10 Best Gun Safe Reviews – Durable, Solid, and Powerful Lock System

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If you are looking for the Best Gun Safe Reviews, you are at the right place here. You will definitely find the informative stuff here.

It is a big hurdle to find the best gun safe, either you have a short gun (pistol) or a rifle. As there are a number of factors that matter.

Mostly, the gun owners fail to buy an appropriate gun safe, but now the matter is resolved!

Yes, here is a great information to unfold!

As, I have collected the 10 top rated gun safes, that will help you to pick a reasonable product to secure your weapons in a comfortable manner!

So, check out the reviews given below and pick a suitable one!

10 Best Gun Safe Reviews - Get a Durable, Solid and Strong Security System

What Should be an Appropriate Selection Criteria:

It is very important for you to have a general knowledge and basic information about the product you are going to purchase.

The sound information and qualities of the basic product will not only assist you in the selection, but also make your decision quick and clear. The following characteristics must be present in your selected gun safe.

  • It should be constructed with the robust and sturdy material.
  • It should have an integrated Tamper alert.
  • It should embody a self-diagnostic system.
  • It should a fixed LED light.
  • It should have an embedded automatic lock system.
  • Its operation should be a duck soup.
  • Its maintenance and cleaning should be a kid’s stuff.
  • It should embody a modern and cutting edge scanning system.
  • It should have an integrated LCD display.
  • It should have an incorporated sound notification system.

The following 10 Best Gun Safe Reviews contain all the aforesaid qualities.

1. Verifi Smart.Safe – Silicon Sensor and Illuminated Interior

best gun safe
Quality Rating

Do you also want to upgrade your old and conventional gun safe with the new and up-to-the-minute one?

Then, this product is the cool breeze for you.

It will definitely provide a strong security to your precious belongings and you aren’t going to repent this buy.

It Delivers an Ample Details of the Entered Fingerprint:

This safe has a built in silicon sensor, which embodies a 3D imaging system.

Moreover, this system delivers a complete and ample detail of the entered fingerprint image.

Also, it is enough capable to handle, even the dry fingerprints, unlike the conventional and below average optical devices.

It Will Always Keep You Informed:

It also has a self – diagnostic system, which performs the various functions, like:

  • A full-fledged self – diagnosis.
  • Display of the diagnosis results.
  • Display of low battery level.
  • Inform you about any possible issue or trouble.
Automatic Lock System Makes its Security System Stronger:

Besides, it embodies an automatic lock system, which not only assures the proper closing of its door, but also spontaneously locks the gun safe, whenever the door is closed.

Illuminated Interior Empowers You to use it Anywhere:

This safe also has a fixed LED light, which provides an illuminated interior and empowers you to use it anywhere.

It will Notify any Unauthorized Attempt of Opening:

It has an integrated tamper alert system, which tends to immediately alert any unauthorized opening.

Multiple Styles Enable You to Select in Accordance with Your Home Décor:

Furthermore, it is manufactured in the two diverse styles, thus, enabling the users to select the style in accordance with their home décor.

  • S6000 Front Opening: 0.85 Cu Ft.
  • S5000 Front Opening: 0.52 Cu Ft.
Numerous Versatile Functions Facilitate you in many Ways:

It offers numerous versatile functions, which makes its use and operation easier and comfortable.

  • A complete control over the addition or the elimination of the fingerprints of the users.
  • Its default settings are easy to operate as well as change.
  • An automatic log.
  • 2 Locking bolts.
  • 2 Access keys.
  • A motor.

Features & Specifications

  • Certification: F.B.I. Certified Device.
  • Manufacturer Name: Zvetco Biometrics.
  • Manufacturing State: USA.
  • Number of Recognized Fingerprints: 40.
  • Manufacturing Material: Solid Steel.
  • Battery (Requirement): 4AA Battery.
  • Light Source: LED NetLite.
  • Size: (W) 13.2 inches x (D) 13.8 inches x (H) 7.9 inches.
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Internal Dimensions: (W) 13.0 inches x (D) 9.5 inches x (H) 7.3 inches.
  • Other Notable Features Include:

• A self-checking system.

