8 Best Tactical Knife Reviews – (Sharp Blades & Strong Grip)

best tactical fixed blade

Do you want to buy the best tactical knife without wasting any more time? Just consume a couple of minutes to check this guide given below!

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of good brands yielding the tactical knives, but yet people are not satisfied.

So, what are the reasons?

It is the poor quality materials of blades, low quality handles, and ugly designs. Not only this, but there exist a few other critical issues like that.

So, do you want to get a 100 % best-quality tactical knife in all aspects?

Just be patient.

I have got the mega solution for you all:

That is,

I have compiled the 8 top tactical knives that will aid you to get your self defense assured completely. Just get your final pick out of these, and enjoy the features!

If you are in a hurry, you can trust to buy the "Kershaw 1660CBBW Leek", that is the best one among all others, in my opinion.

Things to consider before buying a Tactical Knife:

What is the High-quality Blade Material?

If you want to get a tactical knife for defense, this is one of the most important features you must look for. A tactical knife made of Damascus steel material is considered to be an ideal pick, but it is not so.

Tactical knives made of high-quality steel materials such as 154 CM, VG10 and S30V are more durable as compared to knives made of Damascus material. Also, the knives made of high-quality steel have improved edge-holding ability. Other preferable choices can be tactical knives made of Cr17 High carbon and AUS-8 Materials.

What is the Ideal Knife Handle?

A handle is a significant part of a knife. Therefore, you must not underestimate the quality of the handle material. To make handles, leather, hard plastic and stainless materials are mostly used.

A good handle material should be able to bear extraordinary pressure. It should not be slippery and also, it should not tear or break. A high-quality handle material provides a steady grip and it prevents moisture absorption.

Catchy Design of the Knife:

Another most important thing to consider while buying a tactical knife is its design. For this, do keep in mind the nature of the job for which you are going to use the knife and then choose the design accordingly.

The design of some knives is such that you can use them for one purpose, while some knives can be used for a variety of purposes.

What is the Ideal Knife Size:

Other than knife design, you also need to consider the size while buying a tactical knife. The knife size must be according to the task for which it is being used.

The knives are available in different sizes such as fixed blade knives and giant tactical knives. For general purposes, it is good to choose a long knife. While for tight situations choose knives shorter in size.

Good Locking Mechanism:

With respect to a safe use of a knife, it is important to consider its locking mechanism. Get a knife with a strong and a durable locking mechanism. A standard locking mechanism keeps the edges sheathed anytime.

Some of the reliable and strong locking mechanisms you can choose from include axis locks, back locks, mid locks and liner locks.

How Many Types of Tactical Knives are Available?

Tactical knives are available in different designs according to the type of function. These are mostly used for outdoor activities. Following types of tactical knives are available.

  • Boot Knife - the one you can carry easily in your boot. You may also use a strap or a clip for attaching the knife. But, it is mainly designed for the purposes where you intend to conceal the knife.
  • Neck Knife - a knife that can let you attach it to your necklace or neck. This knife is used when you do not want to hold a pocket knife. This knife is also used when you intend to conceal the knife.
  • Pack Knife has an easy access as you can attach it to a pack. This knife is larger in size and you cannot carry it in your pocket. These knives usually come with a pouch for holding accessories.
  • Belt Knife is a knife that you can keep in different positions, horizontal as well as vertical. Set the right position of the knife according to the level of concealment.
  • Throwing Knife is used for throwing purposes and you need a greater skill for using this product.
  • Dive Knife is a more practical knife mainly designed for the divers.
  • Rescue Knife is used in rescue operations and it has the ability to cut a glass or break a wire easily to facilitate you in rescue operations.
  • Combo Knife contains a set of knives including fixed blade knives and tactical folding knives or there may be the knives of the same type in this set.
Various Blades of Tactical Knives:

The blades of tactical knives are made of different materials according to their purposes. Mainly, steel is used to make blades. The following types of blades are available


Carbon Steel Blade


Titanium Blade


Stainless Steel Blade


Damascus Steel Blade


High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

What are the Types of Tactical Knife Handles?

Before buying a tactical knife, it is very important to consider the type of its handle. The knife handle should not be slippery and it must be able to provide a solid grip. The handles are made of different materials and you have following choices for choosing knife handles.


