10 Best Gun Safe under 500 [Professional & Budget Options]

10 Best Gun Safe Under 500

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In the market today, the basic gun safe is not only necessary but also required in many areas. In terms of value for the money spent, the more you're willing to pay for a Gun Safe, the better it is likely to be in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and materials. We will help you select the best gun safe under $500 that you can purchase.




Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe


Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

  • Type:Biometric
  • Material:Steel
  • Color: Black

Paragon 7501


Paragon 7501

  • Type: Keypad
  • Material:Steel
  • Weight:117.5 pounds




  • Type: Biometric/Keypad
  • Material: 16 Gauge Steel
  • Color: Black

SnapSafe Lockbox

SnapSafe Lockbox

SnapSafe Lockbox

  • Type: key lock
  • Material: 16 Gauge Steel
  • Weight: 6 lbs

First Alert 2092DF


First Alert 2092DF

  • Type: Digital Keypad
  • Material:Resin
  • Size: 1.31 cubic ft

V-Line Quick Access Keyless


V-Line Quick Access Keyless

  • Type: keyed locks
  • Material:16 Gauge Steel
  • Color:Black

Verifi Smart.Safe


Verifi Smart.Safe

  • Type: Auto-locks
  • Material: 14 Gauge Steel
  • Battery Type:4 AA

Stack-On SS-16-MB-E


Stack-On SS-16-MB-E

  • Type: Electronic Lock
  • Material: Steel
  • Height: 55.25

Bonnlo Electronic Gun


Bonnlo Electronic Gun

  • Type: Digital Keypad
  • Material: Steel
  • Color:Black

Stack-on GCB-1522


Stack-on GCB-1522

  • Type: Key Lock
  • Material: Steel
  • Abs Type: 6 Pack

1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Safe

barska quick access biometric rifle safe ax11652

The Barska gun safe that is being reviewed here provides a smaller variation on safe storage systems for both long and short guns. This safe uses a fingerprint biometric scanner module that has an optical silent operational mode. The unit will retain up to 120 different fingerprints.

The safe holds four long guns and has removable shelving for adjusted storage. This safe has solid steel walls and tamper resistant edges that make the safe pry resistant. A steel deadbolt locks the main door. Three bolts down the length of the door maintain excellent security.

This safe includes pre-drilled holes that allow the steel box to be anchored to the floor versus being easily movable.

barska quick access biometric rifle safe

Using the proven biometrics access, this safe can be opened in under 2.5 seconds. There is no dial system that needs lighting or takes a fair amount of time to use. Four AA batteries provide power to the electronic lock opening system for a full year. (10,000 scans)

The safe features a emergency backup keys and a completely hidden keyhole. A backup battery pack is available for the system. This safe is fool proof in terms of operational effectiveness. I have old system for my firearms that requires luck and time when unlocking.

The safe features a backup key and a completely hidden keyhole. A backup battery pack is available for the system. This safe is fool proof in terms of operational effectiveness. I have old system for my firearms that requires luck and time when unlocking.

Barska Biometric Safe

The price of Barska Biometric Safe varies, so check the latest price at

2. Paragon 7501 - Best Gun Safe Under 500

gun safe under 500

Paragon gun safes work on the premise that their product is well built from high quality heavy steel materials. This safe weighs 120 pounds and may be used for both rifle and handgun storage unit. The safe uses a digital lock system that makes the old key copies on yearly models unnecessary.

This safe holds five long guns, storing ammo, and handguns. The 18-gauge steel used to make this safe makes it resistant to the hand tools used by bad guys. The safe's lock system is easy to program. The quality materials in the lock area keep the steel box non accessible to intruders.

best gun safe under 500

The safe features concealed hinges for anti-theft protection. This compact unit is ideal for a town home or apartment where space is always at a premium.

The height of this safe is 57 inches with a width of 13 ¾ inches. The inside dimensions are 56 ¾ inches wide by 14 inches deep.

This safe includes a separate locking cabinet inside the steel box for additional valuables. The safe requires two AA batteries (included) and carries a high rating among buyers.

Paragon 7501

The price of Paragon 7501 varies, so check the latest price at


budget gun safe

The Vaultex VT 20i is a biometric handgun safe with auto-open lid and a rechargeable battery system. The safe includes anti-prybar protection and two-point anti-impact latches. This safe's hinge system installed on the interior to reduce the chance of burglars getting into the unit.

This unit is built of 16-gauge with a powder coat finish. This safe provides fast access using the rapid-fire backlit keypad or biometric fingerprint scanner. Smart safe technology is linked to your smart phone. This system can by toggled on or off with the smart key while still maintaining all other safe functions.


The battery power is rechargeable by way of a USB port. A single charge lasts up to four months. The back lighting allows you to locate your safe without using additional light. When open, the LED lighting inside the safe gives visual access to guns or valuables. It is also used as a portable gun safe for car.

The Bluetooth App transmits battery status, detects tampering, toggles sound, adjusts interior LED, maintains a history log, and manages fingerprint status.

The exterior size of this security cabinet is 11.5 inches wide by 9.0 inches deep.


The price of VAULTEK VT20i varies, so check the latest price at

4. SnapSafe Lockbox Keyed Lock

best gun safe 2019

The SnapSafe is a budget lockable box for your handgun that won’t break the family budget and keeps weapons away from curious little ones.

This safe is a standard key lock style that includes two sets of keys. The size of the box is 10” x 7” x 2“ and is built of heavy 16-gauge steel. The safe features a 1500-pound test steel security cable and has a thick protective foam interior.

gun safe cheap

It is noted that the firearms company Ruger Inc. uses this box for their products. If Ruger says it is a good product, you can take that to the bank for sure. Not just anyone can carry the Ruger logo.

