[Reviewed] 7 Best AK 47 Scope Mounts

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The best scope mount for the AK rifle or carbine will be a shallow well to find the bottom of for a buying guide, so let us get to it.

The Kalashnikov (AK47) is not really cut out for scope work; the precision style scopes anyhow.

The most well-suited scopes for the AK rifle are the red dot style or the Reflex Style optic, like the Trijicon line up. 

And the reason is not the round, the 7.62x39 is not a winner for accuracy, but it damn sure does the job around the world.

And the AK47 does the job in the sand, snow, ice, dirty water, maybe even pea gravel for a challenge.

The AK47 has its challenges for scope use due to the stamped sheet metal receiver.

Not too easy to screw a scope mount to a metal receiver that flexes with each shot and expects nail driving accuracy; yeah – good luck with that one.

Now, there are scope mounts that will mount to the rear sight base, on the trunnion, and that is some good solid metal there, but – always a trade-off – that is one point of mounting, again not really accuracy style shooting.





Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail

Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.4 oz

Leapers UTG Pro AK scope mount

Leapers UTG Pro AK scope mount

  • Material: metal
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 8.0 oz

UltiMAK M2-B AK Forward Optic Mount

UltiMAK M2-B AK Forward Optic Mount

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 12.79

Mid-West Industries Side Railed AK Scope Mount

Mid-West Industries Side Railed AK Scope Mount

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Weight: 7.3 oz

GG&G AK Scope Mount

GG&G AK Scope Mount

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Weight: 8.4 oz

Mid_West Industries Side AK Scope Mount

Mid_West Industries Side AK Scope Mount

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 7.3 oz

Tacksport AK Scope Mount Picatinny Weaver

Tacksport AK Scope Mount Picatinny Weaver

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 11.36 oz

Now that I have said all that gloom and doom let us discuss the other side of this scope mount idea on an AK47.

The aftermarket does not like problems that are not solved, so they made a solution; we will look at many of those.

Just remember the AK47 is a working shooter, not a pinpoint, bench rest bullseye shooter.

So, let us jump into this subject and have a bit of fun, first up the rear sight or handguard style AK scope mount.

And why we are talking about some housekeeping ground rules kind of subjects, I will not talk about long-range scopes, as this weapon platform will not tolerate or perform well as a long-range or precision shooter, so I won't try and blow smoke up your dust cover.

7 Best Scope Mounts For AK 47

Rear Sight Position AK Scope Mount.

1. Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail - Best AK Scope Rail

ak scope mount

Let us go with simplicity. After all, simplicity is what makes the AK the workhorse it is, after all.

This AK Scope mount replaces the AK rear sight. They are made for low-profile red dot sights or optics. 

The rear sight replacement scope mount is the way to mount an AK scope, in my world. The low mounting option and forward of the bolt so rounds can spew out of the ejection port as they should.

A one-step installation can custom adjust left or right to correct windage and up and down to correct elevation.

These corrections are obviously for gross corrections; the reticle adjustments are for fine adjusting. And, to keep this AK scope mount interesting, it works as a backup rear sight as well.

Made from 6061 aluminum hard anodized matte black, this may look like it was born on the battle rifle. Yes, I said it.

The Russian Army has used this for a battle rifle forever and continues to do so. Nothing says a battle rifle can not work as a sporting rifle; hell, I hunt deer with a bolt action in 30.06.

If that does not make sense to you, look up the history of Springfield 30.06.

Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail

The price of Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail varies, so check the latest price at

2. Leapers UTG Pro AK Scope Mount

ak47 scope mount

Right after I finished saying the rear sight replacement is my most favored method, along comes this one from UTG, and damn the bad luck, I have to rethink for a while on my favorite now.

I did not even know this option was there. I have seen some like this for the SKS, so why was this one a surprise? Who knows – aging mind syndrome.

This AK scope mount replaces the rear sight and works as a lever to lift the mount for access to the bolt.

The rear of the AK scope mount sits in the rear spring, locking right on top of the rear trunnion, so this one has two mounting points, so the point of aim is going to be more accurate.

Still not a bench shooter, but better.

Like most of the top-mounted AK scope mounts, UTG has milled a replacement rear sight into the mont, and it is windage adjustable.

The elevation may have to use a holdover for open iron shooting. 

The picatinny rails on this AK scope mount travels all the way to the rear of the bolt dust cover. A long eye relief scope is not required for a good sight picture. 

The Picatinny rail also travels to the rear sight original position. Making it possible to use a reflexive sight and a magnifier, how incredible is that?

This AK scope mount looks a little more complex than the mount as mentioned above in that it may take three actions to attach this mount, so about ten more minutes ought to do the trick.

Leapers UTG Pro AK Scope Mount

The price of Leapers UTG Pro AK Scope Mount varies, so check the latest price at

3. UltiMAK M2-B AK Forward Optic Mount

ak 47 scope mount

Guaranteed the lowest tubular optic mount on the market, you will co-witness with your open iron sights, making this AK scope mount one of the better choices, to use the open sights and an optic.

The only challenge is the scope mount sits over the gas tube again, making the eye relief massive.

