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best gun cabinets

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In terms of gun storage, the standard metal gun cabinet provides just that--storage. However, when you consider fire protection, theft, or water damage, this standard cabinet will not fill the bill. This standard cabinet lacks most of the features found in a REAL gun safe.

Keeping this in mind when buying a cabinet will reduce your frustration level. As I have always indicated in my reviews, you are going to get what you pay for. A gun cabinet is nothing more than a controlled metal storage box that is at times lockable and may also feature common pull handles without locks.





Golval Gun Cabinet

Biometric Rifle


Stack-On GCB-910

Biometric Rifle


Stack-On GCB-910

Key/Code Lock


Barska Electronic Cabinet

Biometric Fingerprint


Paragon Gun Cabinet

Electronic Lock


American Furniture Classics

Biometric Rifle


Gearmart Fast Access Five-Gun Cabinet

Electronic Lock


Moutec Electronic Rifle Cabinet

Electronic Lock


FCH Electronic Gun Safe

Electronic Lock


1. Golval Gun Cabinet

best gun cabinet

The first example of a gun cabinet that still retains some features found on the best gun safes is the Golval CB-4036. This steel box features a three-point locking system and a key coded cylinder for some security. The box stores about 10 long guns or a mix of long guns and the unit's shelving provides ammo and handgun storage.

steel gun cabinet

The cabinet is sold with hardware that allows the box to be mounted to the wall. The box weighs 51.8 pounds and is made from light metal. No fire rating or water rating is indicated. This lockable storage system provides quick access to firearms yet keeps them away from small children.

steel gun cabinets

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The price of Golval Gun Cabinet varies, so check the latest price at Amazon.

2. Stack-On GCB-910

cheap gun safes

The Stack-On gun cabinet is a 10-gun storage system that uses a three-point locking mechanism. This cabinet features steel construction with welded sides, bottom, and top.

The lock on the stack-on gun cabinet utilizes an electronic keypad and code for opening. The cabinet's piano-hinged steel doors are welded in place. Barrel rest station is damage resistant to gun barrels. The finish baked epoxy that is black. The safe has mounting holes so as to secure the cabinet to the wall or floor.

The locking frame on this cabinet aligns with the back of the main frame to provide additional support. Not to say this box is foolproof in terms of total gun safety, but it is childproof and gives some measure of protection to stored firearms or handguns.

hand gun cabinet

The barrel rest section uses a patented barrel rest standoff to keep scopes off the sidewall. This a nice feature.

I have $2000 and some change tied up in a high quality, name brand safe that will not do this. My scopes are always being tapped against the side walls or another firearm when being put away after an event or outing.

long gun safe

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The price of Stack-On GCB-910 varies, so check the latest price at OpticsPlanet.

3. Barska Electronic 5 Gun Safe/Cabinet

hand gun cabinet

This gun cabinet is a close copy of a gun safe but still falls into the gun cabinet or security cabinet area when you consider storage and protection.

This unit features a battery-powered lock that retains the code even if the battery dies. The safe lock continues to retain the code during the installation of the new battery. This is a different system from that of the first series offered to buyers.

small gun cabinet

The cabinet also features a small lockbox that holds up to three handguns. When this steel box is all buttoned up, it can be used as a handgun safe or a long gun safe. This unit keeps firearms away from children.

The cabinet includes 4 AA batteries and two backup keys for the gun cabinet with two additional keys for the inside lockbox.

The cabinet carries a 30-day warranty and also a shipping warranty due to the upgraded crating of the cabinet as compared to previous shipping containers. Any issues with the product will be addressed by a customer service team within 24 hours of a complaint.

 lock safe and cabinet

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The price of Barska Electronic 5 Gun Safe/Cabinet varies, so check the latest price at OpticsPlanet.

4. Paragon lock safe and cabinet

mechanical lock gun safes

The 7501 Paragon safe/cabinet is just what the brand implies. The steel box is lightweight and stands 57 inches tall. This is not a vault, but a storage cabinet for the most part. This unit is made from 18-gauge steel slabs that resist prying or any other methods that might allow an intruder to gain easy access to the firearms.

Digital keypad entry provides quick access without the need for multiple key copies. The electronic lock uses a system that is user-friendly.

The safe uses a pinwheel three peg opening system. The cabinet is designed more along the lines of a unit in a higher price range. This is the entry-level to a real gun safe in my opinion. However, this cabinet still falls far short of the total safety factor required of a higher-end safe system today.