• A Stealth mode.

• The Tamper alerts.

• An LCD display.

• Inbuilt tutorials.

• A fingerprint sensor (with 3D imaging).


  • It serves the users with an easy and swift access to their belongings with just a finger touch.
  • It relieves you from the headache of memorizing codes.
  • It embodies an automatic lock.
  • Its self-checking characteristic performs outstandingly.
  • It embodies an automatic lock.
  • Its reset programming is super easy.
  • It embodies an automatic lock.
  • Its installation procedure is not a hard nut to crack.


  • It doesn’t offer any con.
Why Should You Buy it?

If you want to save your belongings and valuables in a quality safe, having self-diagnosis system, automatic lock system, and temper alert system, then buy it.

2. Fort Knox PB1 – Tamper Resistant Door and Stress – Free Holding

gun safe reviews
Quality Rating

Do you want to get rid of your fuddy-duddy and old safe box?

Then, consider this one and its mind blowing features will surely persuade you to buy it.

It is a Tough and Robust Safe:

It is composed of steel, which makes it a tough and robust safe.

Moreover, because of its sound manufacturing, it cannot be broken and dented, even after the unlimited exertions.

Its Provides Security Against any Foreign Attack:

Its door is fitted with heavy – duty hinge, which makes it a tamper resistant door.

By the same token, its hinge delivers security and protection from any foreign attack.

It Offers Stronghold with Stress-free and Smooth Holding:

It has a built in gas struck, which ensures the lifting of the door quicker and faster.

Likewise, it also provides a stronghold with the stress-free and smooth holding in order to ensure the easy and swift opening.

The Picture Perfect Combo of Quality, Strength, and Sophisticated Style:

This safe is also furnished with the silver – powder coating, which enhances its durability and also provides a more attractive and fancy look.

Hence, making this safe a perfect combo of the quality, strength, and sophisticated style.

It Provides Internal Safety from any Scratch:

Its interior is furnished with the lined foam, which is specifically designed in the egg shape, which tends to provide the safety of your valuable possessions and guns from and damage or scratch.

It can Easily be Placed on any Plane Surface:

Besides, it also has the inbuilt predrilled holes, which make it placement easy and convenient on any plane surface like the floor or drawer etc.


  • Manufacturing Material: Steel (10 gauge).
  • Manufacturing State: USA.
  • Height: 4-1/4 inches.
  • Number of Combinations: 1081.
  • Door (heavy-weight): Gas strut.
  • Warranty Description: Lifetime.
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Width: 12-1/2 inches.
  • Depth: 10-3/8 inches.
  • Door Size (Wrap – Around): 3/16 inches.
  • Height (with knob and buttons): 5-1/4 inches.
  • Brand Name: Fort Knox.
  • Other Remarkable Features Include:

• A built-in push button (Fast – opening).


  • It has a tamper resistant door.
  • It has a cutting edge and sleek design.
  • In order to ensure the extra padding, it is furnished with additional foam lining.
  • It has broad internal space to the extent that it can accommodate more than 2 pistols.
  • Its locking system performs superbly.
  • It also has an extra padding, which separates the two guns.


  • As its tabs are composed of feet, that’s why not very much reliable.
Why Should Buy it?

If you want to save your valuables in the sturdy safe having steel construction, silver coating, tamper resistant door, automatic lock system, along with the extra padding, then get this superb safe.

3. Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 – Biometric Lock and Recheck Security System.

best gun safe for the money
Quality Rating

This superb gun safe is the pleasant breeze for those shooters, which are tired of using their conventional safes.

Also, it is a superb and fantastic safe, which doesn’t entail frequent attempts for the fingerprint recognition, unlike the other faulty optical sensors.

An Unapproved Person can’t Open it.

