8 Best Rangefinders Reviews- Lightweight, Efficient, Easy to Carry & Handle

best laser rangefinder

Are you searching for the Best Rangefinders, in order to get 100 % correct results of the Golf and Hunting? Here, your search will get an ending point, how?

Let me explain it!

There are a vast number of rangefinders that are available to be bought at your single click. But the problem arises, when the features of these products are not up to the mark.

Some of these rangefinders prove to be heavy in weight; some are not waterproof/fog-proof; some are not too durable; some do not present the proper range of view; and many others!

So, to cut it short, these issues are much bothersome for the users.

Now you might be thinking of the solution?

Absolutely yes, I have the right solution for you!

I have collected and filtered the top 8 products that are of the required standard! Here are presented the 4 best hunting rangefinder; and the rest 4 best golf rangefinder.

Now, it would be easier to measure and estimate the distance, along with the remarkable features while during hunting or playing Golf.

Just check it out, and pick the right product for you within seconds!

8 Best Rangefinder Reviews that Will Give You Good Efficiency, Durability, and Good Range of View

Things to consider before buying a "Best Rangefinders" - An Essential Guide:

Before heading towards buying a Rangefinder for you; it is important to understand some important points, so that you can easily buy a good quality product with most enduring features.

There are many products present in the market, all of them have special features and optics; all varies from one another in different functionalities; but it all depends on you that what type of specialties you want in your "Best Rangefinders".


I have compiled a list for you, to guide you about the peerless points of the good-quality Rangefinders - An Accessible Guide:

  • Always consider that the rangefinder should rate almost +/-1.
  • It should contain an actual range for good view - Important aspect.
  • It should include great magnification rate of the monocular, for golfers 7x is the best magnification.
  • It must be of good quality, because quality matters a lot.
  • It should include the excellent size of the unit.
  • It should be vertical locator - best in golf.
  • It should be waterproof, fog proof and rainproof, so that the lens can remain safe and protected.
  • Always consider the maximum range of the distance - best distance range that mostly found is 1 - 1500 yards.
  • It should be light in weight.
  • It should have a compact design, for easy to carry and handle.
  • It should have good efficiency.

Hunting Rangefinder Reviews

For the people who are searching the rangefinder for hunting, Here are the top picks for them.

1. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder – Ultra Compact Design and Laser Rangefinder Technology:

Best Rangefinders
Quality Rating

The Nikon 8397 ACULON is the best way to manage your range while shooting, to increase the precision. It includes the viewfinder that can measure the display rate in meters and in yards more conveniently. The unit can measure the range up to 6 to 550 yards.


For the people who love to do gun hunting and bow hunting, this product is best rangefinder for bow hunting. It includes the best magnification rate and has a durable design with immense reliability.

Main Points to Describe Nikon Aculon Rangefinder:
  • It has the best ultra-compact size of 4.4 oz.
  • It also provides you with the best portability system.
  • It has a strong, user-friendly and a durable design.
  • You can easily check the instant reading of distance to measure the exact rate.
  • It gives you accurate readings from 6 yards to 550 yards.
Technical Points:
  • Its measurements are easy to understand and read.
  • It gives you an instant reading with accurate precision.
  • It is easy to view with LCD display - uncluttered.
  • It works with single work operation system.
  • It is a rainproof and waterproof product.
  • It gives you ultimate performance every time you use it.
  • It is easy to carry because of its ultra-compact design and frame.
Laser Rangefinder Technology:

It includes best laser rangefinder technology; because it is the best in the world of optics. It delivers you with the world class performance; you'll feel pleased after using this great product with great speed, best precision and perfect optical quality.