The base weight of this cabinet is 110 pounds. This is a bit heavier than what has been reviewed so far in this article.

This unit uses of two AA batteries. This cabinet stores five long guns.

Metal lock cabinet.

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The price of Paragon lock safe and cabinet varies, so check the latest price at Amazon.

5. American Furniture Classic 715 10 Gun Cabinet

shotgun safes

This cabinet is old school and a throwback to a time when we didn’t have to worry about nut cases breaking into a house or consider the repercussions of kids who have not been taught that firearms can be devastating and are not toys at all.

However, if you have a totally secure room that is set up like a gun vault itself, this wooden case that looks like a piece of fine furniture may be just the ticket you are searching for.

These units are NOT fireproof, entry proof or pry resistant. They have glass doors that speak for themselves. The cabinets are child-resistant unless the glass is broken. For the most part, this is a display case only.

This unit features three adjustable shelves and felt-lined barrel rests. The safe holds both shotguns and rifles with some space for handguns. This case serves multiple purposes.

The glass is tempered for additional strength.

Firearms safe

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The price of American Furniture Classic 715 10 Gun Cabinet  varies, so check the latest price at Amazon.

6. Gearmart Fast Access Five-Gun Shotgun Cabinet 

safes for guns

Many gun owners have both rifles and shotguns, I believe this safe can easily accommodate both. However, it is designed primarily as a scattergun safe. The buyer should consider this when making a selection.

This gun cabinet/gun safe features a heavy-duty steel box.

The battery-powered locking bolts allow the user to open by simply entering a code. Keys are supplied with the safe in the event something should go wrong with the coded lock system. In other words, there is always a way in.

The safe measures 13.5 x 13.4 x 57 inches high. This safe is larger than some other basic standing wall units. The safe comes with a secondary lockbox on the inside. This safety feature serves to keep children out; however, a savvy bad guy could get right in.

Pre-punched holes allow for mounting the safe to the wall or floor for a more difficult removal process. The cabinet includes spare keys for the unit as well as the inside storage box.

Gun safe with machenical lock

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The price of Gearmart Fast Access Five-Gun Shotgun Cabinet varies, so check the latest price at Amazon.

7. Moutec Electronic Rifle Safe/Cabinet

metal gun storage cabinets

This unit is large and built for storing five long guns. The security safe/cabinet is well built and carries a separate handgun box inside the main steel box unit.

The exterior size of this unit is 14 x 13.8 x 57 inches high. According to the manufacturer's website, this unit brings to the table a much higher level of security than other safes of the same basic price point and size.

The safe uses a fast activated unlock code that is dependable. The pre-punched holes allow this unit to be mounted to the floor or against a wall for a safety precaution.

Moutec electronic safe

There is no information as to steel thickness, but I would assume that to be about normal box cabinet strength. In other words, childproof to some degree.

The safe uses solid steel locking deadbolts along the length of the inside of the door. Also, the unit carries a reset button on the inside for setting the locks upon closing.

The system is powered by four AA batteries.

Muotech electronic safe

Available at Amazon

The price of Moutec Electronic Rifle Safe varies, so check the latest price at Amazon.

8. FCH Electronic 5 Rifle Gun Safe

good gun cabinet

Here is still another basic unit that has received some good reviews much like the other safes listed here. Be advised that many of these units are not made in America. China is the primary place of production for these low-cost steel boxes.

No one is saying that these are theft safe units, but rather home storage systems that safeguard guns when children are present. If you want a fire-resistant, waterproof and burglar safe unit, you will pay upwards of $2000 for such a system.

gun safe cabinet

This safe has a memory code and will upgrade with the new models. If batteries die, the code will remain active in the lock system. The safe/cabinet is designed for home use and for keeping weapons away from small hands. This unit includes an inside lockbox for added valuables.

The size of this steel box is 13.78 x 11.8 x 57.1 inches high. The power for this unit is provided by four AA batteries.

FCH gun cabinet

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The price of FCH Electronic 5 Rifle Gun Safe varies, so check the latest price at Amazon.

For the most part, these gun safes and gun cabinets fall into the same basic bracket in terms of design, function, and pricing. As indicated at the onset of this review, these are not gun safes in the traditional sense.

When checking them out as storage and basic child safety systems, I would pay attention to where the unit was manufactured, the quality of materials used such gauge steel and the number of features that come along with the unit.

If the unit carries a solid warranty, that's even better. If an issue arises, you have someplace to turn to versus being left holding the proverbial bag.

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