It is composed of a solid steel (rock), which makes it a tougher and reliable safe.

Moreover, its sturdy and robust construction enhances its stiffness and strength. Therefore, it can’t be dented or broken by any unapproved person with the unlimited tries or efforts.

In Emergency Backup Keys Provide Quick Access:

This gun safe is delivered with 2 extra backup keys, which provide easy and quick access to your guns in an emergency situation.

Biometric Lock Provides Easy And Rapid Access:

Additionally, it has a built-in biometric lock, which not only ensures the stress-free and rapid access, but also relieves you from the tension and headache of memorizing combination codes.

Simply, with just one thumb or finger press to get your gun.

It Delivers External and Internal Safety:

Its interior is internally equipped with a lined form, which delivers both external and internal safety from any damage or scratch.

Rechecking System Reinforces the Security System:

The most splendid feature of its locking system is that it tends to recheck its lock from time to time to strengthen the security of your valuable things.

Pick Your Favorite Style:

It is delivered in two different styles, thus enabling the users to pick their favorite style.

  • Combination
  • Biometric
It can be Used in Dim Light:

Furthermore, it also has a built-in light, which tends to turn on, when the box is opened.

Thus, empowering you to use this gun safe in the night or dim light.

Features & Specifications:

  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Model Number: SVB 500.
  • Battery Required: 1.
  • Battery Power: 9 volts.
  • Style Name: Biometric.
  • Manufacturing State: China.
  • Product Dimension: 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches.
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Warranty Description: 5 years.
  • Brand Name: GunVault.
  • Manufacturing Material: Steel (18-gauge).
  • Number of Identified Fingerprints: 120.
  • Other Noteworthy Features Include:

• A fixed biometric lock.

• An extra backup key.

• An inbuilt drawer (drop – down).

• An incorporated activation button.

• An integrated biometric scanner.


  • It is a fire-proof gun safe.
  • It is a box with burglary-free.
  • Its interior light performs splendidly.
  • It can easily be placed anywhere.
  • It saves your belongings from any scratch or damage.
  • No one can open it with the help of any tool.


  • Its mounting screws are not durable.
  • It is not provided with any battery.
Why Should You Buy It?

In order to save your precious possessions in a safe having steel composition, biometric lock, backup keys, and LED light, you should buy it.

4. BARSKA Biometric Safe – A Low Battery Alarm and Smooth Opening

top rated gun safes
Quality Rating

This gun safe is one of the most innovated and latest gun safe, which will surely meet all your expectations and requirements.

Moreover, BARSKA is one of the best gun safe brands. This gun safe provides the sound protection and safety of your valuable guns. This gun safe always keeps your gun ready for the action.

It is a mind blowing buy both for the formal and informal use.

Its Maintenance is as Simple as ABC:

With a view to improve and reinforce its security and performance, its regular cleaning and maintenance is very necessary.

Therefore, always clean its fingerprint scanner after every usage with the help of a dry cloth.

It Indicates when the Battery is Low:

It has an embedded red light.

Whenever its battery becomes low, it tends to notify the users by signaling 3 repetitive beeps along with the red light flashes.

Biometric Lock Relieves you from the Headache of Combination Codes:

In addition, it has an incorporated biometric lock, which not only ensures the stress-free and prompt access, but also relieves the users from the tension and headache of remembering combination codes.

Simply, with just one thumb or finger press get your gun in your hands.

What is in the Box?

The complete box of the product contains the following things:

  • A Biometric Safe.
  • 2 Backup keys.
  • 4 AA batteries (included).
  • An instruction manual.
  • A mounting hardware.

Features & Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Barska.
  • Weight: 31 pounds.
  • Battery (Required): 4 AAA.
  • Battery Life: More than 2 years.
  • External Dimensions: 16.5 inches (W) x 7.75 inches (H) x 14.5 inches (D).
  • Internal Dimensions: 16.25 inches (W) x 7 inches (H) x 14.25 inches (D).
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Number of Fingerprints: 30.
  • Model Number: AX 11224.
  • Warranty Description: 1 year.
  • Backup Keys: 2.
  • Other Notable Features Include:

• An integrated Biometric Lock.

