Hands-On: Burris Eliminator 3 Review

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Are you in the market for a rifle scope capable of rangefinding? Riflescopes with rangefinder ability can be hard to find, and when you do find one, they usually cost you a pretty penny. There are not many laser rifle scopes on the market today that can compete in both quality and price with the Burris Eliminator III LaserScope.

Burris Eliminator 3 LaserScope

Our Review Of Burris Eliminator III Rifle Scope. 

As a purpose-built hunting scope, the Burris Eliminator III has to be built strong. As a hunter, you do not want to have to worry about your scope failing at any point in your expedition.

Outside of user error, most rifle scopes on the market today perform as promised. The Burris Eliminator series follows up on their promise to make a solid and reliable LaserScope. The Eliminator III is equipped with a double internal-spring tension system allowing the Eliminator to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations.

This doesn't just pay dividends to hunters, long-distance shooters and range day target shooters benefit from the stability of the Eliminator as well. The further the shot, the more stability plays a factor. 

burris eliminator 3 review

The glass used in the lens of the Eliminator III is high-quality and is coated with Hi-Lume technology. The Hi-Lume technology provides a coating on the lens’ to help in low-light settings such as dawn or dust. The Lume also eliminates glare, naturally increasing your shot on target success rate. 

The range finding function of the Eliminator III won't work in fog, rain, or snow, but the scope itself is completely fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof. I found the Eliminator III to be a solid rifle scope that works well in the field.

When adjusting the turrets I found that they were smooth to operate and provided a steel-to-steel quality that increased my confidence in my adjustments. The audible clicks helped ensure I didn't lose count while making adjustments.

The capped turrets give me peace of mind that my zero will be sustained, and the brightness settings allowed me to visibly notice the red dot within seconds in different weather and time of day conditions.

In this in-depth review of the Burris Eliminator III, I will cover the main features of the scope that set it apart from the competition; and what you can expect upon purchasing the Eliminator III.

Continue reading for an in-depth review of the Burris Eliminator III rifle scope.

Burris Eliminator 3 LaserScope 4-16X50mm

burris eliminator iii review

Burris manufactured their first laser scope in 2006 and it was not until 2010 that Burris created the Eliminator line of rifle scopes. The Eliminator series erased the need for separate range finders, or smartphone apps to calculate the distance to the target, angle, or elevation.

The Burris Eliminator III is a 4-16x magnification laser scope that is offered in both a 50mm objective lens or 44m lens diameter. The Eliminator III combines high-quality optics with laser range finding technology. Trajectory compensation in the scope is based on your ammo of choice.

Specifically designed with hunters in mind, the Eliminator III has excellent long-range shooting capability as well as a built-in inclinometer. The Eliminator III increases the distance of ethical shot ability, increasing your chances of hitting your intended target and going home rewarded.

The Burris Eliminator III is equipped with capped hunting-style turrets, allowing for ease of adjustment in the field, and protection from brush that may cause you to lose your zero. The Eliminator III is designed with rear focal plane (RFP) technology, allowing the reticle to remain the same size throughout the magnification spectrum.

I prefer RFP technology due to its ability to have accurate and readable holdover and bullet drop information throughout the entire magnification range. Using RFP or front focal plane (FFP) scopes is a personal choice but in this situation, the RFP is the better design choice. 

The eye relief on the Eliminator III is 3.5 - 4 inches, and max windage and elevation adjustments are 40 MOA. The Eliminator III utilizes an adjustable parallax and is adjustable from 50 yards to infinity. 

The Eliminator III is 15.5 inches in length, and 30.4 ounces in weight adding quite a bit of weight and bulk to your rifle. There are five brightness settings on the Eliminator III which are controlled by a push-button along the side of the scope, allowing for illumination adjustments while comfortably behind your rifle. 

Burris Eliminator 3 LaserScope

The price of Burris Eliminator 3 LaserScope varies, so check the latest price at

What’s in the package:

With the purchase of a Burris Eliminator III, you receive a programming book that allows you to customize your Eliminator III to the caliber of ammo you are shooting. This programmable guide works with over 7,000 different cartridges and can be found here.  

The Eliminator III can then be utilized on almost any type of rifle you own and can mount to either weaver or Picatinny rail systems. The Eliminator III can be used for hunting, target shooting, and long-range practice.

burris eliminator 3 reviews

There is also an optional remote and remote cable that you can purchase with your Eliminator III that allows you to perform all of the functions the scope offers from a further distance, rather than reaching up and pressing the buttons on the scope housing.