Best Quality Optics:

It features the best optics; best magnification rate up to 6x; and has a great objective lens up to 20mm. It includes multi-coated layered optics for perfect light transmission. This can also reduce the loss of light that is caused by reflection and provides you with sharp, clear and best quality results.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It has a compact design.
  • It includes an ultra-compact frame - that makes it, easy to carry.
  • It is a perfect laser product.
  • Its power output range does not exceed from .0975 milliwatts.
  • It is a water resistant and rainproof product.
  • It is small in size and light in weight.
  • It has a single button operation.
  • It gives you great & long eye relief.
Foremost Specifications:



The measurement Range 

6 - 550 yards

Increment Reading

1 yards


6 x

Angular Field of View

6 °

Angular Field of View – Apparent

43 °

Eye Relief

18 mm

Diopter Adjustment is

+/- 4 °


1 CR2 Lithium Battery


3.6 x 1.5 x 2.9 in


4.4 Oz

Objective Diameter is

20 mm

Exit Pupil is

3.3 mm


  • It is a durable rangefinder for hunting.
  • It works great.
  • It works accurately.
  • It offers you a lifetime warranty.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is made up of good quality material.
  • It is easy to handle and carry.
  • It carries best-multicoated optics for best results.
  • It is water resistant design.
  • It is a fog proof product.


  • It provides you with numerous false readings.
Best Recommended For:

It is recommended for the target shooting, bow hunting and gun hunting.

Why should you buy it?

You should consider this product because of its durability and accuracy. It has an accurate measurement range lies between 6 to 550 yards. If you're looking for best rangefinder, then this product is best for you.

2. Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Yard Graphite Rangefinder – With Angled Modified Range and Lumatic Display:

best rangefinder for bow hunting
Quality Rating

The Sig Sauer is the most innovative, accurate, and longest rangefinders present in the market. It includes the newest advancement of LightWave DSP technology,that is super-fast and quick.

It contains the ability to range targets - reflective up to 3400 yards; deer at 1200 yards; and the trees up to 1500 yards for easy and perfect long ranging distance.

It has a built-in inclinometer that calculates the AMR modified range ability for good angled shots. It also has a lunatic OLED display to manage and match the ambient conditions of light, dim in the twilight and bright in bright conditions to protect your eyes from any harmful effect.

It is so far the best-recommended product for the hunters.

Ambient Light Conditions:

The brightness of the display screen automatically adjusts to managing and balancing the ambient light conditions; that makes it easy for you to read & understand the readings; and adjust the settings dim to twilight conditions; and bright to bright color conditions.

Intuitive User Interface:

The intuitive user present in it, is a lightweight laser for finding a range of monocular display-only useful material of data and is much easy to use.

LightWave DSP Technology:

This technology features the advanced accuracy; and ranges faster and quicker at longest distances; and it refreshes at the ultra-fast speed-4X per second.

Lumatic OLED Display:

It also has a lumatic OLED display with perfect light sensors that monitor light; also manage and adjust the brightness of the display accordingly.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It has a compact style and has a lightweight body of magnesium.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has perfect fog proof and waterproof performance for better results.
  • It gives you a custom fit with multi-position best twist up eye cups.
  • It includes the foremost multicoated optics for enduring work and performance.
  • It includes the anti-reflection, ultra-wide broadband and highly effective lens coatings.
  • The matchless lens coating decreases the reflections to quite low levels for providing you with superior and excellent light transmissions.
  • It contains the stealth ID, that is an industrial electro-optics design.
  • It includes the great AMR technology to provide you with the best shooting after determining the rate of shot angle and sight range.



Eye relief


The Maximum range of reflective - targets

3400 yards

The Maximum range of deer

1200 yards

The Maximum range of trees

1500 yards

Field of view

34.6 ft at 100 yards




3 x 4.2 x 1.3 in


  • It includes the stealth ID.
  • It is a waterproof and a fog proof product.
  • It includes the best ever Lumatic OLED display technology.
  • It has a lightweight digital single best processing system.
  • It gives you an excellent angled modified range.
  • It has a spectroscopy.
  • It offers you a lifetime warranty.


  • It offers no Cons.
Best Recommended For:

The Sig Sauer is best recommended for the hunters who love to do hunting; they can use this rangefinder to enhance their hunting experience.