• A motorized locking system.


  • Its battery timing is long lasting.
  • It can be placed anywhere.
  • Its battery timing is long lasting.
  • Its lock cannot be opened by any unauthorized individual.
  • Diverse articles and items, such as jewelry, documents or hand guns, etc. can be stored in it.
  • It has a compact size, hence easy to handle and carry.


  • It is not a fire-proof gadget.
Why Should You Buy it?

If you want to purchase a quality gun safe with the quality material, an attractive design and a compact size, then this is the most appropriate choice for you.

5. Gunvault MVB500 – Audio Feed Back and a LED Light

best gun safe reviews
Quality Rating

It is the perfect and an outstanding gun safe, for which you are looking for.

Also, it is the perfect combination of the style, performance, and quality.

Its stated features and characteristics will certainly lead your cursor to buy button.

Approach Your Gun Immediately in Danger:

Two additional backup keys are also delivered with it.

So, that in the case of emergency or threat, you can easily approach your gun without wasting a second.

It Provides Internal Security from any Damage:

Its internal space is completely equipped with the lined foam, which ensures the internal security of your precious possession from any scratch or damage.

It is a Stiff and Robust Gun Safe:

Additionally, it is manufactured from the strong and solid material of Steel, thus it is a sturdier, stiff and robust box, which can neither be broken nor be dented by any unapproved person.

You can Easily Use it at Night:

It is equipped with an LED light, which makes its use easy and convenient even at night or in dim light.

Audio Feed Back Approves an Accurate Entry:

It has an integrated audio feedback function, which tends to approve the accurate entries in the keypad.

Furthermore, inactivating of its audio feature lets the Stealth – mode operation on.

It Informs you Whenever any Unauthorized Opening Effort is Made:

It has a fitted tamper alert function, which informs you, whenever any unauthorized effort is made to open it.

Rechecks the Security of Your Valuable Possessions:

The most impressive feature of its locking mechanism is that it tends to recheck its lock from time to time to reinforce the security of your valuable things.

With Just One Finger Press, Get your Gun:

Additionally, it has a built-in biometric lock, which not only ensures the stress-free and rapid access, but also relieves you from the tension and headache of memorizing combination codes.With just one thumb or finger, the press gets your gun.

Features & Specifications:

  • Color: Black.
  • Size: Micro.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Brand Name: GunVault.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • External Dimensions: 11 inches by 8-1/2 inches by 2-1/4 inches.
  • Battery Power: 9 volts
  • Model Number: MVB 500.f an effective let-off.
  • Warranty Description: 5 years.
  • Number of Fingerprint (Recognition): 30.
  • Internal Dimensions: 10-3/4 inches by 6-1/2 inches by 2 inches.
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Predrilled Holes: 4.
  • Certification: Frustration – Free Certificate.
  • Manufacturing Material: Steel (20 gauge).
  • Other notable Features are:

• An additional cable.

• A mounting hardware.

• An embedded Tamper alert function.


  • It can easily be mounted everywhere.
  • Its operation is not burdensome as well as technical.
  • It cannot be dented or broken.
  • It has a sturdy and tough construction.
  • One can’t be opened it with any of the tools.


  • It has no cons.
Why Should You Buy it?

In order to have a superb gun safe at a reasonable price you should buy it.

6. QAP1BE - Sentry Safe Biometric Whisper Quiet Hardware

best rated gun safe
Quality Rating

Do you need to buy a new gun safe for keeping your pistol? This product with a quiet hardware and a biometric design is the best product to provide you a protection of an optimal level for your guns.

This pistol safe is easy to access and does not need any feedback. The most important feature of the product is that it owns an electronic lock for biometric verification.