Wood Handles


ABS Handles


Horn Handles


Paracord Handles


Bone Handles

Different Blade Designs:

The performance of a knife mainly depends on the quality of its blade. The blades are designed in anumber of new and technical designs. A good blade has a sharp point and a cutting edge. Tactical knivesare available in following blade tip designs.


Clip point

It has a thinner tip and can easily cut hard objects. A clip point blade can easily reach hard and provides an additional control.



It has a straight shape with a curved edge. This blade is best to chop or slice something.


Drop Point

It has the curve in convex shape and it provides more strength as compared to clip point blades.


Trailing Point

It has a curved up back edge and for quick slicing, it is the best. This blade is sharp, but it is light in weight.


Spear Point

It has a symmetrical shape with the same curves on the both sides.


Needle Point

It is a thin and sharp blade with a tip in the shape of a needle. The blade is used for piercing or penetrating mainly.


Spey Point

It has a straight edge with an upward curve and has a small clip on its back side.



It provides more control and excellent strength as it has a chisel edge and its tip resembles the tip of a sword.


Sheep's Foot

It has a straight edge with a straight back curved up at the end.


Pen Blade

It has a gradual curve and can be used as a small pocket knife.



It is a thick blade and has a more curved tip and it is mainly used by the sailors.

Here, I am talking about everything related to different features of tactical knives and their uses. In the products given below, I am going to mention useful reviews of some of the best tactical knives to help you guys; choose the best product for you.

8 Best Tactical Knife Reviews - That Will Help You to Take Final Decision

1. Zero Tolerance 0562CF – Powdered Steel Blade Best Tactical Knife:

best tactical folding knife
Quality Rating

This is a quality product made of high-quality material with improved features.

It features a tough point and ensures an improved slicing efficiency. Also, it provides corrosion resistance and ensures a frictionless opening. It is easy to carry and features a stabilizer lock and you can carry it deep in your pocket.

Reversible Pocket Clip:

A good knife is light in weight and also easy to carry. The main benefit of this tactical knife is that it features a reversible pocket clip. This feature of the product lets you carry the product deep in your pocket when you intend to conceal the product.

High Quality Material:

This is one of the best tactical folding knife as high-quality material has been used in its construction. The blade is made of CPM-20CV steel material and it features a satin finish.

Thus, it is a durable and a reliable product and will last longer.

Lockbar Stabilizer:

Another important feature of this product is that it is safe to use. It features a frame lock with lockbar inserts made of steel material. Thus, it provides lockbar stabilization for its easy and safe use.

Ball-bearing Opening System:

This quality product with improved features has a flexible ball-bearing opening system. Its handle moves smoothly and ball bearings surrounding the pivot provide a frictionless opening of the knife.

Product Details:



Weight of the product

7.2 ounces

Product Dimensions

8.9 cm (3.5 inches)

Length of the blade

0.41 cm (0.16 inches)

Thickness of the blade

0.41 cm (0.16 inches)

Finish of blade

Two-tone satin

Overall length of the knife (closed)

12. cm (4.8 inches)

Overall Length of the knife (opened)

8.25 inches

Style of blade

Drop Point

Length of the handle

4.75 inches

Color of handle


Material of handle

Carbon Fiber

Thickness of handle

0.48 inches

Blade Edge Design



  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is best folding knife for self defense.
  • It offers frictionless opening.
  • It provides lockbar stabilization.
  • It is anti-corrosive.


  • It does not offer any con.
My Opinion About this Product:

This is a high-quality, light in weight and easy to carry product with improved features. It is very sharp and actions smoothly. Blade material is of high quality.

You can use it as your pocket knife too. Keeping in view these features of the product, I would say that for everyday carry, it is the best product.

2. Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 G-10 – Compact, Reliable & High Performance:

tactical folding knives
Quality Rating

You can use a tactical pocket knife for various purposes depending on the design of the blade. If you need a product with a compact design that could provide high performance, this is the product you can trust with confidence.

It provides high strength and a solid grip with its new compression lock system. In every respect, it is a best folding tactical knife and getting it would be a worthy use of your money.