Why should you buy it?

It is a nice rangefinder with perfect and great multi-coated optics. It is easy to use and very adjustable. It gives you fast response and performance while shooting. It features many innovative technologies that make this product best among all.

3. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder – With Vertical Configuration and Simple One-Button Operation:

best rangefinder for long range shooting
Quality Rating

If you want something estimable and accurate to measure the distance between your target, while golfing and hunting. Then this product is best for you, it is small in size and light in weight with elegant design. It is very affordable, easy to carry and simple to use.

It provides you with an exact range with super easy functions. It also includes the most effective and advanced range proper readings from 10-600 yards and has a great magnification of 4x.

You can easily target the deer from 200 yards, a tree up to exact 400 yards and highly reflective objects from up to 600 yards. It contains digital technology. It’s so far accurate for hunting purpose.

Capabilities and Perfect Range:
  • It contains the good magnification rate up to 4x which makes you see a clear image with a better view.
  • It has 600 yards ranging superb capability rate.
  • It provides you with complete accuracy up to exactly 1 yard.
Great Optical Design:

It features the great design that enables you to see the target with much clarity. It has the liquid LCD display for better performance. It has digital technology that measures the distance.

Complete Protection - Weather Resistant Coatings:

It comes with complete protection; the coatings are present to protect the lens from damaging and from other elements. The lens is quite away from the surface, so that even in the rain the lens remains safe and perfect. It is easy to clean and maintain. Its casing is also weather resistant.


It is present in the market in two different colors, just to assist you with the best quality and style; however it contains stylish look and strong material body:

  • Black
  • amouflage
Battery Life and One Touch Button System:

It contains one touch battery system that you can use to operate it. It is a complete product that provides you with the best range measurements, laser technology and great switch matrices from yards to meters.

Whereas, its battery life is good and contains a single 9-volt battery, that can easily get operated.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It has a simple one-touch button system.
  • Its in-view is liquid Crystal display.
  • It is waterproof and fog proof with complete multi-coated protection to protect the lens.
  • It contains the vertical design which is quite comfortable and easy to handle.
  • It also offers you good material carry case, so that the product can stay safe.
  • It is stylish and has a compact design.
Main Specifications:




10-600 yards


+/- 1 yard





Power Source

9-volt - alkaline battery


320 ft.

Exit Pupil

4 mm


4.2 x 3.6 x 1.9 in


7.7 oz.

Total Eye Relief 



  • It is easy to handle and use design.
  • It contains weather resistant layers and casting.
  • It doesn't need any cables and power adapters.
  • It is presented with carrying case.
  • Its one touch button can perform all the functions easily.
  • It provides you with long range magnification.
  • It offers you a one year warranty.


  • It contains no eye relief for the people who wear glasses.
  • Show some errors while measuring 100 yards.
What's in the box?

It includes many important accessions in the box just to help you in managing the product:

  • Users guide
  • Main product
  • Carry case
Best Recommended For:

It is best recommended for hunting; as it contains the best range and functions so that you can enjoy while shooting from it.

Why should you buy it?

It is simple to use and light in weight. It has a good LCD display that provides you with good readings; it is very much impressive, and good at 600 yards. It is much more affordable and includes smart and easy system.

4. Bushnell Michael Waddell Bone Collector Edition Laser Rangefinder – With Simple One-Button Operation and Exceptionally Accurate:

rangefinder reviews
Quality Rating

The Bushnell MWBCE is an exceptional looking piece of gear. It is extremely light in weight, yet solid design and a great rangefinder. It comes with stylish carry case and has a compact style.

It is best for all kinds of environments; and it is weather resistant, dependable and reliable. It features the best autofocus and one-tap button system that is located under the index finger.

Easy to Use Product:

It is very simple to operate and use with one button system. It also includes an intuitive menu system that makes it more reliable and dependable. The display of it includes a battery indicator, aiming reticle and the distance in meters and yards. It focuses automatically and gives you a clear view.

