10 Best Throwing Knives – Quality Blades, Lightweight, and Good Grip

By Gloria Emma | Reviews

Apr 09
small throwing knives

Do you intend to get the Best Throwing Knives right now? And definitely, you would like to buy the best pick. So, here you will get assisted the best way possible!

No doubt, there are many problems that relate to the throwing knives. Because, the quality matters a lot in terms of these tricky knives.

People, who got skills related to the throwing knives, want 100% perfect weapons that can boost their art, not lower that. So, a very superb quality is always needed by them, in order to combat the demand of their art.

So, I have got a great solution for you!

I just have compiled the top 10 professional throwing knives, that would literally boost your art, and give you the level of quality you actually want!

Just, check these 10 products and get your favorite one right now, and enjoy the matchless features and specifications. You would definitely enjoy them!

10 Best Throwing Knives - Get Easy to Handle, Scratch Resistant, Rust Resistant, and Good Quality Knives

Things to Consider Before Buying Throwing Knives - A Quick and Useful Sum Up:

If you are new and want to know about the high end throwing knives for learning the art of knife throwing, then you are on the right page!

Here, I have mentioned some “Best Throwing Knives” just to guide you about their enduring specifications and great quality:

  • The knives should be dull in their sharpness.
  • They should be great in managing balance, their center of gravity should be in the middle.
  • They should not contain handles.
  • Their weight must be around 300 - 400g - Standard weight.
  • Their length should be around 12 inches long (30cm) - Standard length.
  • They should have simple and round shape with no shapes and sizes.
  • The throwing knives should make up of high-quality material.
  • They should contain a protected sheath.
  • They must be rust resistant and scratch resistant.

1. Cold Steel True Flight – With Cor-Ex Sheath, Protective Coating and Paracord Handle

Best Throwing Knives

The cold steel has a utility and a sharp edge. It is made up of 1055 carbon steel and a perfect protective coat with black comfortable handle. It is a reliable, accurate and a quality throwing knives.


It includes a classic and durable sheath (Cor- Ex).

Best Throwing Knife:

It is the best knife in the market, the strongest, most durable and the sharpest knife. It also includes protective coat.

A Protective finish:

The knife includes the dark oxide good material finish so that the blade can stay safe from the scratches and the rust.

Strong Edge:

It has a perfect utility edge that makes this knife more perfect among all the throwing knives, it has a sharp and a pointed edge and quite safe for those who are expert and prefer the best throwing techniques of blade hold.

Resilient Blade:

In the making of a good quality knife, high premium carbon is used that makes the knife strong yet resilient that will easily bounce back.

Comfortable Handle:

It also has a perfect and comfortable grip for the users, this knife is very versatile. It includes the hard handle of five feet of a best material parachute cord.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • Its overall length is 12 inches.
  • It has 1055 carbon steel, durable blade.
  • 5-millimeter blade
  • 9.7-Oz weight
  • It has a Paracord handle
  • Its sheath is Durable with Cor-Ex included.
  • It is black in color.

A Quick Look at its Specifications:

  • Overall length: 12"
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 1 in
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle: 5 1/4"
  • Blade Thick: 3/16"
  • Blade Length: 6-1/2"
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 13.6 oz
  • Sheath: Cordura
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Sheath: (Cor-Ex) Sheath


  • It is easy to hold and handle.
  • It is very much light in weight.
  • It is an absolute fun thrower.
  • It is a great throwing knife and can easily be used for other purposes as well.
  • It is made up of good quality.
  • It is excellent for Batoning.
  • It contains good blade sharpness.
  • It has a parachute cord handle for easy and strong grip.
  • It has a resilient blade that can bounce back.


  • It has no Cons.
Why Should You Buy it?

It is the strongest and very cool throwing knives in the market. It is made up of excellent material quality, and ensures you with a perfect and easy grip and easy to handle. It is a scratch resistant knife.

2. 008064 Cold Steel – High-Quality Material with Perfect Balance and Throw:

Ninja Throwing Knives

The cold steel is a perfect thrower. Its design is unique and classic. The center of balance of the knife is at the midpoint of its length (overall). It has a sharp and edgy point. It is made up of carbon finish. It is very much durable for maximum thousand throws.

