6 Best EOTECH Replica That Doesn’t Cost Quite so Much

Eotech Replica

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Why do people love reflex sights? Because they are fantastic, that's why.

Imagine, if you do not have much experience with this EOTECH-style of sight, all you do is bring the gun up, mostly rifles, to your shoulder. With both eyes open, the reticle is right on target, no squinting, no loss of distance or depth perception, and it all happens in a full, smooth, easy motion.

The EOTECH (and all the stuff that works like the EOTECH) is called a reflex sight, similar to a holographic sight or a red dot sight (if you can call a red dot sight an actual scope). 

The reflex part of the name is from the "automatic" ability to come on target. There is no super fine focus looking through a tube, and the larger square-shaped housing gives these optics a wide field of view.

Don't get me wrong – I love riflescopes. Bring the gun up, just look ahead, and the crosshairs seem painted on the target. Moving and engagement are where the reflex optics shine, and that versatility is where eotech clone has made itself world-famous. There is a good reason for that: They freaking deserve it!

Many of the EOTECH replicas we will look at today do not have the vast military and police, etc., lineage to prove their durability. If you are looking into a replica, you probably don't need that level of resilience.

And if you are looking for the best EOTech clone, you probably don't want to spend a pile of cash on an untested optic or a affordable sight or best EOTtech clone knockoff when there may be others in your price range that will work just fine for you and not break the bank. 

Folks are looking to dip me by the ankles in tar for saying this and not spending time at the altar of the mighty EOTECH – good for you if you have it, if you can afford it, or if it is issued to you. 

All the vitriol we see in the world today can stay right in your world. Everyone else, let us look at alternatives without the high price tag and help you make your next upgrade decisions.





Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD

Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD

  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Length: 4.01 in

Holosun HS510C

Holosun HS510C

  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Weight: 264 g
  • Length: 4.75 in

Tacticon Predator V2

Tacticon Predator V2

  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Weight: 280 g
  • Length: 3.5 in

DDHB (Dagger Defense)

DDHB (Dagger Defense)

  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Weight: 291 g
  • Length: 3.228 in

CVLIFE 1 x 22 x 33

CVLIFE 1 x 22 x 33

  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Weight: 4.59 oz
  • Length: 3.228 in

Pinty HRG0000

Pinty HRG0000

  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Weight: 310 g
  • Length: 4.72 in

Firearm platform

OK, first off, what style of gun are you going to put an EOTECH sight on? This optic and its holosight or red dot kin are designed for battle platform rifles, and it is evident for mounts, etc., that this is the way they are intended to be used. But you can put it on a shotgun, and EOTech even makes a version of their optic for handguns.

For any action shotgun for boar hunting, up close for hunters who have a cast-iron resolve, or bears for the sudden introduction of fury, you need to respond in kind. Lever-action rifles will do well with a reflex sight, as target acquisition is fast and it's easy to find the reticle during and after working the action.

All it takes is the Weaver or Picatinny rail mount on the gun, and it is pretty much a done deal. The reflex works best with some serious eye relief, so about anywhere along the receiver will do fine, making the AK and SKS platforms more accurate as the rail mount can eliminate the need to use inaccurate iron gunsights.

Not counting a side-saddle or any others that screw to the dust cover, this mounting style will fit solid and be in the same place for eye relief as the rear sights were designed initially, even if you choose to use a magnifier with it. That's easy money.

Let us get started.

1. Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD Reflex Sight

eotech replica

I am going to start with my favorite in EOTECH-style reliable sight, the Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD. This little beauty is impressive, and its quality punches many steps higher than its price tag.

If you would like to watch a live-action video of a proper gun reviewer, Green Light Shooting did a review and made a video on this optic as well. Just hit that link after you are done reading this article and have a look at Chad showing this sight off.

Let me start with how this sight is made. It is made from 6061-T1 aluminum and magnesium alloy, which is about as durable as possible.

The Sightmark is made with premium glass, fully multicoated with an advanced red anti-reflective, anti-scratch, wide-angle lens, as well as a digital switch button to quickly adjust reticle brightness.

The sight is rated at IP68 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof to .50 BMG. I tell you, this little does not fool around.

Made with the best materials, the Sightmark mounts with a Picatinny rail system, and this model has a quick detach system that is also a locking system. So if you put it on the gun, it stays until you take it off.

The body holds a built-in sunshade or snow shade, depending on what lighting conditions Mother Nature throws at you the day you need it. With that sunshade built-in, you are not trying to affix anything or lose anything. Slide it to the rear, and you are good to go.

sightmark ultra shot

The size is comparable to the EOTECH at 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches high, and weighs-in at 10 ounces. Reflex sights are not tiny. That is the point. No focusing or squinting through the tube. It is big on purpose.

