Burris XTR ii 5-25×50 Review – Long Range at its Finest

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What is the true measure of a shooter? Perhaps it is precision and speed. Or maybe it is their accuracy at distance. Or is it their ability to perform all three? This article will focus on an optic designed to perform at long distances and provide you with zero excuses to miss that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

In this review, we will cover how the Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 performs at long distances, the features offered in the scope, the company who created this precision rifle scope, and what you as the customer can expect from the Burris XTR. 

Burris XTR ii 5-25x50mm Review

Both tactical and competitive shooters know that when your job is long-range shooting, oftentimes you get just one shot. There is no room for error, even in the smallest measurement. When your job is this precise, you need to have the equipment you can rely on.

Equipment that not only is accurate at distance but can withstand the elements and any recoil you choose to put it through. With precision shooting utilizing every tool you have at your disposal is what keeps you deadly accurate. Investing in the correct tools is just as important as training.

burris xtr ii 5 25x50 review

I found the Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 to be a tool that not only kept me accurate but helped improve my accuracy at distance delivering repeatable shots. I enjoy shooting long-range distances due to the intricacies that are multiplied when you are doing so. Every part of your shot process has to be on point or it will show.

Shooting long range also helps flush out flaws that you have in your shot process as long-distance shots essentially magnify your flaws as a shooter. This is a great training tool that any avid shooter should be doing frequently.

Continue reading for a more in-depth review of the Burris XTR ii 5-25x50.

burris xtr ii 5-25x50 review

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 is a purpose-driven tool for the serious long-range precision rifle shooter. Applicable to both tactical and competitive shooters, the Burris XTR is a premium-priced rifle scope offered in a first focal plane (FFP) reticle design.

The first focal plane design allows for the reticle size in the scope to increase or decrease as you increase or decrease magnification. Unlike second focal plane designed (SFP) scopes which the reticle size does not change throughout the magnification range of the scope. This honestly comes down to a person's preference, but for distance, I prefer the FFP design.

The Burris XTR is equipped with a side focus parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity. The parallax is easy to reach from your position behind the rifle, and the 5-times zoom system comes in handy by providing a larger field of view at the closer range shooting. The 5-times zoom also enhances your ability to transition quickly between targets at further distances.

Built with a 34mm tube, the Burris XTR provides great optic resolution by utilizing high-grade glass. Single piece outer tube design creates a rock-solid optic that is shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof. Built to 16.31 inches in length, and 32.10 ounces in weight the XTR has mass. The lens’s on this scope are coated in a Hi-Lume glare elimination which helps increase low-light performance and eliminates glare.

burris xtr 2 review

The body of the Burris XTR is made from aluminum and is complete with zero-click stop adjustment knobs that allow you to get back to your original setting without counting clicks. This is a beneficial feature to have when shooting distance and gives you one less thing to have to think about when shooting.

The Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 is a great rifle scope and is built with serious shooters in mind. From the single-piece aluminum construction to the various choices in reticle design, this riflescope doesn't just perform, it caters to your preferences. The Burris XTR meets all of the benchmarks for a premium riflescope then exceeds them through reticle variation.

If you choose an illuminated model of the scope, which I would suggest over the non-illuminated version, you get 11 brightness settings which help to accommodate all lighting situations. As most of us have experienced, those once-in-a-lifetime shots only come in complex lighting, angle, wind, and distance situations.

I found confidence in shooting distance with the Burris XTR which is half of the battle when incorporating new tools into your shooting.

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Burris Optics XTR II

Burris XTR ii 5-25x50

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What’s In The Package:

The Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 comes in a package containing the scope. Following suit with many other rifle scope manufacturers, Burris does not add any other necessary pieces to your purchase. If you are looking to purchase this scope, you are most likely an experienced shooter who already knows the other pieces necessary to mount this scope to your rifle.

Whether you are an experienced shooter or not you may not know where to go to find great scope rings or other mounting methods which are going to be necessary to mount the XTR to your rifle. Here is a quick list of choices you have to mount this Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 to your build.

Key Features:

Multiple Reticle Choices

Perhaps the most attractive reason to purchase a Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 is the number of choices you have when picking the right reticle pattern for your preferences. This scope comes in three different reticle options. Under the category of SCR (special competition reticle), you can choose between SCR MOA, SCR MIL, or SCR MIL Flat Dark Earth.