Plus, it is so far the best throwing knife with a durable design, sharp point and best material design made of carbon.

Standard Design:

It has a durable design with rust resistant finish for the perfect protection. It is made up of premium carbon construction of steel.

Guaranteed Protection:

The cold steel throwing knife has got the rust-resistant finish to ensure the safety of the knife.

Sharp and Edgy Point:

Its edge is very pointed and extremely sharp. Its forceful hit strongly penetrates deeply because of its weight and efficiency.

Features at a Glimpse:
  • It has made up of good quality material.
  • Manufacturer of knife: Cold Steel
  • It is a perfect balance thrower 80TPB.
  • The Blade Length is up to9".
  • Handle is 4-1/2" Long
  • Its handle is of Composite Plastic.
  • It has a sharp and pointed blade.

A Quick Look at its Specifications:

  • Black Thick: 5MM
  • Weight: 15.4 oz.
  • Blade Length: 9”
  • Steel quality: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle: 4-1/2”
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 3.5 x 2 in


  • It is easy to handle and control.
  • It is very much light in weight and an easy grip.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It is made up of good quality.
  • It has a very sharp edge that provides you with a perfect target.
  • It has a carbon finish, so that the knife can stay safe and scratch free.


  • It has no Cons.
Why should you buy it?

It is the best premium quality carbon throwing knife and it has the best throwing capacity. It gives you good hold and an easy grip to handle and balance knife. It is a scratch resistant and a rust resistant knife.

3. SOG Throwing Knives F041TN-CP – The Perfect Set of Three, Nylon Sheath and Para Cord Wrapped Handle for Easy Grip

high end throwing knives

These are not only formalized knives that sail through the air, but they are very useful as well. They are coated with the good, hard cased material. They are scratch resistant.

Their accurate aerodynamics, balance and proportions make them unique and the best throwing knives. Their handles are packed with Paracord. These knives can also best back-up field knives.

A Perfect Knife Set:

This set includes a set of three throwing knives; their handles are covered with Paracord. You can easily use this set for throwing purpose or also for general daily use.

Enduring Material:

These knives contain the straight fixed edge and sharp blade. It is made up of 420 stainless steel with a nylon handle of Paracord.

Super Protection against Scratches:

It comes with the carrier box of nylon ballistic sheath for all three knives.

Easy Grip:

The Paracord handle makes them comfortable and appropriate to hold and they also give you easy hold and grip so that you can use it perfectly and accurately.

Impeccable Throw:

These are the best throwing knives present in the market, they have classic aerodynamics, good balance and accurate proportions for an exact throw.

Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • It includes nylon ballistic carry sheath.
  • A perfect set of three knives.
  • A good black stainless steel hard case 4.4".
  • It has a wrapped comfortable handle of Paracord.
  • It has correct balance, proportions and aerodynamics.
  • It is best for regular use also.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

A Quick Look at its Specifications:

  • Type of Product: Throwing Knife
  • Blade Material is: 420 Stainless

• Handle: Paracord

• Sheath: Good Nylon

  • Number of Blades: Three
  • Size: 12.5"x5"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Blade Length: 4.4"
  • Edge Type: Straight

• Frame: Black Stainless            Steel

  • Overall Length: 10”
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.1 x 10 in
  • Color: Black


  • The set includes perfect 3 throwing knives.
  • They are sharp knives and have superb balance.
  • It is a wonderful set of perfect throwing as well as regular knives.
  • They contain good holding material Paracord.
  • It is the best set for the beginners to have fun.
  • They have an easy grip and a stronghold.
  • The set is scratch resistant.


  • It offers no Cons.
Why should you buy it?

It is the best throwing knives for beginners to practice and enjoy. They have a strong hold and they also have a good balance. Their aerodynamics are totally great with accurate proportions. They come in a stylish nylon sheath for the safety of throwing knives.

4. Gil Hibben Cord Grip – Perfect Spin, Elegant Design and a Perfect 3 Piece Throwing Set

gil hibben throwing knives

The Gil Hibben is among the best throwers, with a solid black elegant design. These are the good throwing knives when it comes to uniform rotation hit. This comes in the set of three throwing knives, each is made up of good construction material of stainless steel.


They give you perfect grip and good balance. The set includes nylon sheath with top grade black color.