Perfect Range:

The range of it is very culminating up to 600 yards, but for high reflective targets; for trees is up to 400 yards and for deer is up to 200 yards.

Power Life:

Its batteries are powerful and dependable, it uses batteries of up to 9 volts.

Focus and Optics:

It is highly multi-coated and its focusing mechanism is reliable and automatic. Just point your target and it snaps quickly without any delay.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It contains simple one button operation.
  • It contains the weather resistant housing material that provides complete protection against all the extreme conditions.
Technical Points:
  • It is easy to operate, even with one hand.
  • It includes superior imaging in low light conditions
  • It includes the carry case.
  • It is a lightning fast product.
  • It is rainproof and waterproof.
  • Illuminated LCD display makes it convenient for you to view the readings easily.
  • It is very accurate.
Main Specifications:





Objective Lens


Reflective Ranging Performance

600 yards

The Tree Ranging Performance

400 yards

The Deer Ranging Performance

200 yards


+/- 1 Yard



Product Dimensions

3 x 5 x 5.5 into 2

Battery Type



  • It is very simple.
  • It has easy to use operation.
  • It is highly accurate and reliable.
  • It has a good light gathering qualities.
  • It is exceptionally accurate.
  • Its LCD allows you comfortable readings.
  • It offers a 1-year warranty.
  • Its one battery provides you 1000 of the readings.
  • It is light in weight, that is easy to use.
  • It has a compact design with a carry case.
  • It is a durable product and has a well-made structure..


  • It doesn't measure the angles.
  • It contains a 9-volt battery, that is hard to change.
Best Recommend For:

It is best rangefinder for hunting; they can surely use this product while shooting.

Why should you buy it?

It is ultra-light product and has a compact design with a good carry-case to handle it. It gives you lightening fast speed and includes one button operation system, it is rainproof and its design is very stylish and can protect the lens from damaging. Moreover, it is very slim and beautiful.

Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Along the  hunting we also have bring some top pics from Golf Rangefinders so we can serve batter.

5. Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Laser Rangefinder – With Ergonomic Design and Accuracy:

best golf rangefinder
Quality Rating

Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Laser is launched in the market for the first time as this product has been carefully crafted especially to fit the needs of its customer with specialized features such as it is sharp, accurate and lighter in weight.

It is presented in the market with 5X magnification efficiency, as users will get a good view of its physical features with the help of its eyepiece.

It uses an advanced technology to give desired results. The users of this product can enjoy the use of this amazing rangefinder on the Golf Course.

Range and Accuracy
  • Bushnell Tour v3 can give you range up to 1000 yards and its users will get an accurate reading within a +/-1 yard.
  • The Pins-seeker technology used in Bushnell Tour v3 will give the ability to home in the flag effortlessly.
  • This new Bushnell Tour v3 model uses Jolt technology to pick up the object behind as well as the flag, as it is ready to take a measurement to identify even the closest object near it.
The 5X Magnification:

It has a 5X magnification, so you can zoom into your aiming point and engage the corresponding position to analyze.

This is a very convenient feature to have and will give you the right to pick your spots fully and earn incredibly certain readings of each shot, you prefer to hit.

Additional features:

It involves a scan mode, in order to provide its users a continuously updated reference on the LCD as you require the rangefinder everywhere the golf course.

The ergonomic design of the V3 makes it really comfortable to serve, and it can easily be carried around just as to provide desired results to its users every time.

Features at a Quick Glimpse:
  • It is a water resistant product.
  • It can be used with one hand perfectly well.
  • It is a very efficient rangefinder.
  • Its design is very user-friendly.
  • It sits in your hand very comfortably.
  • It is rainproof and keeps the product safe.
  • It vibrates to notify you.
  • It provides you with single hand vertical operations.
  • The SCAN modes provide you with a stand by LCD display - during crossing the landscape.