MOA (minute of angle) reticles are based on the measurement within a circle. Just like the MIL (milliradians), however, the two measurements differ in size. MIL is larger than MOA which consequently is easier to understand than MIL. You also get a choice between illuminated or non-illuminated reticle or you can order the special mil-based G2B Mil-Dot front focal plane reticle.

The MIL-based reticles feature ½-mil marks for distance holdover, and the horizontal crosshair offers 1-mil and 2/10 mil lines for windage hold-off. The MOA-based vertical crosshairs offer 1-MOA marks for distance holdover and ½ MOA and 1 MOA lines for windage hold-off.

The ranging brackets on top of the scope have a left extreme and right extreme of the crosshair which are 1/10 for Mil and ¼ for MOA reticle scopes. With so many options with the reticle in this scope, it comes down to personal preference and application. I am the type of person who would purchase the SCR MIL Flat Dark Earth just to tell everyone the fancy name.

Want to know more about Mil dot reticle scopes? Check out our guide on best mil-dot scopes.

Long Range Precision

The real reason any of you have read this far is that you are interested in the Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 for its long-range precision. Long-range precision is achieved in the Burris XTR through its great glass and durability due to high-quality construction.

With built-in features like the Burris patented XT-100 click adjustment knob, there are 100 clicks per full rotation and can take the majority of calibers past 1,000 yards in a single turn. This knob also provides easier calculations, quicker adjustments, and eliminates getting lost in the dial. Well, it gets pretty close to eliminating getting lost. There are still some of us special exceptions out there.

burris xtr review

Built with an extended illumination area, the Burris XTR helps you engage targets at long distances even in low light conditions. Mixed with the 5-times zoom system allowing for a larger field of view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges.

Long-range shooting is only as good as the stability you, your rifle, and your scope can provide. The Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 handles stability through a triple internal spring-tension system that allows the scope to hold the original zero through all recoil. The XTR is also outfitted with an internal assembly that maintains your point of impact throughout the magnification range.

11 Brightness Settings

All illuminated models of the Burris XTR are equipped with 11 brightness settings to accommodate the light in your shooting situation. Having the ability to shoot in all lighting conditions is a staple for any premium scope. At this price point, you should demand excellence in daylight, low light, night, and any other variation of light you can name.

burris xtr reviews

The Burris XTR meets all of these lighting demands and even throws in a convenient battery-saver position between each of the 11 settings. This is cool because you don't have to cycle through the various power settings to enter the battery-save mode.

The Burris XTR illuminated brightness settings are also night vision compatible, proving that the XTR can in all honestly meet and conquer all lighting scenarios. I can attest to the daylight visibility of the Burris XTR and the ease of adjusting between settings. This is a powerful, easy-to-use long-distance scope that has me wanting more long-distance range time.



  • 5x zoom
  • Extremely durable
  • 11 brightness settings
  • Long-range precision


  • Premium price

Purchase a Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 for yourself today through Amazon or Optics Planet.

Burris Optics XTR II

Burris XTR ii 5-25x50

The price of Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 varies, so check the latest price at

Alternative Scope Option:

1. NightForce NXS

NightForce NXS

The NightForce NXS is a great alternative scope option to the Burris XTR ii as it has a similar magnification range, and is also made of premium materials. With a large field of view, the NXS makes .50BMGs accurate at 2,000 yards; this is a champion of a scope. Complete with a MOAR reticle, this NightForce NXS has many of the same features and specs that the Burris XTR is equipped with.

Nightforce NXS 5.5×22×56

NightForce NXS

The price of NightForce NXS varies, so check the latest price at

Want to know more about Nightforce scopes? Check out our detailed guide on best nightforce scopes.

Final Thoughts:

The Burris XTR ii 5-25x50 is protected through Burris’ “Forever Warranty.” Similar to my favorite warranty of all time, Vortex Optics, Burris’ warranty is no joke. No warranty card, receipt, or repair/replacement cost. Burris stands behind its products and the warranty coverage automatically transfers to any future owners.

Overall, the Burris XTR is a great rifle scope offered by a solid brand. Great for the seasoned long-distance competitive shooter, this scope is priced well for everything that it offers the shooter. With multiple reticle choices, durable high-quality material, and long-range precision, this is precision at its finest.

Now that you have in-depth information on the Burris XTR, you can make a well-informed decision on your next long-distance rifle scope. Do you own a Burris XTR? If you have any experience or interest in purchasing this scope by Burris let us know in the comment section below!

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