The optional remote cable is a wired PTT-style cable that is also used in military-grade tactical gear. I do not find any use from this offered cable as I do not find it to be an inconvenience to reach over and make manual adjustments to the scope itself. It is, however, a cool perk offered by Burris.

Purchasing an Eliminator III also gives you access to the Burris, no questions asked, Forever Warranty. The Forever Warranty includes no repair or replacement charge, no warranty card needed, and no receipt needed to get repairs handled.

The warranty automatically transfers to any future owner which is helpful if you purchase a Burris scope from a range buddy.

Key Features:

Built with unique features, the Eliminator III is a cost-efficient laser rangefinder scope that delivers both quality and value. Below are some of the key features that separate the Burris Eliminator III from the competition.

Built-in Rangefinder

The Burris Eliminator III is equipped with a built-in rangefinder which is where the “laser scope” portion of the name comes in. The rangefinder portion of the Eliminator III is capable of rangefinding out to 1,200 yards on a reflective target, and 750 yards on a non-reflective target.

burris eliminator 3 4-16x50

The rangefinder is engaged by pressing a button on the side of the scope, allowing you to instantly calculate the distance to your chosen target. A part of this complex range finding system is the automatic trajectory compensation.

Once you press the rangefinding button, not only do you get a visible red illumination dot, you also get a readout of the distance to the target. This dot and distance calculate your new point of aim, essentially making aiming adjustments for you.

This is a valuable asset to have in a rifle scope and what sets the Eliminator III apart from other scopes in the same price range.

X96 Reticle

The X96 reticle is specially designed for the Eliminator III series of Burris riflescopes. When placing your crosshair on target, you press the side button on the body of the scope, and the X96 displays your distance to the target. The X96 reticle functions at any magnification level you have it set to.

burris eliminator iii 4 16x50

The reticle has accurate hold-off estimates and digitally displays a 10 m.p.h wind speed value per your calibrated cartridge. This reticle is designed to work in unison with the programming guide that is included with your purchase of the Eliminator III.

I enjoyed the X96 reticle and found it easy to understand and program. Burris makes the steps in their programming easy to follow, and it doesn't take much time to get your reticle dialed into your specific ammo.

The X96 reticle displays all of this information via a heads-up digital display.

Built-in inclinometer

The Burris Eliminator III is also equipped with a built-in inclinometer for shots that are taken from either an upward or downward angle. For all the hunters reading this article, the inclinometer is a valuable asset on every hunting trip.

The inclinometer is adjustable to up 45 degrees in either direction. The Eliminator III is built for hunters and it shows in all of the features Burris added to this scope to help increase your accuracy as a shooter.

Gone are the days of having to manually calculate your upward or downward angle before taking your shot. The inclinometer makes quick target acquisition and sight picture alignment that much more precise.

All of these unique features of the Burris Eliminator III help eliminate the guesswork and allow you to rely on technology to get that perfect shot off.



  • High range capability
  • Durable construction
  • X96 reticle


  • Heavy

Purchase a Burris Eliminator III for yourself today.

Burris Eliminator 3 LaserScope

The price of Burris Eliminator 3 LaserScope varies, so check the latest price at

Alternative Scope Options

ATN THOR 4 384 2-8x Thermal Smart HD Rifle Scope

ATN THOR 4 384 2-8x

The ATN THOR 4 Thermal Smart HD rifle scope is a great alternative option to the Burris Eliminator III but will cost you more than twice the price. The ATN THOR 4 is equipped with thermal night vision capabilities and offers a built-in rangefinder similar to the Burris Eliminator.

The ATN THOR 4 has a magnification range of 2-8x and is compatible with iOS and Android through an integrated wifi system that allows for viewing on a mobile device in real-time. Included with GPS for geotagging and elevation information, the THOR 4 scope is essentially half optic half computer.

ATN THOR 4 384 2-8x RifleScope

The price of ATN THOR 4 384 2-8x RifleScope varies, so check the latest price at

Final Thoughts:

When searching for a range-finding optic, it would be hard to find a scope more capable in a hunting scenario than the Burris Eliminator III LaserScope. Overall, the Burris Eliminator III is a proficient hunting rifle scope that allows for more accurate, ethical, long-range shots.

The Burris Eliminator III is a durable, high-quality, LaserScope optic offered by a reputable name in the riflescope world. The rangefinding technology and durability of this scope make it worth the price you pay and more. The inclinometer, X96 reticle, and the price make the Eliminator III laser scope a personal favorite of mine.

Are you looking for a quality LaserScope for your rifle? If you are, let us know in the comment section below what you think of the Burris Eliminator III. Let us know any personal experiences you have with the Eliminator III or any other variant of the Eliminator series.

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