Available in 4 different colors:

This tactical knife is available in 4 different colors;

  • Black/Silver
  • Camo/Black
  • Camo/Silver
  • Black/Black
Striking Features & Specifications:
  • Spyderco Round Hole: It has been designed with a 14 mm Spyderco round hole. This hole lets you use this product easily, even when you are wearing gloves.
  • Highly Durable Materials: It is made of high quality steel materila CPM-S30V. Thus, it ensures a higher reliability and you can trust this product if you need a knife for a long-term use.
  • Compression Locking Mechanism: It features the strongest locking mechanism that is the compression locking system.
  • Superior Control: It is an easy to use product and provides a superior control as handle features ergonomic curves. Also, it has such a handle design that prevents slippage.
  • Easy Access: This product is easy to carry and easy to access because of its pocket clip that is made of quality steel material.
Product Details:



Weight of the product

1 Pound

Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x1 inches

Model Number


Knife Control


Features & Specifications:
  • Length of the blade: 3.42 inches
  • Thickness of the blade: 0.145 inches
  • Overall length of the knife: 8.24 inches
  • Finish of the blade: Satin
  • Design of the blade: Clip Point
  • Material of handle: G10
  • Overall Length of the knife (closed): 4.82 inches
  • Edge of blade: Plain
  • Material of blade: CPM-S30V Stainless Steel
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Cutting Edge of the blade: 3.04 inches


  • It provides a solid grip.
  • It has a compact design.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It offers higher reliability.
  • It provides superior control.
  • It also provides an immediate accessibility.


  • This is a quality product with excellent features and does not offer any cons.
My Opinion About this Product:

A good knife must be able to provide a solid grip and quick accessibility. Also, it must be compact in size and sharp. This tactical knife has all of these features.

It has a durable and a sharp blade and the strongest locking mechanism. Thus, it is something I would recommend you to buy must.

3. KA-BAR 1217 - Straight Edge and Leather Handle:

best tactical fixed blade
Quality Rating

If you are looking for a fighting knife with distinctive features, this is the product you can get. It has a sturdy construction and also, it has all those features you might be looking for in your fighting knife.

Here are some of the most prominent features and specifications of this fighting knife.

Striking Features & Specifications:
  • Leather Sheath System: This product has a sturdy construction and it comes with a solid leather sheath system. The sheath system lets you hold this knife in a secure way. Also, leather sheath system protects your tool from rain and bad weather.
  • A Fixed Blade: It has a sharp fixed blade that is seven inches in length. The blade is also made of high-quality steel material and thus, it is reliable as well as durable.
  • Rubber Handle: It has a strong rubber handle that provides a solid grip on the product and prevents slippage.
  • Serrated Blade Design: The blade has a serrated design and thus, it is very sharp.
Features & Specifications:



Brand Name


Product Dimensions

13.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches

Item model number


Weight of the product

11.2 ounces

Overall Length of the knife

11-7/8 inches

Sheath System


Length of the Blade

7 Inches

Blade Edge Angle

20 degrees

Material of Blade

1095 Cro-van Steel

Design of Blade

Fixed Blade Knife


  • It is a durable product.
  • It has a strong and a sharp blade.
  • It features a strong leather sheath system.
  • It ensures a solid grip with its leather handle.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is light in weight.


  • This is the best fighting knife and does not offer any cons.
My Opinion About this Product:

If you need a product that is durable, reliable and safe for you, then this is one of best tactical fixed blade knife that can be your top pick. It is easy to use and ensures a solid grip and easy control. Its leather sheath system keeps the product protected.

4. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel – Fire Starter and Anti-Corrosive:

Best Tactical Knife
Quality Rating

This is the product designed with high-quality steel material for accomplishing intended tasks. Its blade is hard, sharp and durable and for a variety of purposes, you can trust this product with confidence.

Here is a brief detail of some major features of this quality tactical knife.

Bushcraft Survival Sheath:

It has a strong survival sheath system for holding the fire starter. With its belt clip and belt loop, the sheath system keeps the product secure.

Scandi Grind:

Another promising feature of this product is its scandi grind. Thus, this tactical knife does not face any issue such as slipping off and it bites into a surface easily and does not get stuck.

Its thin and robust blade is perfect for many outdoor activities.

Integrated Fire Starter:

It features an integrated fire starter. The plastic clamps on the sheath system hold this starter safely. With these clamps, you can access the starter easily any time when you need it.