It Provides You a Single-Handed Access With its Compression Gas Strut:

You will always look for a gun safe that is easy to access or that only provides you a single-handed access. This product can meet your needs.

It uses a compression gas phenomenon in opening the door. Thus, it provides you a quick single-handed access this way.

It has a Compact Size and it is Ideal for Small Spaces:

Another promising feature of the product is that it has a compact size. Thus, there is no need of a large room for keeping the product.

Due to its compact size, this is an ideal product for small spaces.

It Provides Authorized Access because of its Pry – Resistant Feature:

This product provides you a protection you need. For keeping your gun protected from an unauthorized access, it has a pry-resistant feature.

This feature lets the product determine whether the access is authorized or unauthorized.

It is Available in Different Styles:

You can get this product with whisper-quiet entry feature in different styles such as:

  • Biometric
  • Combination
  • Portable

Features and Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.7 x 2.2 inches.der Accessories.
  • Battery Required: 4 AA.
  • Model Number: QAP1BE.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 3.2 x 12.0 x 9.9 inches.
  • Interior Dimensions: 2.2 x 9.7 x 6.6 inches.
  • Warranty: One year (limited).
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Battery Included: No.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Construction: Pry – Resistant.
  • Access: Single – Handed.
  • Color: Black.
  • Function: Biometric.
  • Entry: Whisper-Quiet.
  • Keypad: Digital.


  • This is a highly reliable product as it has a strong steel construction design.
  • It has a digital keypad with an easy to access, biometric feature of the product.
  • With its electronic fingerprint system, the product offers you single-handed access.
  • It is the best for small pieces as it has a compact size.


  • The only con of the product is that the battery may become dead fast.
Why Should You Get this?

This is an advanced product with its latest biometric fingerprint authorization system. It addition, it has a compact size with a higher reliability and a whisper-quiet entry.

7. BARSKA - Mini Biometric Safe Ideal for Handguns

 gun vault reviews
Quality Rating

Are you looking for a best rated gun safe, to keep your handgun protected? This mini gun safe has a compact size and it uses biometric technology.

It has pre-drilled holes. Thus, the installation of the product is much easier and you can mount it on the wall easily. It ensures an authorize access by storing fingerprints of 90 different users.

It is Ideal for Handguns as it has a Mini Size:

This product has a small size. Thus, for storing your small handguns and other worthy accessories such as jewelry, this gun safe is an ideal choice.

Thus, to keep your guns stored in small places, this is the gun safe you can get.

It can Store 30 Fingerprints for an Authorized Access:

This product is biometric as it works by identifying your fingerprints. With an easy to use system, it is possible to store the fingerprints of about 90 different users.

You can register a fingerprint in just a few seconds. Thus, it ensures you the maximum level protection with its biometric system.

With its Pre-drilled Holes it Provide an Easy Installation:

The product has factory pre-drilled holes. Thus, there is no need to make a call to a plumber if you need to install this product.

The pre-drilled holes provide easy mounting of the product and you can install the product without any difficulty.

What is in the Box?

Its complete box contains the following things:

  • A mini safe.
  • Backup keys for an emergency.
  • A floor mat.
  • Mounting hardware.

Features & Specifications:

  • Outer Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 7.75 inches
  • Inner Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.75 inches
  • Memory for Fingerprints: 30.
  • Model Number: AX11620.
  • Battery Required: 4 AA batteries.
  • Battery life: 2 years.
  • Warranty: One year (limited).
  • Secondary access: Backup keys (2).
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Color: Black.
  • Style: Biometric.
  • Battery included: Yes.
  • Size: Compact.
  • Material: Steel
  • Fireproof: No
  • Capacity: 2 Handguns.


  • Because of its compact size, this is an ideal product for handguns
  • The product provides an easy installation because of its pre-drilled hole design.
  • It is easy to clean and easy to maintain.
  • It is reliable as it is made of steel material.
  • To provide you an authorized access, it can store the fingerprints of 90 users.