Ergonomic design




  • The addition of Jolt technology provides its users outstanding results.
  • It is excellent at picking up the intended target.
  • It is undoubtedly a solid all-round performer.
  • It also offers a fantastic laser brand.
  • It also provides a smooth and easy-grip texture.


  • It only provides 5X magnification.
Why should you buy it?

Overall, the Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder could be a specialized quality device, and is absolutely legal to use in tournament play also.

6. Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder – Pin-Seeker Technology and JOLT:

golf rangefinder reviews
Quality Rating

The Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder with Jolt is considered as an exceptional and ultimate product containing all the desired characteristics; it provides golfers a rangefinder which can produce fast and accurate results in a high-handed way.

It can measure up to one mile with its excellent optics, as it possesses Jolt technology with pin-seeker.

The image produced from its eyepiece is clearer than ever, when its users are looking for this durable product, this rangefinder is there to stay for a longer duration of time.


It has a sharp development from different rangefinders; it can produce the picture 7 times larger than its actual size.

So, while measuring range is as much as 1760 yards, you could see items within this range without any obstruction.

Pin-Seeker Technology:

With the ideal combination of excessive speed and Precision; now the results are faster than ever to give desired results to its users.

However, without such errors this device will ensure that the displayed end result is according to the expected need of its user.

Visual Display:

The display is just excellent as anybody can provide these days. Once you see the image through its eyepiece, it appears like real to be specific. Because, with any such large magnification, nothing is left unseen via this tool.

Long Lasting Cover:

With this amazing product, you’ll get a top class case. This added feature is designed to resist the tough conditions and thanks to its ribbon-users can change it according to their own needs.


In contrast to the previous products by Bushnell, a Bushnell seasoned X7 golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT requires both hands to keep it in a stable way.

Features at a Quick Glimpse:
  • It's blazing fast and extremely accurate.
  • It is unbelievably easy to use.
  • It is durable having strong features.
  • It has an easy and user-friendly slope and Jolt features.
  • Its optics still offer the strongest magnification of laser which enables its shooting clearer, easier and quicker.
  • It gives you an amazing water resistant protection.
  • It includes post thread battery door for great results.
  • Its display design is awesome that provides a vivid LCD that makes the light conditions better.
  • It includes the best pin seeker technology with a jolt.




8 oz

Product Dimensions

3.7 x 5.1 x 1.7 in


1/2 yard

Ranging performance

5 yards-1 mile - 550+ yards to a flag






3 volts


  • It can measure up to at least one mile with its high definition optics.
  • It is only among a few rangefinders to offer 7x Magnification.
  • It reduces Margin of the error via joining Pin-seeker tech with Jolt.
  • It is durable, water resistant and can be used under wet conditions.


  • It is expensive to use.
  • It is larger in length than its competitive products in recent market.
Why should you buy it?

All in one, it is perfect for players looking to eliminate guesswork from their game, as its unique features provide optimum results to its users.

Comparison Chart:

7. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder – Portable and Easy to Operate System:

best hunting rangefinder
Quality Rating

This premium rangefinder gives golf lovers a unique and exquisite experience to acquire the best shot and enhance their sport.

As compared to its rival products-slow rangefinders that don't measure long levels; you would like a top rated quality and extremely accurate laser variety finder.

It is an extremely accurate rangefinder for you.


It uses a wonderful broadband clock to identify the quantity of time.

Lightweight and Portable:

It measures 104 X 72 X 41 mm and weighs just 185g; it is water and dust resistant; has durable body and perfect for carrying while playing golf.


The distances at which rangefinders can efficiently calculate distances should range from 100 meters to as much as 25 kilometers.

Easy Operation:

It is very easy to operate as it is user-friendly.