Uniform Rotation:

They have a good balance and they assure you with the perfect rotation when thrown with force and properly.

Attractive Style and Features:

These knives are of black color with high tensile (non-slip) cord covered grips that provide you with better hold. They are made up of stainless steel construction of 420 J2. They also have a durable nylon sheath.

Good for Beginners:

The set consists of three black stylish throwing knives. They contain a sleek black finish. It is very much useful and easy for beginners to learn good targeting skills.

Perfect Length:

These knives are available in 8-5/8 inches long size and the blade size is 4-1/4 inches, these knives are very much well balanced, and hit the target beautifully with full force.

Correct Use for Exact Hit:

Try to hold the blade while throwing instead of holding the handle, because it has a single edge blade. Likewise, it hits the target without missing one if you are much experienced in throwing knives.

A Quick Look at its Specifications:
  • Good uniform rotation.
  • Attractive design and durable features.
  • Their length is 8-5/8 inches long.
  • Their blade size is 4-1/4 inches.

Features & Specifications:

  • Specs: Length Overall: 8 - 5/8in
  • Blade Length: 4-1/4in
  • Item Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Construction: stainless steel 420 J2.


  • They have great balance and their weight is just perfect.
  • Their edge is strong and super sharp.
  • They contain a good quality steel.
  • They have a premium quality carbon.
  • Their design is very Classic, unique and attractive.
  • They also work very well as an alternative of a hatchet.
  • These throwing knives can easily cut branches and wood.
  • These are the most satisfying and recommended throwing knives.


  • Their handle material is not of good quality.
Why should you buy it?

These throwing knives are great for learners and have an attractive design. They are not only the best throwers, but the best alternative for a hatchet, you can easily cut wood with them.

5. United Cutlery UC2772 – Cord Wrapped Handle with Stainless Steel 3 Piece Thrower Set

quality throwing knives

The united cutlery GH2033 throwing knives are long, easy and hard. They are easy to stick. Each set includes 3 knives with a nylon sheath for protection. These knives have a perfect balance.


They are commended for beginners, so that they can easily learn and become an expert in achieving their perfect hit.

Perfect Length:

These throwing knives are available in very comfortable sizes of about 12 inches long only with the weight up to 12 oz. It's almost the standard ratio for throwing knives used in competitions.

Better Control and Design:

These are best throwing knives because of their length, weight and perfect balance. These throwing knives are very much easy and safe to control because of slow spin.

Solid Body:

These knives are quite heavy and have solid construction. Solid weight of throwing knives can easily stick to the target and can accurately dive into the main target.

You can also hit the target with these knives from a distant place as well because of its heavy weight to achieve your target.

Simple Shape:

They contain simple shape and structure. They have a long pointed shape. These are specially designed for throwing purpose.


They are made up of steel quality. Overall the best product for throwing purpose and hit the accurate target.

Features & Specifications:

  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 3.3 x 1.5 in
  • Model number: UC2772
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 12 inches
Features at a Swift Glimpse:
  • They have overall perfect length 12- inches
  • Expendables Kunai (3PC) thrower set
  • They have great balance
  • Their blades are of stainless steel
  • Their handles are wrapped with cord material
  • It includes nylon sheath, belt loop and leg strap.


  • They have a cord covered handle for good grip.
  • They include a nylon sheath belt with belt loop and straps for the leg.
  • They have a stainless steel blade.
  • Their balance is just perfect and easy to handle.
  • They are best for sporting and hunting needs.
  • These are the best throwing knives so far.
  • Their blade point is very sharp that gives you perfect hit.
  • They have a good length up to 12 inches.
  • Their blade point is very sharp that gives you perfect hit.
  • Their sheath is very reliable and of good quality.


  • Their double edge blades are so sharp that can easily cut your fingers.
Why should you buy it?

These are the best throwing knives because of their construction, weight, length and spin. They are made up of steel material with the accurate construction of blades, etc. These throwing knives have a double edge blade for better targeting and they are best for hunting and sporting purposes.

Also, the knives are great in balance control and grip.

6. United Cutlery GH2033 Gil Hibben Competition Triple Knife – Safe & Durable

good throwing knives

If you need a durable and the safest knife for the toughest conditions, this is the best Gil Hibben throwing knives you can trust with full confidence. It is made of high-quality material to ensure its long-lasting operation.

