Hands-On: Vortex Sparc 2 Review – Why You Need One?

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Point and shoot. The idea behind a red dot is a simple one, but also an efficient one. Not all red dots are created equal, however, which is why you are here. You want to find a great red dot that doesn't break the bank; just like the rest of us. In this product review, we will be looking at a red dot offering from Vortex Optics. Continue reading to learn more about the Sparc 2.

Vortex Optics Sparc 2 Review

I own multiple Vortex products and not only for my guns. I frequently use my Vortex rangefinder when shooting field archery. Vortex is one of those brands that when you're in the field shooting a round of archery and your buddy’s rangefinder gets a different reading you go based on your Vortex reading.

Vortex Meme

I also have a couple of pairs of Vortex binos that I use when shooting at the range and field archery shooting, as well as Vortex red dot sight on my Ruger PC carbine. I have the Sparc AR attached to my Ruger at the moment, and I can honestly say I enjoyed using this Sparc 2 more so than the AR currently attached.

I found the Vortex Sparc 2 to be one of the high-quality red dot sight as I have come to expect from Vortex. I was impressed with the daytime visibility and having two settings that are night vision capable is a great perk as well! It feels well built and the included customization of height adjustability is what sets this red dot apart.

The sight is great for quick acquisition, and I had a lot of fun hitting some metal plates at 50 yards running some of my old Army shooting drills. I found this sight to be extremely capable and I plan to run it on my Ruger PC carbine for the foreseeable future.

In this review, I will cover the features, benefits, uses, and offer a brief history of the Vortex Sparc line of optics. As you may know, if you have read any of my other various articles, Vortex is the brand I like to stand behind. I also know with being plugged into the shooting sports world that I am not the only shooter to prefer Vortex gear.

Keep reading for a more in-depth review of this great optic offered by Vortex.

Vortex Sparc 2 Review:

vortex sparc 2 review

The Sparc 2 is an ultra-compact lightweight red dot sight offered by a legendary brand in the shooting sports world. Vortex named this sight SPARC (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) which exemplifies this red dot in and of itself. This red dot sight can be easily mounted to an AR-15 and just as easily to a shotgun. This is a truly multi-use red dot sight.

With digital rear-facing controls for powering on and off, the controls also adjust the 2 MOA reticle for efficient shooting in daylight and the darkness of night. With 10 levels of brightness settings, this red dot has a unique recall function that stores the last power setting you utilized before turning off and resets to your preset-powered brightness when you power back on.

The Sparc line of Vortex Optics started based on a need for a mid-range priced red dot sight. There was a sizable gap in price between high-end red dot optics and the budget lower-end models. Vortex sought to close this gap with a high-quality mid-priced red dot sight. This is another example of how Vortex listens to its customers and is truly designing tools for the everyday user.

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this rugged single-piece body red dot sight is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof. Keeping with industry-standard practices, the durability of this red dot sight is thanks to its sealed o-rings and matte black hard anodized finish. Magnification on the Vortex Sparc 2 sits at 1x meaning no magnification (for those who didn't already know.)

vortex sparc ii

The objective lens on the Sparc 2 is 22mm in diameter and holds a bright red 2 MOA reticle. With unlimited eye relief, this sight is great for home defense, and rapid combat as the name suggests. Adjustments are made at 1 MOA and travel per rotation is 45 MOA. Max elevation and windage adjustments are the same at 90 MOA.

Parallax-free, this red dot sight keeps the reticle pointed in the same direction despite any head movement. The Sparc 2 is 3.1 inches long, with a weight of 5.9 ounces. With such a compact and lightweight design, this red dot can be added to any of your favorite guns. This is the biggest factor in making this red dot sight great for home defense type of gun platforms.

Great target acquisition, easy to access battery compartment, and absolute co-witness to utilize backup iron sights are what makes this red dot sight optimal for home defense, combat, and weekend range day shooting.

Get your own today.

Vortex Sparc 2

The price of Vortex Sparc 2 varies, so check the latest price at

What’s In The Package:

vortex sparc 2 review

When you purchase a Vortex Sparc 2 you get some goodies with your purchase. Outside of the best piece being the matte black Sparc 2 optic, you also get one CR2032 battery provided. I am only separately mentioning the battery as the battery life performs well beyond what normal batteries do.

You also get wrenches with your purchase to install the mount on your gun of choice. This red dot sight also comes with flip-cap lens covers which are great for keeping dust out, and lens protected while in transit. Last but not least, you get the Vortex Optics multi-height mount system which is the true measure of how this sight differs from other red dots in the price range on the market today.

The adjustable height mount is what allows the red dot to transition well between different gun platforms. Normally I suggest purchasing more items to ensure your red dot sight or scope purchase can be utilized as soon as it arrives at your home. 

Vortex changes this narrative by offering the multi-height mount system with your red dot purchase that is compatible with both the Picatinny rail system and Weaver base.

  • CR2032 battery (300 hours on the highest setting, 6,000 hours on the lowest setting)
  • T-10 Torx wrench
  • 7/64” Hex wrench
  • Flip-cap lens covers
  • Multi-height mount system

Key Features:

Multi-Height Mount System

I have been hinting at the multi-height mount system throughout this article already, and now it is time to dive into what makes this mounting system so special and why Vortex has decided to add it to your Sparc 2 purchase.