Long eye relief is not impossible to get. Look at handgun scopes and Vortex scout rifle scope; it can be done, but that is a way forward, and holding the gun on target may get a bit shakey and quickly. 

With that said, if you go the route of mounting a laser to this mount, then aiming with the tritium open irons, and confirm it quickly with the laser, that is seriously awesome right there.

This forward AK scope mount does put a solid, very high quality build Picatinny rail right at the handguard, so to me, this option is best for lights and laser options.

That is a round-up of the best forward-mounted or forward-mounted style AK scope mounts I can find.

Not everything on the market; some are just crappy and are not worth looking into. Now we will look at the side of the receiver AK scope mounts.

UltiMAK M2-B AK Forward Optic Mount

The price of UltiMAK M2-B AK Forward Optic Mount varies, so check the latest price at

Receiver AK Scope Mounts

4. Mid-West Industries Side Railed AK Scope Mount

ak47 rail mount

This scope mount is directed more as the Picatinny rail mounts, like a saddle on the optic's bottom, to a side mount already in the rifle or on the gun, to be more exact.

The scope mount is a Quick Detach base that interfaces with the Picatinny rail; they are both matched and made from 6061 aluminum, and the lock-up on the Picatinny rail is very fast, smooth, and easy to accomplish.

The manufacturer states that with the T marks, it will reattach right on zero every time you remove the optic. I don't think that is possible for anyone to do, AK side mount or not.

Now for a flashlight or even an IR emitter that does not need an exact re-mount, just in the same general position, and you are good to go.

This setup would be great with the Sig Thermal Finder (I think thas what it's called) or one of the night vision scopes on the market.

The Sig looks like a scope, but it is not for shooting, just a thermal camera, like the Predator in the movies, and it is quick to render.

So if you have this set up on your rail system to find the critter in the dark and then other optics to engage the critter, you will have a definite advantage.

Mid-West Industries Side Railed Mount

The price of AK Railed Scope Mount varies, so check the latest price at

5. GG&G AK Scope Mount

scope mounts for ak47

GG&G has made an AK scope mount that gives credence to the hard-ass lifestyle the AK 47 is all about.

This side mount is made from 4130 steel, with nothing lightweight about it, and then to make sure it is still the toughest kid on the black, it is magnesium phosphate coated to keep it from reflecting any light at all. 

If you are not familiar, magnesium phosphate is commonly called Parkerizing. It is a military super-tough finish that lasts for years and years and has almost zero reflective abilities.

The quick detachment has gripping "teeth" on the moving surface to ensure a rock-solid grip when the mount is reattached to the side.

The manufacturer states within ½ MOA reattachment, I have a hard time believing that is possible. 

It is a grip tight for one and on the side of a sheet metal receiver for two.

If you go for the reflex sight, with a 6 MOA dot for the reticle, you will be good, but – if your life or other lives depend on the accuracy – check it before getting in a bad situation, go to the range and make some noise.

GG&G AK Scope Mount

The price of GG&G AK Scope Mount varies, so check the latest price at

6. Mid West Industries Side AK Scope Mount

scope mount for ak47

This piece is put here, so the two parts from one maker can stay as separate things; hopefully, that made for less confusion.

This is the part that bolts to the receiver's side and has a quick release, like most of these sides AK Scope mounts. The Mid-West options are very well built, high-quality pieces.

On top of the quality of the build, they are excellent-looking parts as well.

Even though the AK 47 will never win a sexy gun award, this piece of aluminum construction hardware may help it quite a bit, and it puts a scope on top of the AK as well, so two for one!

Mid West Industries Side AK Mounts

The price of Mid West Industries Side AK Mounts varies, so check the latest price at

7. Tacksport AK Scope Mount Picatinny Weaver - Auto Lock System

ak scope mounts

Wow, what a mouthful of a title, but it makes the search engines happy, which is good.

The first thing the advertising for this AK scope mount says on Amazon is "this can not be used as part of an assault weapon---".

I am sure it can be used as such, just trying to keep from getting bounced from Amazon and all that business.

This AK Scope Mount is the plainest of the bunch, so it is probably related to the AK in the past.

The cam lock tension mount on the bottom looks weak to fit on a 30 caliber rifle that at times has been known to use lots of ammo in a short time frame.

The price is better, but looking at this and seeing how light and half-hearted the design's toughness and ruggedness are, I would say leave this to the airsoft guys.

Tacksport AK Picatinny Weaver

The price of Tacksport AK Picatinny Weaver varies, so check the latest price at


Personally, I am not convinced to trade in my rear sight AK Scope Mount for a side-saddle unit. I am, however, very interested in the UTG full rail mount.

I will need to see how they function with throwing brass and see if there are any issues with brass not getting out of the way or bouncing back and causing double feeds.

If you are looking to put a scope on the AK and want to get more advanced in your optics use on this platform, the side AK Scope Mounts we looked at here, for the most part, are good-looking and built very well.

This style of AK scope mount, for me, is not a good fit.

If you have a good quality scope with a great field of view, you want to mount over the receiver, don't hesitate, look at these options and get the one you feel best fits your price range and application and go for it.

I would always tent to make sure there is an open iron sight option or the Quick Detach and use the open irons for my world is the way to go.

Good Shooting!


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