For a collector or for an enthusiastic, it can be your top pick. It is made of stainless steel and you can have the maximum grip on the handle for an easy throwing. This product is a set of three knives. If you want a perfect throwing knife, do try this highly durable product.

Provides You Maximum Grip:

Its handle has an ergonomic design and thus, you can have the maximum grip on the handle. It ensures easy throwing of the knife.

The ergonomic design of the handle ensures consistency as well as accuracy in throwing.

Safe & Durable:

It is a long-lasting product as it is made of high-quality stainless steel material. Its solid one-piece construction ensures the highest safety as well as the reliability of this set of throwing knives.

Thus, if you need a reliable and a long-lasting product, this is the right choice for you.

Sharp Blade for Targets:

Another feature of this set of throwing knives is that, these knives have sharp blades. With the sharp blades, you can hit your target with complete satisfaction.

The sharp blades ensure maximum penetration into the targets for an improved performance in throwing.

Appropriate for Long Distances:

These knives have a sharp blade. Thus, for the distance throwers, these are the right choice. You can use these knives satisfactorily for hitting your target from a long distance.

It can be used for multiple uses as compared to the knives designed for a particular use.

Sturdy Leather Sheath:

Another feature of this product is that it has a sturdy leather sheath. Thus, this feature of the product keeps your product protected from a damage.

Specifications at a Swift Glance:

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 3.2 x 1.7 inches
  • Brand Name: United Cutlery
  • Length: 12-1/8 inches
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Width: 3.20 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 Pounds
  • Model Number: GH2033
  • Number of Knives: 3
  • Height: 1.70 inches
  • Length: 13 inches
Features in a Quick Look:
  • Sheath System: Leather
  • Color: Stainless
  • Blade: Double edge
  • Type: Throwing Knife
  • Material: 420 Stainless Steel material
  • Construction: One-piece
  • Style: one-piece


  • It is a durable product made of stainless steel material.
  • It has a good thickness and a good weight.
  • Its blade is very sharp to handle maximum target.
  • Leather sheath provides maximum handle grip.
  • It is the best product for targets at long distances.


  • It has a sharp blade. Thus, you need to use the product carefully else you may get an injury in carelessness.
Why should you buy it?

It is safe, long-lasting as it is made of durable stainless steel material and features a sharp blade. Also, it is the best for long distances as it has a perfect double edge design. Leather sheath protects your knife from damage and provides maximum handle grip.

Thus, get this high-quality product if you need a long-lasting and a durable knife.

7. Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP Throwing Knives – Balanced & Razor Sharp Edges

cool throwing knives

This high-quality stainless steel product contains a set of six durable knives featuring a fixed blade. The blades of the knives have straight edges and these are durable and have a good strength.

The set of knives has a nylon sheath system that helps in carrying the knives easily. Stainless steel construction makes these knives long-lasting for throwing. It has a perfect weight. It is appropriate for all users.

6 Knives in a Set:

This is not a single product. Instead, the whole box contains a set of six high-quality stainless steel knives. Thus, it is an all-in-one package for meeting your requirements.

Fixed and Straight Edge Blade:

The throwing knives included in this package have straight edges and fixed blades. These blades have high strength and a higher durability as these are made of durable stainless steel material. Fixed blades allow easy handling of this product.

Nylon Sheath for Easy Carrying:

This system of knives has a nylon sheath system. This feature of the product ensures easy carrying of this set of six throwing knives. Its sheath system holds the set of six knives nicely.

Durable Steel Handles:

Durable knives with a nylon sheath system have handles made of steel material. Thus, the handles provide a higher durability and a good strength.

Sharp tip and Blades for Target:

Another feature of this product that it has sharp tip and blades. Thus, it ensures consistency when you hit the target. Thus, get this product if you need perfection in throwing.