  • The only con of the product is that it is suitable for handguns and has a capacity of storing only two handguns at one time.
Why Should You Get this?

This is a product in a compact size and has a biometric style for providing you an authorized access security feature to keep your guns protected. It is reliable, easy to install and easy to maintain as well.

8. AX11652 - Quick Access and Biometric with Silent-Access Feature for Rifles:

what is the best gun safe
Quality Rating

Do you need a biometric gun safe for keeping your rifles protected? This product can be an ideal pick for you as it provides a quick access. The product is biometric and it has silent-access feature.

With its biometric function feature, it can easily store the fingerprints of 120 users for an authorized access.

This Product is Ideal for Rifles because of its Elongated Design:

The product has an elongated style. Thus, for keeping your rifles safe, this is the product to try. Thus, get the product to keep your rifles and other firearms protected.

With its Biometric Function it Ensures Authorized Access:

The product has a biometric function and it recognizes the fingerprints. Thus, there is no danger of any kind of an unauthorized access to this gun safe.

It has a Large Capacity and Can Store 120 Fingerprints:

It is a larger product and you can easily store the fingerprints of 120 uses in this device. Thus, only the users stored will have an access to it.

The safe gets open if the fingerprints match with any one of the fingerprints stored in its fingerprint memory database.

It is User-Friendly as it Provides a Silent Access:

The product is user-friendly as it features a silent operation mode in the case of an authorized access to this device. For registering authorize users, you just need a programming process containing three simple steps only.

Features & Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Barska.
  • Outer Dimensions: 8.6 x 9.8 x 52.17 inches.
  • Inner Dimensions: 6.3 x 9.7 x 52 inches.
  • Model Number: AX11652.
  • Battery Life: One year.
  • Warranty: One year (Limited).
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Fingerprints Memory: Up to 120.
  • Rifle Rack: 4 Position Removable internal.
  • Access Mode: Silent Access Mode.
  • Battery Included: 4 AA battery.
  • Technology: Biometric.
  • Material: Steel:
  • Mounting: Wall/Floor.
  • Access Modes: 2.
  • Accessory Shelf: Yes.
  • Locking System: Dead Bolt (Steel 3-point).


  • The product offers you a silent access mode in the case when there is no danger.
  • It can be mounted on the wall or on the floor.
  • It has a large memory and you can store fingerprints of 120 users in it.
  • The product offers a better functionality as it works on the biometric identification security system.
  • It also has backup keys for accessing the product in the case of an emergency.


  • The only drawback is that this safe is neither waterproof nor fireproof.
Why Should You Get this?

This product has a large memory and it offers easy mounting. Backup keys keep the guns protected even in the case of an emergency. You will like its silent access mode the most.

9. V-Line Quick Access Keyless Black Shotgun Safe

best gun safe brands
Quality Rating

How to keep your shotgun protected? For this, you need a safe that will provide better protection to your gun. You can trust this product with full confidence.

It has a compact and a sturdy construction and has the ability to store your defense guns effectively. The locking system is of high security and it keeps your gun safe as well as handy.

It gives an Additional Security with its Additional Key Locks:

This is a unique feature the product offers. It offers full protection to your shotgun as it features two additional key locks.

The key locks ensure a complete security of your defense guns. Thus, if you want a perfect security for your shotgun, this will be an ideal pick for you.

It is Keyless and Provides a Quick Access:

A feature many of you will look for while buying a gun safe for your shotgun is that whether it provides an easy access or not. This product has been designed without any keys and it has a high-grade locking system.

With its Front/Top Opening You can Mount it in Different Ways:

Another feature of this product is easy mounting. It can be mounted in any way you want with its front/top opening. You can mount it upright or you may also hang it on a wall or a door.