Features & Specifications:



Product Dimensions

1.4 x 5.6 x 11.8 inches

Color of the Product


Size of the Knife

9.1 inches

Coating of Blade

Anti-corrosive Black

Thickness of the Blade

0.126 inches

Length of the blade

4.3 inches

Weight of the product

5.4 ounces


Limited lifetime Warranty

Sheath System

Black Plastic

Material of blade

Carbon Steel


  • It is high quality tactical & survival knife.
  • It provides high friction grip.
  • It is anti-corrosive.
  • It is comfortable and safe.
  • It features a fire starter.
  • Its blade is very sharp.


  • It offers no cons.
My Opinion About this Product:

This product is something you can trust as it provides a solid grip and also, it stays free from corrosion. It is light in weight and also, it has a comfortable design.

If you buy it, it will not disappoint you at all as it features striking features. I would highly recommend this product.

5. Spyderco Resilience Black G-10 – 4-way Hourglass Clip and Skeletonized Steel Liners:

best spyderco knife
Quality Rating

The Spyderco Resilience is the high-quality product and slightly larger in size. It provides you with durable construction material and gives you ultimate cutting performance.

It includes the stainless steel blade that has a full flat ground 8Cr13MoV that can handle the forefront.

Plus, it provides you with slip proof material that makes this product extremely comfortable to use. Carrying on right or left hand is comfortable. It is highly recommended and appreciated product.

Design - An Ultimate Look:

It includes the great design that can completely match your style and needs; it is made up of the stainless steel body with fully flat ground 8Cr13MoV, which makes this product best among all in the durable construction.

The Ultimate Structure of Handle:

It offers you great material that provides you resistance free action and smooth grip because it includes house skeletonized steel liners with phosphor bronze washer and screws together construction around the pivot.

Reliable Pocket Clip:

It provides you with the hourglass sturdy stainless steel pocket clip, that is incredibly 4 way secure and comfortable clip plus, it is entirely compatible for left/right, tip up/tip down hand carry.

Technical Chart:

Overall Length

9.375 "

Closed Length

5.25 "

Blade Thickness

.125 "

Blade Length

4.25 "

Edge Length

4.25 "

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It includes the Walker liner lock system for greater performance.
  • It offers you the best lanyard hole.
  • It gives you full flat ground blade for best results.
  • It has a choil jimping and spine system that makes this tactical knife more reliable.
  • It includes the best screw together construction that is present with skeletonized steel liners.
  • It contains the bronze washers - phosphor for smooth, fast and open/close action.
  • It offers the excellent 4-way hourglass clip.
  • It is best to meet all the cutlery needs.
  • It provides you with a lifetime warranty.
Foremost Specifications:



Model number


Cutting Edge Length






Handle Type



5.4 oz.

The Tip Carry



  • It gives you excellent blade sharpness.
  • It includes the ultimate handle material for better hold.
  • It contains an excellent overall quality.
  • It has an excellent pocket clip for easy carry.
  • It is very easy to open, manage and use.
  • It contains the great blade material.
  • It looks attractive and Stylish.
  • It is most convenient and suitable for cutting.
  • It is easy to clean and comfortable to hold.


  • It has no Cons.
My Opinion About this Product:

According to my opinion, this product includes the best quality blade, and it provides you with the excellent sharpness that performs exceptionally well. For work around the house, this tactical knife is worth your money.

6. Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife – Best Spyderco knife

best folding tactical knife
Quality Rating

The Spyderco Tenacious has a perfect look with a black finished blade that comes with the G10 laminate handle and with plain English.

To provide more strength and rigidity, it comes with skeletonized steel liners. Plus, it includes the stainless steel blade that has a leaf like a shape that is extremely sharp and can provide you excellent performance. A 4-way pocket clip makes the knife more comfortable and convenient to use.

Blade Construction Points:

The blade is made up of 8Cr13Mov stainless steel, durable material that makes the blade extremely fast and sharp, that comes with a leaf-like shape. Moreover, it includes textured spine jumping that gives you slip-proof grip and confidence.

  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Blade Length: 3.39"
  • Blade thickness: 0.12."
The Perfect Handle:

It offers you laminate handle that milled with fatigue-free prolonged cutting. Plus, it has skeletonized steel liners that provide you strength and durability.