Features at a Quick Glimpse:
  • It is extremely fast; and has an accurate measurement of 500 meters-540 yards with +/-1 yard accuracy.
  • It is lightweight, compact and user-friendly, with water and dirt resistant body.
  • It has a continuous dimension mode with advanced technology.
  • It possesses ultra clear optics with clean study, through the lens display.
Technical Point:
  • It consists of Rangefinder, premium pouch, free Battery, cleaning cloth and carrying strap.
  • It is very efficient; it can find the target itself. It can also give you accurate information about the yards up to 540 yards.
  • It contains a good lens made of good quality, that give you a clear view and sharp image.
  • It has very much accurate technology; it focuses efficiently on the flag and notifies you about the measurements.
  • Its lenses are multi-layered.
  • It is a handy model, easy to carry, handle and use.



Product Dimensions

1.6 x 2.8 x 4.1 in


6.6 oz


1 CR2


+/- 1 yard

Laser Rangefinder

540 yards


weather resistant


  • It offers an accurately measured distances of up to 500m.
  • It has specific optical properties that provide sharp & clear pictures under all conditions.
  • It possesses 6x magnification capabilities.
  • It includes multi-covered optics.
  • It gives+/- 1-yard accuracy.
  • It has an easy fingertip operation.


  • It is black in color which makes strapless visible to its users.
Why should you buy it?

Unlike other variety measurement devices, it is designed perfectly with the lens display; presenting distance dimension, battery existence and extremely clear photos; collectively with a continuous test mode.

8. Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Rangefinder – Advanced and Completely Protected:

best rangefinder for hunting
Quality Rating

The Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Rangefinder is the most advanced Bushnell product up to date.

It is introduced in the market with a wide range of distinctive styles and sizes.

It comes with a list of fantastic capabilities, and specifications; which need to make it a tool near the top of the listing for any golfer looking to add a Rangefinder to their bag.

Setup & Ease of Use:

Like all of the fine laser rangefinders, it requires no complex setup and is very easy to apply.

SLOPE-Switch Era

This allows the golfer to quite simply make use of Slope to get compensated distances across the route once they need it and feature a USGA conforming device; this is legal for tournament play when they want it.


It provides the golf-players with brief vibrating pulses to provide a calculated confirmation that is locked on the flag by the laser. Jolt technology gets rid of all doubts. You can get the exact distance measured!

Experience the JOLT!

Features at a Quick Glimpse:
  • It possesses PinSeeker with JOLT.
  • It is accurate to one yard.
  • It ranges 5-1,000 Yards - 400 Yards to a Flag.
  • It possesses 5X Magnification.
  • It is smaller and sleeker.
  • It has a handy Slope-switch technology.
  • It is legal for tournament Play.
  • It is a rapid focus machine.
  • It is stable-Grip technology.
  • It possesses lightning fast distance.





1 Yard


5-1,000 Yards/400+ - Yards to a Flag




weather resistant


  • It fits perfectly in the hand.
  • It is suitable to use being smaller and lighter.
  • It is small, extremely easy to use and most importantly, very accurate.
  • It is legal for tournament play when slope mode is disabled.


  • The focus toggle is quite stiff.
  • It's time-consuming to switch off the slope function.
Why should you buy it?

Overall, it is a first-rate laser combining smooth capability, fast outcomes and a compact size in an exceptional package.

I assume that:

It is a worthy upgrade and is the one to move for as it will add a greater fee to your game.


All the above-mentioned products are very culminating and very convenient to use. They include the most advanced and dependable features just to assist you with the best.

All these products contain new technologies that make them user-friendly and have a good magnification rate with the vivid LCD display system.

These all have the best properties to be the "Best Rangefinders". They are durable and reliable with high-quality performance and one-touch button system, that makes them comfortable and extremely easy to use and operate.

Most Recommended Product - A Manifest Way to Explain the Foremost Enduring product:

All the aforementioned products are highly dependable and affordable; all have a good accuracy rate and credibility of performance; but the best among all is the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder. Because it is Best for hunting and golfing. It is ultra light and has a small size.

It gives you accurate readings and good magnification rate up to 4x. It has great capabilities and perfect range. It contains great optical design with a black body. It also includes powerful batteries of 9 volts. It is a waterproof and fog proof design.

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