunting, CQB, 3-gun, and recreational shooting. Paired with the unique ACSS chevron reticle, the Gen III is accurate out to 600 yards.


The Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope is Waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof. The company runs field tests on each optic before they mass produce them. I personally have experienced the ruggedness of the Gen III and can attest to its field capability.

Adjustments are made easily with tools provided, the turret caps are built for field durability. The entire scope is wrapped in a matte black Type II hardcoat anodized finish. The Gen III holds its zero well, in fact it is a bragging point Primary Arms makes on their webpage. 

The Gen III is a durable rifle scope point blank. Not only is it durable, but if you have any issues Primary Arms backs their products with a lifetime warranty. New to 2021 Primary Arms has extended this lifetime warranty to all of their products. 

They also promise to have some new advancements released this year as well. I don't know about you, but I am excited to see what they end up releasing this year.



  • Unique chevron reticle
  • Fixed magnification
  • Durable- field tested
  • Strong mounting system


  • Eye relief 

Grab your Primary Arms Gen III Prism Scope today:

Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm

The price of Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm varies, so check the latest price at

Alternative Scope:

Nikon P-Tactical .223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine

Nikon P-Tactical .223 3x32 Matte BDC Carbine

The Nikon P-Tactical is a great alternative to the Primary Arms Gen III as it is offered in a fixed magnification at 3x. In the shared mid-price range, the Nikon’s P-Tactical scope provides features to maximize your hunting experience. Much like the Primary Arms Prism scope, the P-Tactical scope is a lightweight do-everything scope. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this matte black scope is perfect for the hunters reading. 

Nikon P-Tactical .223 3x32mm

The price of Nikon P-Tactical .223 3x32mm varies, so check the latest price at

Final Thoughts:

The Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism Scope is great for all hunters, CQB shooters, and 3-gun competitors. A real do-everything scope for a great price built with quality materials and field tested. All backed with Primary Arms lifetime warranty.

If a fixed magnification scope is the route you are wanting to take on your current gun set up, the Primary Arms Gen III 3x32mm Prism scope is a great option. After reading this article you know the benefits and pitfalls of fixed magnification scopes, and what applications the Gen III is built for.

Are you looking for a fixed magnification scope for your setup? If you have a fixed magnification scope, let us know in the comment section below what type of scope you have mounted on your rig. Have you recently purchased the Primary Arms Gen III? Let us know your personal experiences in the comments below!

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