Features & Specifications:

  • Brand: V-Line.
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 9.7 x 52 inches.
  • Model Number: 3842-SA.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 42 x 12 (3 ½ inches).
  • Steel Lock: 3/8 inches thick.
  • Additional Key locks: 2
  • Mechanical Lock: 5 Push Button.
  • Capacity: 2 shotguns.
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Key System: Keyless.
  • Mounting: Horizontal/Vertical.
  • Function: Shotgun Safe.
  • Material: Steel:
  • Color: Black.
  • Battery Required: No.


  • It provides complete security as it has a high-grade keyless security system.
  • The product has a sturdy steel construction and it is highly durable.
  • With its front/top opening, you can mount it vertically as well as horizontally.
  • It has pre-punched holes for mounting. Thus, you can install it easily.
  •  With its 5 push-button mechanical lock system, it provides a quick access.


  • The only drawback is that you cannot use the keyless and the keyed lock simultaneously.
  • Because of its lock combination system, it is more prone to attacks.
Why Should You Get this?

This product provides you an improved keyless security system as well as a mechanical lock system for complete security. It offers easy mounting and a quick access as well.

10. Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK – Heavy Duty and Fire Protection

best large gun safes
Quality Rating

Do you need a gun safe with a long gun capacity? This heavy-duty gun safe will be an ideal choice as it also provides fire protection for 45 minutes.

This product has long gun 16 (8/8) capacity. With its 12 gauge solid steel construction, it ensures a higher durability. It features a two-section interior gun rack and each section can store 8 guns. It also features removable shelves for providing an additional storage.

With its Two-section Rack, it can Store 16 Long Guns:

This gun safe is an ideal choice for storing long guns. It has the maximum capacity for gun storage. The two-section rack, gun storage provides you an area to keep about 16 long guns safely.

Thus, if you need a gun safe with maximum storage capacity, you can trust this product.

It is Safe and Provides Better Fire Protection for 45 Minutes:

A gun safe must provide fire protection for handling critical situations. This product is reliable and provides an improved fire protection. In the case of fire, it can provide protection for about 45 minutes at a temperature of 1550 degrees F.

The Door in Composite style and solid Steel Body Provide Protection from Pry Attacks:

It has a solid body made of steel and a door in composite style. This 12 gauge steel body and the door that is 12 gauge in composite style provide a better protection against pry attacks.

Features & Specifications:

  • Product Height: 59 inches.
  • Width: 22 inches.
  • Depth: 16 inches.
  • Brand: Steelwater.
  • Model: AMSW592216-BLK
More Specifications – at a Quick Glance:
  • Locking: Gear Drive
  • Lock: Electronic (EMP proof).
  • Protection: Fire Protection (45 Minutes).
  • Function: Long Gun Safe.
  • Material: Steel:
  • Color: Black.
  • Keypad: Digital.
  • Battery: 9 Volts.
  • Key: Emergency Bypass key.


  • It provides complete security as it has a high-grade keyless security system.
  • The product has a sturdy steel construction and it is highly durable.
  • With its front/top opening, you can mount it vertically as well as horizontally.
  • It has pre-punched holes for mounting. Thus, you can install it easily.
  • With its 5 push-button mechanical lock system, it provides a quick access.


  • It does not offer any con.

Why Should You Get this?

This is a product rich in features and has everything you may need. It offers you durability, reliability, complete security and a better fire protection system that other products do not have.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up:

If you want to buy a gun safe for keeping your defense guns, shotguns or the long guns protected, this post on 10 Best Gun Safe Reviews can be of great help for you.

It is important to keep your guns in a complete security to avoid their wrong use and to make them last longer with you. In this guide, all of the products have the best features that a high-quality gun safe must have. All of these products are feature-rich and technologically advanced.

A Highly Recommended Product:

Every gun safe product shared here is of high quality and can meet your needs. However, for me, Steelwater AMSW592216-BLK – Heavy Duty and Fire Protection is something unique.

This gun safe with fire protection feature is reliable as well as durable. Other than this, it provides fire protection at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit and this feature makes this product different from other best products.

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