The reticle is a great feature, with the illuminated red circle and dot making reflexive sight picture fast and straightforward. The circle is 65 MOA, and the dot is 2 MOA.

Some folks will speak to a ranging and holdover useability, knowing the MOA of these. More power to them. I can’t make it figure in my head for a reflex sight. That does not mean I am right, just that I don't do that.

The battery is a single CR123A, and the sight will shut-off at the 12-hour mark to conserve battery. If you turn on the motion-activated, it will go to sleep mode to save battery. The manufacturer lists the battery life as 200 to 2000 hours, depending on the illumination level the sight is set at.

The Sightmark does have a low battery indicator that will flash inside the reticle when it is 2 hours away from going dark. Then continually flash when it is 10 minutes away. No surprises when you least need them. The illumination setting has night vision capabilities as well.

The reticle has elevation and windage adjustments to 120 MOA, which should work to get anything on target. The adjustment screws are locked in place by their trademarked Interlok adjustment system.

Turn the screws and get them perfect, as well as the one set screw to keep everything exactly where you left it, forever.

What can I say? I love it when a manufacturer makes a fantastic product and to the very best level they can. When you follow the link and see the price tag, you may fall in love with the Sightmark yourself.

Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD

Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD

The price of Sightmark Ultra Shot LQD varies, so check the latest price at

2. Holosun HS510C Reflex Optic

eotech models

Sweet mother of good stuff, this thing rocks!

The Holosun brand of optics is kicking ass with both feet, and this scope is one that will put the reflex optic world on notice. Like many, the sight is made in China. So if that bothers you, think a bit harder. If it still bothers you, this is not the choice for you.

The Holosun HS510C is the only one on this list made from a high-quality titanium alloy – yeah, I said titanium alloy. No wonder it costs a bit more. But dang! The size is right in the sweet spot at 4¾ inches long, 3½ inches high, and 3 inches wide, and because of its materials, it is only 8 ounces heavy. The objective is 30mm, like nearly everything. The sight comes with a quick detach mount, just in case.

Now to speak of some just-in-case situations. Wait until you get a load of this.

best replica scope

The Holosun HS510C is made with LED technology that, according to Holosun, gives 50,000 hours of operation on one CR2032 battery. And if that is not awesome enough, the damn thing runs on solar-, yeah solar-powered optics.

So, not all that great in low light conditions on solar. But with 50,000 hours of dark shooting and solar, you will probably forget how to change the battery if you ever run one dry.

The sight has three different reticle options, in red only. They are dot only, ring only, or ring and dot for the HS510C (they do have green, but just one color for that specific model). The illumination has 11 daylight brightness settings and 2 night vision settings.

Constructed to be the last reflex optic you ever need, for that gun anyways, the lens is fully multicoated, parallax-free, water resistant to IP67, dustproof, fog-proof and shockproof. It is, however, a little bitty tank of a reflex sight.

Holosun HS510C

Holosun HS510C

The price of Holosun HS510C varies, so check the latest price at

If you want to know about Holosun 510c? Check out our detailed Holosun 510c review

Mid-Budget Sights

3. Tacticon Predator V2 Reflex Sight

cheap eotech sight

Right off the bat, the Tacticon Predator V2 is made for the run-and-gun folks. The manufacturer includes a 45 offset mount in the package, which tells you where the brand's owner comes from. A combat veteran-owned company and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

I read many of the comments while researching feedback, etc. Folks use this as a backup sight to a scope mounted on an AR platform rifle. In many of the reviews that I read, everyone seems to love it. And when you look at the price, you will understand why.

The price is excellent, the quality is excellent, the owner is great. What is left not to love?

Here is a thing no one else has reached, the objective is 40mm and the body of the sight is purpose-built to co-witness perfectly right from the box. The sight is parallax-free, and the lens is coated with an anti-reflective, so shooting in the high sun should be no issue.

Tacticon Predator V2

The Predator V2 has its reticle change dial under the backside, out of the way. The illuminated dot reticle is either red or green. The illumination choice is on a separate button for the specific colors.

Repeatedly push the power button to increase the brightness, leaving a bit of lackluster for adjustments that must go all the way to max, turn off, or adjust lower. But it seems a small price to pay.

The Predator V2 is not afraid of anything nature can bring. O-Ring sealed, dustproof, waterproof and fog-proof. The sight comes in at only 3½ inches long, 1¼ inches wide, and 2¼ inches high. It is compact in all it offers and weighs-in at 12 ounces.

The Tacticon Predator V2 is powered with 3 LR44 batteries and comes with three extras. There is no listing on total time estimates on battery life.

Here is a thing I found that the others here do not mention, Tacticon warranties this sight for a lifetime. That is good to know, as this rifle or shotgun and optic platform usually see quite a bit of aggressive use in the world. And why not, if they are all built like this? Dang!