  • Handle Material: G10
  • Handle Length: 4.45"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.45"
Comfortable Grip:

It comes with the 4-way convenient pocket clip that makes this tactical knife easy to manage and carry with left hand/right hand, tip up/tip down - high screw together construction. It is suitable for right-hand and left-hand usage.

Color - An Extravagant Look:

The black color makes the Knife looks outstanding and attractive. It is suitable for all kinds of cuttings and chopping.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It includes plain edge configuration.
  • It comes with a flat grind blade.
  • It includes the G10 handle material that is extremely reliable and soft.
  • It comes with durable stainless steel body material of about 8Cr13MoV.
  • It comes with a liner and jimping spine for good performance.
  • It has "Michael Walker Liner Lock" perfect locking mechanism.
  • It gives you carry positions that come with a tip down and tip up a system.
Foremost Specifications:



Length overall


Model number



Stainless Steel



Knife Type


The Opener

Thumb Hole

Lock Type

Liner Lock

Edge Type


Length closed



  • It comes with excellent blade sharpness.
  • It provides you great pocket clip that makes the knife incredibly easy to carry.
  • It comes with easy to open operations.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is made up of soft quality material.
  • It comes with overall excellent quality.
  • It is exceptionally stable and dependable knife.
  • It is the most sturdy tactical knife.
  • It is best for cutting and chopping.


  • It has no Cons.
My Opinion About this Product!

This is the best spyderco knife I would recommend to anyone because it is sharp and easy to open. It looks great and has the outstanding handle and blade material. Additionally, it is the most appropriate and stable product.

7. Kershaw KER-038254-KFI Leek - With Durable Steel and Composite Blackwash Blade:

tactical pocket knife
Quality Rating

The Kershaw 1660CBBW Leek is the number one knife that is made up of the vast patent pending heavy composite steel with 14C28N fused - spine, the great cutting edge of CPM- D2 makes it more dependable.

The most noticeable thing is that the blade is made up of high-quality steel that contains enhanced sharpness. Plus, it includes such coatings that make the knife slip proof and comfortable.

I would recommend this product to use, especially for cutting.

The Steel Quality - An Important Part:

The blade includes the best quality steel construction that is highly appreciated because it is made up of Sandvik 14C28N that has spine fused with the best cutting edge of perfect CPM - D2 steel. Plus, it comes with the black wash, durable finish material.

The Great Handle:

It includes the most outstanding handle quality that is made up of stainless steel and includes black wash finish.

SpeedSafe the Assisted Opening System:

This system assists you to open the knife easily and quickly with the easy given manual push on the strong thumb stud. This is the most innovative system that makes the knife absolutely best and well made.

The Frame Lock:

This is the most helpful and safety feature of the knife, this feature helps in such a way that the portion of the firm handle moves backward to the blade that locks the position during use.

The Reversible Feature:

This the most enduring feature that comes with pre-drilled holes that are present in the handle and enables the users to change the settings, the tip position or the side part of which the tactical knife carriers.

Flipper Feature:

This is used to pull back on and to flip the knife, to make the blade comfortable to move and open.

The Extravagant Edge:

It contains the most significant high carbon and high chromium D2 steel edge that provides with excellent sharpness and performance.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It is easy to manage and carry design.
  • It includes the black finish that makes it durable and stable.
  • The edge involves a capable construction of D2 steel.
  • It contains a 3-inch narrow blade.
  • It has a high drop point blade perfect shape that makes this knife most suitable for slicing.
  • It is also best for piercing.
  • It offers you the SpeedSafe opening that makes it comfortable to open with one hand.
  • It also provides you ambidextrous flipper feature.
  • It contains the pure stainless steel construction.
  • It offers you a reversible pocket clip for easy to carry option.
Product Details:




4 Ounce

Blade length

3" - (7.5 cm)

Closed length

4" - (10.3 cm)

Overall Length

7" - (17.9 cm)


  • It provides you easy to open system.
  • It gives you excellent blade quality material.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It provides you excellent overall quality.
  • It comes with the comfortable pocket clip.
  • It has a good lock type mechanism.
  • It has the great sharpness of a blade that is most convenient for all kinds of performance.