What is in the box?
  • 6 throwing knives
  • Nylon sheath

Features & Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Model Number: SWTK8CP
  • Width: 4.72 inches
  • Length: 14.37 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 1.5 x 0.2 inches
  • Brand Name: Smith & Wesson
  • Height: 2.36 inches
Features in a Quick Look:
  • Battery Required: No
  • Built-in Battery: No
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Type: Throwing Knives
  • Blade Type: Fixed
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • No of knives: 6
  • No of handles: 1
  • Sheath: polyester Belt
  • Blades Material: Stainless Steel 2Cr13
  • Style: one-piece


  • This single product contains a set of six high-quality and durable knives.
  • It has a perfect balanced shape and features sharp blades.
  • It has a nice polyester sheath system for holding the knives.
  • Fixed blades ensure an easy handling of the knives in this package.
  • It is strong and durable as it is made of stainless steel material.


  • The metal material is soft and it gets nicked when used for throwing repeatedly.
Why should you buy it?

This is a high-quality and a durable product made of stainless steel material. The set of six knives has a well-balanced design perfect for throwing. Its nylon sheath system ensures easy carrying of this set of knives. Thus, the knives are easy to maintain and sharp as well.

8. Perfect Point RC-086-12 Throwing Knife Set with 12 Knives – Well Balanced Throw & Superior Grip

professional throwing knives

This set of 12 knives features blades in black and silver color. Each of the knife in this set features a cord-wrapped handle. For a well-balanced throw, this set of knives is a perfect choice for you.

These knives are highly durable as all 12 knives in this set are made of quality stainless steel material.

All of the knives in this set have rings designed at the end. With its nylon sheath system, it ensures an easy carrying. The knives in the set also feature a perfect point. Thus, if you are interested in sports throwing, this is the right product to get.

Provides a Well Balanced Throw:

This set of knives has the knives designed in a balanced shape. Thus, this set ensures a well-balanced throw to the users. If you are interested in sports throwing but you are new in this field, this can be the best choice for you.

12 Knives in Silver and Black:

The set contains 12 knives featuring a balanced construction and different colors. Out of 12 knives, 6 knives are silver in color and other 6 knives are black in color.

Superior Grip with Cord-Wrapped Handles:

Another feature of this product is that the knives included in the package have cord-wrapped handles. This feature of the product ensures a superior group.

Nylon Sheath for Easy Transport and Carrying:

You can carry this set of knives easily with you as it features a nylon sheath system. This feature ensures an easy transport of this product while you are traveling.

Knives in Different Sizes:

The complete set features 12 knives in different sizes. Thus, this package can meet the needs of many users. For sports throwing, it is the perfect product you can trust.

Specifications at a Swift Glance:

  • Brand: BladesUSA
  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Model Number: RC-086-12
  • Number of Knives: 12
Features in a Quick Look:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Knives Ring: Yes
  • Battery Required: No
  • Color: Silver and Black
  • Handle: Cord-wrapped
  • Type: Throwing Knife


  • It features 12 knives. Thus, it is a complete package for meeting the needs of different users.
  • The knives are made of stainless steel. Thus, these are durable and strong.
  • The Nylon sheath system ensures an easy carrying of this product.
  • Rings designed at the end ensure a perfect grip on the handle.
  • The knives are of different sizes, perfect for multiple uses.


  • It is a durable, strong and a long-lasting product and does not offer any con.
Why should you buy it?

The package contains a set of 12 knives in silver and black colors with different sizes. Cord-wrapped handles ensure a strong grip and stainless steel construction makes this product perfect for sports throwing.

9. Boker Magnum 02GL193 Set Profi-I Throwing Knife – Well Balanced & Accurate

types of throwing knives

If you need a throwing knife with a well-balanced design and a strong construction, this is the best product to choose. For an accurate sports throwing, it can be an ideal choice.

It is a robust and a reliable product. With its balanced construction, it ensures an increased accuracy. Thus, it is a high quality and an exceptional product for you if you are interested in throwing.

Balanced Stainless Steel Construction:

This is a highly durable product as it has a stainless steel construction. Its balanced design ensures an easy handling of this durable knife.

Ensures Increased Accuracy:

If you want to improve your efficiency in sports throwing, this is the knife you can trust. With its balanced and a robust stainless steel design, it ensures an increased accuracy.

Thus, if you need a product that improves your performance in sports throwing, it can prove to be your top pick.

Features an Attractive Design:

If you like to have everything you get in an attractive design, it is the right product for you. It features an attractive design and a reliable construction along with an outstanding performance.