This is also a Hornady Manufacturing Company. Again, another top of the line company stepping to the forefront by backing a simple but effective product. (At my shop, I use the Hornady handgun safe. It works every time, all the time.

This safe is not a fancy system but gets the job done when your handgun needs to be secured.


The price of SnapSafe varies, so check the latest price at

5. First Alert 2092DF

First Alert 2092DF

This First Alert safe is designed for handguns and uses a quick entry three digit number keypad.

The safe features 18-gauge steel construction and a foam padded interior.

The electronic keypad on this safe allows gun owners to program your own three to eight digit numbered pass code. This is a portable safe and can go with you whether you are in the truck, car or hotel room.

low price gun safe

The case comes with a 1,500-pound test steel cable and can be mounted to the floor of any room or onto a truck floor. The main body on the case is constructed of 18-gauge steel and is powder coated for a long lasting tough outer surface.

The safe uses of two AA batteries (included).

Be advised: This and other covered safe boxes have no observable fire-resistant capabilities as that found on larger more detailed gun safe units.

First Alert 2092DF

First Alert 2092DF

The price of First Alert 2092DF varies, so check the latest price at

6. V-Line Quick Access Keyless

best cheap gun safe

V-Line makes a long box safe that is designed specifically for shotguns because that is the standard home defense systems used by many today. This security cabinet is well suited for apartment living or any small storage area.

This safe holds one shotgun and can be mounted length wise or horizontally on a wall or in a storage area.

The unit makes use of a single code combination. No keys or electronics are necessary. Simple and safe are the terms that best describe this shotgun safety system.

fire rated gun safes under $500

When speed is not an issue, the safe uses a pair of end tube locks that can be secured with keys.

This safe is NOT set up for rifles or tactical added firearm elements such as special lights, sights, and related gear. This is a straight up scatter gun box. A pump action Remington 870 Wingmaster or coach style CZ double barreled scatter gun fit the bill perfectly.

No fire rating is stated so this safe might not be fireproof safe.


V-Line Quick Access Keyless

The price of V-Line Quick Access Keyless varies, so check the latest price at

7. Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

top gun safes under 500

With a jump in price comes an increased level of advanced features and quality. This safe is advanced and easy to get up and running in the home or office. Built as a handgun case with some extra room, this safe is a fingerprint sensor designed system that shows advancements over others.

The system includes a self-diagnostics program that performs electronic and battery checks to ensure that the system is always running.

The power source is four AA batteries that will return years of service.

best gun safe under 500 dollars

This safe has battery health monitoring and alerts the gun owner when 25% to 8% of the battery life remains.

As a final note on the special features of the safe, it features an open door alert. The safe utilizes a 3D fingerprint system with sensors that work below skin level. This advanced technology cannot be fooled. Some fingerprint systems can be opened with nothing but a finger photo.

This safe offers a solid steel door that is 4mm or about 8 gauge. The safe walls are 14 gauge with two motorized locking bolts. Concealed hinges and recessed doors help protect against attempts to pry the safe open.

Verifi Smart Safe

Verifi Smart Safe

The price of Verifi Smart Safe varies, so check the latest price at

8. Stack-On SS-16-MB-E

best rifle safe under 500

The Stack-On standing vault style safe is a move toward the big guys in rifle/handgun safe systems. It is a few dollars above the base figure of $500, but the small difference here is worth the cost.

This safe is a 16-gun unit that meets the needs of many high impact shooters for hunting or target work. This safe uses an electric locking system. The safe has two way locking mechanism, 1” steel live action bolts, and six locking points between the door and the main housing. All hinges are inside installed and not accessible to tools or pry bars.

stack on rifle safe

The barrel rest in this safe are molded and will not break down over time. This barrel rest system provides storage space for both side by side and over/under shotguns as well as single barrel long guns.

I can say for a fact that my big-time brand name safes will not provide this type gun storage. It is a fight to get a double into the barrel rest each time.

This safe offers a limited three-year warranty.

Stack-On SS-16-MB-E

The price of Stack-On SS-16-MB-E varies, so check the latest price at

9. Bonnlo Electronic Gun Safe

good cheap gun safe

This safe is a heavy cabinet style safe that holds five long guns or an assortment of both handguns and long guns. The unit is well built and more in line with a heavy-duty cabinet then a plate steel rifle safe. When buying at this lower price range, you can’t expect hardened tank armor on your firearms safe.

The safe can be opened by a manual keypad or digital keypad. Keep the manual key out of the safe but within easy access if an issue with electronic system or the battery arises.

This safe's total weight is 85.5 pounds.

Bonnlo Electronic gun safe

The price of Bonnlo Electronic gun safe varies, so check the latest price at

10. Stack-on GCB 22-Gun Security Cabinet

gun safes under $500

This steel box holds up to 22 guns. I have no idea of what types, but I would assume a mixed bag of handguns and rifles/shotguns. The box has foam barrel rests and includes a single shelf which would hold smaller weapons and handguns.

The safe has a three-point locking system and a key code cylinder lock for better security. Again, like others, this safe at its size is a gun locker versus a heavy safe for firearms. This security cabinet is useful for locking weapons away from children; however, if a bad guy wants the guns it is clearly possible to get them.

What I am not doing here is putting the pressure on this individual safe company. The light weights in gun safes are somewhere between a safe and a storage cabinet.

Stack-on GCB-1522

The price of Stack-on GCB-1522 varies, so check the latest price at

As I stated at the onset of this review, when the price moves up so will the ability to keep guns safer, provide fire resistant capabilities, offer waterproof storage, or otherwise do a better job overall.

When shopping for a lock up bullet proof safe system, you're going to have to move into a whole new world of steel boxes and shelves.

If you have more rifles, then you can check out our article on gun safes priced at $1000, which will be suitable for your needs.

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