The versatile multi-height mount system created for the Vortex Sparc 2 accommodates the majority of firearms including everyone's favorite the AR-15. Utilizing an AR-15 as an example, the AR-15 platform requires a low height mount and needs adaptability to either Picatinny or Weaver bases. The mounting system included with the Sparc 2 accommodates all of these AR-15 demands.

vortex sparc review

This modular three-piece base offers four mounting heights for shooters and allows for weapon-specific customization. As I previously mentioned, this sight was built to adapt to any gun you have in your arsenal and can be used as a jack of all trades.

I like having a red dot sight that I am comfortable with, can rely on, and can transfer to any platform of my choice. The four mounting heights that are included with this system are 18.0mm, 21mm, 37mm, and 40mm. If you have spent any time with a red dot sight you can appreciate the diversity in usage of this sight.

Another consideration when choosing a red dot sight other than the price of the red dot itself is what other mounts and tools you have to purchase to mount the optic to your gun of choice. Choosing to purchase the Vortex Sparc 2 alleviates this stressor of searching for various mounts depending on your application.

Night Vision Compatible

Various sights will promote the fact that they are night-vision compatible. Does this matter though? How many of you have actual night vision equipment and go and do night shooting? If you do, that's awesome, more power to you, get ahold of me so we can do some night shooting together!

night vision

For the rest of us, what does night vision compatible even matter? Well, I am glad you asked. It doesn't. The focus isn't that this red dot sight is night vision compatible, the focus is how many benefits are included in the Sparc 2. The Sparc 2 comes with 10 different power settings that allow for crystal clear daylight shooting as well.

The least two powerful levels on the Sparc 2 red dot are night-vision compatible. The reason night vision matters for those of us that don't have night vision equipment is that the Sparc 2 can adjust to any light setting you to choose to shoot in. Vortex builds purpose-driven optics that are catered to their customers.

The guy with the cool night vision equipment gets just as much function from the Sparc 2 as the guy who shoots in the middle of the day with the sun against him. The Vortex Sparc 2 is a great red dot sight that is multifunctional and has a great lifetime warranty.

VIP Warranty

Vortex Optics VIP warranty is included in your purchase of the Sparc 2. VIP stands for a Very Important Promise to their customers. A promise to repair or replace your Vortex Optics product if it becomes damaged or defective.

No charge to you for any repair or replacement of a damaged or defective Vortex product. If Vortex cannot repair your optic, they will replace it with a product in perfect working order of equal or better physical condition.

It doesn't matter how you damaged your optic, whose fault it was, or if you bought it broken off your buddy for a great price (you didn't read that here). Vortex will still repair or replace your optic with no questions asked. You don't even have to have a warranty card, receipt, or proof of any kind. If the Vortex name is on the optic they will take full responsibility for it.

vortex sparc 2 problems

I have heard countless testimonials over my years in the shooting sports community of the quality of service Vortex offers. Majority of the time the repairs are user errors and not defective equipment. The VIP warranty covers all riflescopes, prism scopes, red dots, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, and tripods.

Vortex as a company has impressed me in many ways, but I would like to share one specific incident that made me proud to own Vortex equipment. At my previous position as the manager of the world’s largest archery center, I had college students that worked for me but also were a part of the college archery team that practiced at the facility.

I had one employee that was on the college archery team that wrote an email to Vortex asking for help in a discount form to get a new pair of binoculars for an upcoming field archery tournament. To make a long story short, Vortex sent this archer two pairs of their brand new flagship binoculars at no cost, and even overnight shipped them.

I understand the promotion aspect behind this gesture, but I also see a company that believes in the next generation of shooting sport athletes and understands the struggles of affording equipment. This is just one of many stories I have of the great company Vortex Optics.



  • Multiple mount heights
  • Compact and durable
  • VIP warranty
  • Durable construction


  • No magnification
  • Limited distribution 

You can find one for a great price on Amazon & Optics Planet

Vortex Sparc 2

The price of Vortex Sparc 2 varies, so check the latest price at

Alternative Red Dot Option:

Sig Sauer Romeo 5


Also, a 2 MOA red dot optic the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is a great alternative to the Vortex Sparc 2 with comparable stats. Both red dot sights have 10 brightness levels, of which two are night-vision compatible. The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 has a unique feature named the MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination). This allows for the optic to power on when it senses motion and powers down when it does not. A great alternative option to the Vortex Sparc 2.

Sig Sauer Romeo 5

The price of Sig Sauer Romeo 5 varies, so check the latest price at

Looking for some other budgeted red dot options? Check out our guide on best red dot sights under $100.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Vortex Sparc 2 optic is a great red dot sight for anyone looking for a red dot for their shotgun, rifle, carbine, or even pistol. With multiple mount height adjustment systems included with your purchase, this red dot saves you money.

Compact and lightweight the Vortex Sparc 2 is a great mid-range red dot option that performs like a high-end red dot. Great for home defense, combat, or weekend range day plate pinking. This red dot sight can adjust to about any weapon system you want to mount it to, and is extremely adaptable.

Don't forget about the often overlooked feature of this red dot sight of red dot power recall. Whichever power setting you turn your red dot sight off at, the sight recalls that power setting and applies it the next time you power it up.

You now have all of the knowledge you need moving forward to make a more informed red dot purchase decision. The Vortex Sparc 2 is a great choice if you are looking to purchase a new red dot sight, or if you have been thinking of experimenting and changing your current setup.

Please leave a comment below if you have any experience with the Vortex Sparc 2 good or bad. Also mention if you have any great stories or experiences with Vortex as a company, I would be interested to see if other shooters have had positive experiences with the brand.

If you enjoyed reading this review of the Vortex Sparc 2 red dot sight let me know in the comment section below! 

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