Sheath for Easy Transport:

This knife featuring a reliable construction also features a sheath. Thus, this feature of the product ensures an easy transport of this throwing knife with a high performance.

Specifications at a Swift Glance:

  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches
  • Brand Name: Boker
  • Model Number: 02GL193
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Length: 10 ¼ inches
  • Warranty: Limited (lifetime)
  • Length: 26 cm
Features in a Quick Look:
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel 420
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Type: Throwing Knife
  • Handle: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Battery Required: No


  • It has a reliable and a sturdy construction.
  • Its leather sheath system makes this product easy to carry.
  • It has a well-balanced design. Thus, it ensures a higher accuracy.
  • It has full stainless steel construction. Thus, it is a long-lasting knife.
  •  It has a perfect design and its well-balanced construction makes it a perfect choice for sports throwing.


  • It is an accurate and an exceptional product. The only con of the product is that its tip is very thin and may not be suitable for many targets.
Why should you buy it?

It has a robust design and a highly durable and a well-balanced construction. Thus, for sports throwing, it can prove to be your top pick as it ensures maximum accuracy and lets you hit your target even if you are a beginner.

Additionally, it features a leather sheath system that ensures an easy transport of this throwing knife. Also, it has an innovative design with an exceptional performance.

10. Ridge Runner 12 Ninja Throwing Knives Set – Stainless Steel Construction & Nylon Sheath

throwing knives for beginners

If you need a throwing knife in a balanced design with a sharp blade, this is the right product for you. It is a super sharp knife and has a well-balanced design. Also, it has just the right size.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner in throwing, this throwing knife is a perfect choice for you. With its sturdy and a balanced design, it will let you hit the target accurately.

Thus, if you need a practical product, do get this high-end product and it will greatly enhance your experience in sports throwing especially.

12 Knives in a Set:

This package contains 12 knives in total. All of the knives have the same sharp blades and a well-balanced design. Thus, it is worthy to get it.

Reliable Stainless Steel Construction:

This is a highly reliable product as it has a solid stainless steel construction. Thus, it will last longer.

Roll Up Sheath:

Another feature of this quality product is that it features a roll up sheath made of nylon. This feature lets you carry this throwing knife with you easily without damaging it.

Lightweight Knives:

These little knives are lighter in weight. Thus, it is easy to carry these knives. Being lightweight, these knives also ensure an enhanced performance at throwing.

Specifications at a Swift Glance:

  • Number of knives: 12
  • Model Number: RR482
  • Handle Thickness: 1/3 cm
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Handle Thickness: 1/3 cm
  • Thickness: 1/8 inches
Features in a Quick Look:
  • Type: Throwing Knife
  • Design: one-piece
  • No of Handles: 1
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Battery included: No


  • It is a set of 12 little knives featuring a balanced design.
  • With its roll-up sheath system, it ensures an easy carrying.
  • It is reliable as it has all stainless steel construction.
  • Each of the knives has maximum penetration power.
  • The knives have a balanced design to ensure a stable flight.
  • This set of knives has a pleasing design and a good performance.
  • As compared to heavier knives with heavier blades, these are awesome and light weight.


  • Its size is just 6 inches and you may find its little size being uncomfortable.

Why should you buy it?

The high-quality knives with a stable and a reliable construction are long-lasting. These Ninja Throwing Knives ensure a stable flight with the maximum target penetration powder. Thus, these are a perfect choice for beginners as well as for professionals.

The knives in a balanced design also improve your performance in throwing. All stainless steel material ensures a higher reliability of this set of knives.

Conclusion –Wrapping it Up:

If you are interested in sports throwing, what you need is a throwing knife with improved features such as light in weight, reliable construction, sharp and fixed blade, maximum grip and maximum penetration power.

To help you in choosing the right product, here I have listed top 10 best throwing knives. All these types of throwing knives are high quality, reliable and have all the features you may be looking for.

A Highly Recommended Product:

All of the products listed in this guide can be your top choice. However, for me, Perfect Point RC-086-12 Throwing Knife Set with 12 Knives – Well Balanced Throw & Superior Grip is the best pick.

As compared to other products, it has an improved and a reliable design. It is strong and with its well-balanced design, it ensures maximum grip.

Thus, if you need a product that has improved features to enhance your performance at throwing, this is the product you can trust with confidence.