Tacticon Predator V2

The price of Tacticon Predator V2 varies, so check the latest price at

4. DDHB (Dagger Defense) Reflex Sight

knock off eotech

Dagger Defense is another veteran-owned company, and again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

The optic is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is finished with a matte black surface. The reticle type is adjusted under the backend, out of the way just like many others. 

It also has four styles of reticle: the dot only, circle and dot, the cross, and the cross and circle style. So whatever works best for your eyeballs, this optic has it.

The Dagger Defense is a sleek and sexy-looking reflex sight. It is not a big square-looking thing, but very stylish. It seems like it is going fast when it is just on the box posing for a sight picture. It is sleek and looks smaller, but it still offers a 33mm objective, just like most.

Illuminated in either red or green dot sights, it has fade brightness adjustment, like a rheostat or volume knob. It does not lock into a set number or set the brightness level, and it is whatever works best for you. With that said on brightness, it also may not stay true to your settings and can be altered along the way. Something to keep in mind.

A single CR2032 battery powers the Dagger Defense HB, and the cap is a coin slot-opened bay located in the center of the adjustment knob. A set screw holds the windage and elevation adjustments, so that it will always be right where you left it.

DDHB (Dagger Defense)

DDHB (Dagger Defense)

The price of DDHB (Dagger Defense) varies, so check the latest price at

Low Budget Sights

5. CVLIFE 1 x 22 x 33 Reflex Optic

eotech clone

CVLIFE offers a model of this optic with a built-in laser on the side. It looks pretty cool, but this article is not about laser sights, so it is not included here. But that link will take you to the page, and you can check it out for yourself.

The CVLIFE is the reflex optic, or maybe sight and laser combo, you buy and install to see if you like that and feel a need to buy into more expensive brands later. 

Most of the reviews I could find on this offering had the owners using them on Airsoft guns, and many people use them on 22lr pistols, like the Ruger or the Browning. That would be great fun.

This budget sight illuminates in green and red and has four styles of reticle as well. The reticle can be set to the dot only, dot and circle, cross, and cross-dot-circle. Plenty to practice with and find your favorite.

The body build is aircraft-grade aluminum anodized in matte black with an integral Picatinny rail mount. The glass lens is anti-glare coated.

The reticle adjusts for windage and elevation. There are three levels of brightness adjustment, and it is powered by two CR2032 batteries.

CVLIFE 1 x 22 x 33

The price of CVLIFE 1 x 22 x 33 varies, so check the latest price at

6. Pinty HRG0000 Reflex Optic

eotech knockoff

The Pinty Reflex Optic is the only one to claim Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, so they have that going in their favor, and more power to them. This optic also has a Picatinny mount built into the body, eliminating one variable or place for slippage and losing the sights zero.

Rated as waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof, it measures just a bit over 3" long and barely over 2½ inches wide.

This optic has the four reticle style choices of dot only, dot and circle, cross and cross and circle, and four brightness settings. Reticles are selected by a knob secured under the backside of the sight, nicely tucked out of the way to avoid accidental changes.

Brightness is controlled by a dimmer-style rheostat, again like a volume knob, so caution is needed if brightness levels have to be maintained for any reason. A standard CR2032 battery is located behind a cap in the center of the brightness knob and opened with a coin.

Pinty HRG0000

Pinty HRG0000

The price of Pinty HRG0000 varies, so check the latest price at


Why cover such a wide range of prices and quality in this overview of the best EOTech clone sights? Because of who reads this article: everyone. And at huntingmark.com, we look to include everyone in this world.

The less expensive sights (even some of the best-sellers!) had mixed reviews, and nearly all the negative reviews came from the sight's inability to absorb recoil and ended up causing damage. 

With that said, every honest review included the company and seller making good on the broken optic by sending a replacement and making the shooter's gun operate like a champ.

And to a T, everyone that shot these reflex sights enjoyed them. Some folks had to install it twice after the new one was sent, and it sounds like no one was screwed over. So that shows the actual value of manufacturers in our world of shooting sports. Given a chance to fix the issue, nearly all of them will.

The less expensive sights may be a great place to start. By that, I mean what a great way to try a reflex-style sight and see if you even want to go that route. If you love it, or buy a less expensive model, put it on the 45* off-camber and use it to back-up the scope on your battle platform gun.

If you find you like having or using that option more than you thought, maybe upgrade to a higher-priced model.

The significant part of the shooting world is the ability to design your guns to fit you, not the other way around.

If you want to put in the time to try out new stuff, you may find yourself quickly thinking about many different ways to expand your thinking and come up with a further use for the old gun collecting dust and rust.

Suddenly it is the "try out a new idea" gun, and next thing you know, new stuff comes to mind, and you seek it out and make an awesome thing from scratch.

Good luck to everyone, and happy shooting!

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