  • It has no Cons.
My Opinion About this Product:

According to me, this is a great knife for everyday use, and it works efficiently and perfectly. Plus, it is excellent in slicing and piercing. It is a sturdy knife and small that comes with good grip for comfortable holding and grip.

8. Spyderco Ambitious Black G-10 – With 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade and G-10 Handle:

top tactical knives
Quality Rating

The Spyderco Ambitious G10 is an excellent tactical knife for your everyday working tasks. It comes with a full-length, and it has the skeletonized internal liner for enhanced durability and reliability.

Plus, it features the high leaf-like shape that makes it stronger and sharp to use. It provides you with 5 most excellent qualities that are extremely useful:

  • G10 Handles
  • Jimping
  • Skeletonized Full-Length Internal Liners
  • Walker Liner Locks
  • Lined Lanyard Holes
Size - An Important Feature:

It is minuscule in size that makes it more comfortable and convenient to use and carry. It is a palm-sized knife that provides you with excellent sharpness and performance.

Technical Points:

It includes the below mentioned most suitable qualities to assist you with the excellent product:

  • Enlarge Hole in Blade
  • Four Way hourglass clip
  • The Phosphor bronze washers
The Blade Material:

The blade is made up of strong stainless steel body that is extremely reliable and dependable.

  • Blade Thickness: 0.125"
  • Blade Length: 2.25"
Design - The Most Stylish Product:

It is made up of all the high-quality materials, which makes this Knife highly appreciated in the market and among many users.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It is highly tested for reliability and durability.
  • It is a palm-sized knife.
  • It is the most versatile knife.
  • It contains the rugged screw together construction that is extremely reliable and durable.
  • It provides you with skeletonized interior liners that are full length.
  • It includes the G10 Handles.
  • It includes the jimping feature.
  • It is most suitable and convenient for cutting and slicing.
  • It comes with enlarged opening holes.
  • It offers you flat ground blade.
  • It features the great 4-way hourglass clip.
Foremost Specifications:




0.2 oz

Overall Length


The Diameter


Blade Type


Handle Type


Cutting Edge


The Closed Length



  • It provides you with excellent pocket clip for comfortable and convenient use.
  • It provides you easy of opening systems.
  • It gives you excellent blade sharpness.
  • It gives you excellent handle material.
  • It comes with good handle feel.
  • Its overall quality is just amazing.


  • It has no Cons.
My Opinion About this Product:

I would definitely recommend this product to you all because it is an excellent tactical knife with enhanced sharpness and performance; Plus, it is much appreciated in the market. It comes with skeletonized internal liners and great Michael Walker Liner Lock system.


All the products as mentioned above are of exceptional quality and include the most beneficial and innovative features that make them all highly appreciated and recommended in the market. All the products mentioned about are extremely commendable, and light in weight and can perform serious daily tasks.

The Tactical Knife is best for everyday use and most suitable for everyone to cut or to do slicing. These knives can help you a lot and provide you great sharpness and performance. They include excellent blade material and superlative construction material. Their edges are impressive and provide you complete accuracy.

Moreover, they come with slip proof coatings that make them comfortable in your hands, and they also offer you secure pocket clip that ensures you easy hold and carries.

The Most Recommended Product - A Benevolent Product:

All the products as mentioned earlier are great, durable and most dependable. They all include good quality handle material and good quality blade material. They are superlative in their work, but the most appropriated product among all is "Kershaw 1660CBBW Leek" because it comes with durable steel construction and composite blackwash blade.

It gives you culminating handle and blade quality. Plus, its frame lock comes with firm qualities that provide you great results. It is easy to manage and easy to carry design with outstanding versatile features.

Q. How Can I clean my tactical knife?

A. You can use nail polish remover, MEK, Acetone, Paint thinner or alcohol to clean the blade of your tactical knife. Use these solvents carefully, so that these cannot harm the handle of the knife. Do not use the detergents containing Chlorine, that may initiate the corrosion of the blade material. Never immerse the blades in the solvents or water, it may harm the quality of the blade.

Q. How Can I lubricate my tactical knife?

A. You can use any good kind of petroleum based lubrications for this purpose. Or you can use any good kind of grease tube to lubricate the blade and pivot points of the knife. Just clean the knife after using it, and then apply a thin layer of lubricant on the blade and pivot points.


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